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The Fire He Started

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It all started out as a dream. The kind that made me sweaty whenever I wake up by morning. Then it changed. I no longer sweated because of the heated pleasure I felt between my legs, in my loins; this was fear. Anxiety became my only companion, which led to the nightmares. She comes to me when I am deep in slumber. She always stands there… right next to that fucking door. 

At first, I can not recognize her. I can not see her until she lights a match for the lamp she always held by her side. She shone; like a star, she brightens up the room. With her black heels, she catwalks to me. Her silver beaded gown illuminates the whole room. Her eyes sparkle the same way her fair skin glows. She moves slowly, consuming my every thought. Her gown hugs tightly to her body, leaving nothing out of my imaginations.

Lightly, she calls my name.

“Thomas.” I watch her lips part softly. I answer, sitting upright on my bed. The show is all hers. She’s in the spot light now; I sit back, ready to enjoy every bit of her.

“Do you know who I am?” She asks.

“No.” I reply, truthfully.

“Then, I will show you.”

She blows out her burning lamp and then, it all began.

December 3rd
“Hey! Come here!” I heard some men shout from a distance. It was a cold night that needed some hefty winter coats, but I lurched out from the pub into the streets with none. I was drunk, drunk in sadness. I shifted my hat on my head, wanting to hide my face away forever. I lite up my last cigar, took a puff, and cursed my bad luck for bringing one of those Lizzie girls my way.

A sharp scream drew my attention; the fellows in front of me where at it. This was 1919 Birmingham England, where the streets knew no peace and women, were seen as a piece of shit. But I took Sophie in when she had no one else to go to. I gave her a chance to proof them all wrong, but she showed me her true colors after I pledged my heart to her.

“Please, just let me go.”
She says to them. I get closer and closer to them. Her luggage bag was on the ground. Her clothes spilled out from it. The 2 young men had her pinned against a wall now. She caught my eyes.

“Somebody help, please help me.” She cries out before one of the men landed a blow to her stomach. She gasps for air.

“Have at her boys!” I screamed cheerfully. “She’s nothing but a common whore, just like the others. She won’t be getting paid to night, now, you make sure of that.” I threw my burning cigar at her and walked off, smiling.

I wake up again from that same single dream, the same nightmare that’s been hunting me for many nights. Who the bloody hell is she; She wouldn’t say.

I fall back asleep, hoping she would come back; I needed to know her name.Tick tock, tick tock, the clock went. Anticipation dealt with me before sleep finally came; before she came.

Red heels this time, she walks in. I sit up, inviting her to continue over.

“We have unfinished business.” She said with a perfect English accent that I had not taken notice of from our first meeting. I stared at her more carefully, accessing her from head to toe. Her gown, it was too expensive for a woman whose occupation was whoring.

“Please, who are you?” I asked hastily. My patience was running out.

“You know who I am.”

“No.” I shook my head.  “Honestly, I do not, and I would like some answers now.” I reached out to grab at her hands but like a smoke dust, she disappeared.

“The woman you left on the streets for hungry men to feast on, I am her.” She cuts in sharply, out from now where.

“And what do I care?” My heart raced. I asked a question, but I felt otherwise. I was seeing things, experiencing things that were out of the ordinary.

“Oh Mr. Thomas, you did not care, that is why I am showing up now at this late hour.”

“Wait, did the Lee family send you to me?” I asked furiously. I was so sure that this was some trickery from my other rivals to get me to bow to them. They had bewitched me!

“Do you know who I am in this side of the town?” I got up from my bed. “How dare you speak to me in such manner? Now, if you want to get out of this room with your breath still in your lungs, show yourself to me right this minute!” I commanded.

I was in control of the biggest gang in Birmingham. No one dared to cross me, not little angels like her. I’d had one too many of them and she was no different, I boasted to her. She didn’t once move. Her eyes never quivered. I came to a conclusion; it was either I was dreaming or this was happening for real.

“You see Mr. Thomas,” she placed her cold fingers on my exposed chest. I jumped in fear, shivering from the impact.

Staggering to my bed, I said, “Get away from me, you devil!”

“Oh do not be frightened Thomas, the worse has passed; I am no longer living.” my eyes came upon hers, widened in shock.

She continued. “One morning I was planning a getaway with the man of my dreams. We were going to elope against my fathers will. He was a pauper, could barely make two pounds a day, that was what my father told me.”

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  3. I Love the story and the message it passes! We should all learn to be our brothers keepers!! I wish all Nigerians can read this...


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