Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Addicted to the Feeling

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He asked for more. Adele couldn’t get enough. Was it Bayo’s soft lips that were running kisses down the sides of her neck that she needed more, or her other drug which she stared at with anticipation?
Giggling, she lightly pushed Bayo off her body.  Bayo wanted to resist, but the look in his lover’s eyes promised later pleasures.

Adele carefully drew the piece of paper that laid on the bed cabinet closer to her nose. In a slow manner, she sniffed the white powdery substance on the piece of paper deep into her lungs. She was on fire. The excitement in her guts exploded into many pieces. She rapidly pounded her right hand in satisfaction on the wooden bed cabinet as the substance spread through all her before tense nerves.

The cocaine stimulated her brain in ways only she could explain. She felt superior now; a false illusion of herself. No, she wasn’t addicted to the white substance, it was the feeling it brought that made it impossible for her to stop. She sniffed more and more into her system. Slowly, swiftly, all her worries began to fade away.

Adele was now in a world she has always wanted to be in. A world of peace. A world where she was the freaking queen! With all grace, as if the crowns of a thousand queens were placed on her head, she jumped out of the bed, laughing hectically. She began to dance naked, swaying her body in any direction to the rhythm only her heart played.  She leaped from the roof above her head like a swan, and like a bird, she was ready to fly.

Bayo had to stop her. He still needed her tonight. He swore he would do anything to keep Adele smiling, just the way she was now. With her middle finger, she playfully teased him to come over. Bayo got up from the bed abruptly. He had her pined against his bedroom door in no time. His heavy hot breath against her neck made the hair on her skin stand. They remained quiet for a moment, listening to their heavy breathing.

“Do it.” She requested with persuasion, breaking the silence.

“When? Just say the words and I will.”

Two days later, Adele carefully tip-toed into her living room without making a sound. Not even a squeak. How she managed to get herself into her house unnoticed proved she was getting better at her game of hide and seek. Just when she thought she could finally let out a deep breath of relief, she heard him begin to clap. Fear immediately engraved her. Eyes bewildered, it was as if time stood frozen for a hot minute. Her feet remained glued to the floor. She couldn’t take the next step forward which would take her further into her room and into hiding.

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