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If Only He knew

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“Take it.” Femi demanded for the second time that night from the woman staring at him. Abebi looked away. She couldn’t understand why she was acting this way. She knew the routine of her job, so why was she behaving this way?

“Abebi take this money from me, or I will throw it away.” Femi’s patience was running out. He had better things to do than to be begging Abebi to accept his money. If she wanted their business to be free with no charges, he was totally open to it.

Abebi said, mounting up the courage to say what had been bothering her since Femi came to see her “I don’t want this anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Femi asked the woman who has been at his beck and call for the past four years now. She was neither his girlfriend nor mistress; matter of fact, she meant nothing to him.

“I mean... I don’t... I don’t even know 'sef'” She answered, frustrated. She ran her hands through her hair, ruffling her neatly straightened hair. Covering her flushed face, she grunted so loud, Femi got scared for a minute. Her sour mood was getting the best of her. She flung her bed cover off her body and got out from the bed to stand by the window.

Femi coughed, clearing his throat before he spoke again or rather before his man hood spoke again.

“Oya take it.” He shoved the stack of 200 thousand naira at her. “I've got better things to do and you know that.” he said urgently. Abebi could feel tears bubbles starting to build up in her eyes but she refused to let them go.

“Femi why can’t you just understand.” She said softly. How she wished she could yell those very words at him so he could see just how badly she wanted him.

“Understand what exactly? Abebi you’re acting funny and you know I don’t like such attitude.” He bent to retrieve his trouser from the pile of clothes that were on the floor.

“Femi I don’t want this anymore. I don’t want your money, I just want—“

“You want what?”

Abebi said nothing.

“Answer me, you want what! Isn’t this what I’m paying you for?”

She scoffed at him. Disgusted at herself, she said, “You know what, just leave. Just leave Femi and please do not come back.” She moved away from the window to pick up her clothes that were also on the floor. 

Femi looked away when she came close to him. Sampling her round butt so close to his face, Abebi bent to pick up her lace gown. She began putting on her clothes, Femi did the same.He needed to get away from her. He knew what she wanted and he knew he could never give her that, not in a million years. Abebi was not in the same class as he was. He only wanted her for the pleasure, for what was between her legs. Sometimes, he wished he’d never picked her up that night. Other nights, he wished things could have been different between them.

He came around to stand behind her as she was struggling with her dress zipper. Sighing, Abebi released her hand from her zipper in defeat, allowing Femi to take over.

“Abebi I will need you tomorrow,” Femi cooed so close to her ears. He contemplated if he should keep that zipper going up, or enjoy her again for the 3rd time that night. But Femi was a busy man; he had more important things to do. He sighed as he turned her to face him; he reached for her hands in front of him. He attempted kissing her, but she turned her face away. The kiss landed on her left cheek. He knew he had to make things alright with her tonight because tomorrow which was the last day of the year, he would be in need of her. He always needed her and that pissed him off. 

“I will add 50 thousand Naira to the money, will that make you happy?”

He shifted her gown off her left shoulders and placed a gentle kiss on the exposed shoulder. Abebi shivered.

“I don’t want your money Femi.” she said in a whisper. She couldn't bring herself to look at him; to look at the man she’s been secretly loving for four years. The man who she knew was out of her league. She was a common call girl, a prostitute. A life with someone as rich as Femi was out of the question.

“Abebi you know I—”

“You what?” Abebi interrupted, giving Femi a questioning look; she dared him with her eyes to speak. This time, she was really curious of what Femi had to say. He what? Femi let go of her almost instantly.

“I can’t deal with you right now. Same time, same place tomorrow. In fact, don’t be late.” And with that, he was gone.

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    1. omg!! Thank you so much for being the first to comment... I do hope you enjoyed reading this piece.

  2. Blood of God...serves the idiot right....chioma is also a hooker too..even worse...hahahaha karma.....Ufuoma no continuation??

    1. The fact that chioma is a hooker too,made the story more perfect!! It serves Femi right

    2. The fact that chioma is a hooker too,made the story more perfect!! It serves Femi right

  3. Hahaha @preciousgirl thanks for also reading!! 2nd person to comment. I'm getting really excited. As for a continuation of this story, I haven't even thought about it. Let's just leave Femi in shock... wouldn't that be better??

  4. OMG! I love the ending..serves him right.. He's not the only one that can cheat.. Thumbs up dear! Nice work

    1. Hehehehe meanwhile, while he was pointing fingers, his own hell was waiting for him at home. Thanks for reading Bunmie.

  5. OMG! I love the ending..serves him right.. He's not the only one that can cheat.. Thumbs up dear! Nice work


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