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If Only She Knew

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It was my turn to make dinner that night. I wasn’t feeling like myself as I sat at the dinner table. The sight of Amara eating made my stomach turn. I watched as she pretended that all was well between us. She would hum a tune to a song that was nonexistent every now and then, waiting for me to say something so she could use that as her excuse to snap. We lived in the same apartment with another of our close friend. It was no fun living with someone who had cooked up some sort of  hatred for you overnight. We weren’t always like that. We’d known each other since we were babies.

Amara’s attitude towards me changed drastically a few months ago. When we saw each other in public, it felt as if we didn’t live in the same house. We worked for the same company but when she turned in a resignation letter some months ago, my suspicions spiked. There was only one reason I could think of that would make her act this way towards me, and I was ready to get some answers.

The meal in front tasted like water, no taste what's so ever like my curent relationship status with my bestfriend. Because I couldn't take it anymore, I asked,

“Amara, did you ever feel like Vincent and I were doing something behind your back when you guys were dating?” She kept her eyes fixed on her plate of food as she answered.

“My dear, it’s a thing of a choice, I can’t tell but things do happen. Why the question if I may ask?” she wouldn’t look at me. It seemed as if my question didn’t hit a nerve in her.

“Are you disturbed or something?” she added when she saw that I no longer touched my meal.

“Please just answer me, and no, I’m not disturbed.” I replied with my nerves already being picked on.

“Well, are you feeling guilty of any crime? You know you can talk to me Vanessa.”

My patience was running out. See, I knew who I was dealing with here. She could win an Oscar in an act of fooling people into thinking she really cared about their feelings when at the end of the day, all she really wants is to hear you admit your fears so she could laugh behind your back.

“Amara, I simply asked you a question, if you don’t want to answer then we can just forget this; 'abi e get crime wey you commit'?”

“Oh my God. What is all this? See this girl oo.” She laughed. “If you have anything bothering you, just tell me instead of asking me unreasonable questions.”

“I’m asking you a question, and you seat there and lie to my face as if you don’t know what I mean. Don’t worry, you’ve already answered me.” I said in a matter of fact manner, preparing to get away from her before things heated up.

“I know the kind of person you are now, next time I won’t makes such mistake again.” My food was already cold, there was no reason for me to seat back and watch her manipulate me any longer. As soon as she saw me cover up my plate of food, she began a laughing inwardly at the scene.

“HA! HA! HA!” she went. “Oh, so you are just now knowing me ‘abi’? But you," she shifted from her seat in an attempt to rise up before she continued. "I’ve known you all along!” she slammed her spoon on the table.

“I thought I knew you, which was why accepted you as my friend till now! I know nothing really. Like seriously, I don’t know what you are talking about so stop asking me for silly answers.” She wasn’t making any sense. This was one of her scheme to confuse me.

“Look, you can keep pretending okay?”

“Just come out plain Vanessa.”

“I came out!” I yelled. “I think you felt that I was messing with your boyfriend and it’s caused a strain on our relationship. Did you ever feel that way?”

“Oh my God, can you stop please? My head is spinning.” She placed her hands faintly on her forehead.

“No! I need to know so I will keep asking.”

“Like I said before, something is bothering you, I am willing to listen Vanessa.”

“You… you just won’t stop now will you?”

“Stop what!”

“The act!” I yelled back. With speed, I moved close to her. “Your boyfriend came to me after you guys broke up. He said that somehow you felt I was coming on to him and that was the reason for the break up. You never told me such Amara. I … I … never knew you were bothered by my friendship with Vincent.”

“How would you know when you were all over him? You pushed me aside and the guy that I introduced you to as my boyfriend became your best friend. But what he doesn’t know is that you’re a whore.” She looked at me in complete disgust.

“Excuse me?”

She answered saying, “Yes. And now I know the reason why all your other boyfriends left you Vanessa. Everything seems clearer now..” My heart sunk into my stomach the instant those words left her mouth.

The fact that every guy I’d ever dated never seem to stay longer than after they’d taken what they wanted from me wasn’t something I was proud of. Amara had no right to use that against me.

"I'm sorry. I’m so sorry that I made you feel insured with the guy you loved,” she hissed, not wanting to believe my sincere apology.

“But it’s not my fault that you didn’t fight for him.” I picked up my plate of food. I had no business apologizing for something I didn't do. What crime did I commit? She knew who I was; if I wanted something, I went for it! So what if Vincent caught my eyes this time?

“Go! Go oo. Go and ask Vincent if truly he loves you. Eight months... that was how long you could wait before you went ahead seeing him behind my back when you were supposed to be my friend. Who know's if you haven’t already open your legs for him? I swear Vanessa if I ever see you near me again, you will be sorry.”

I couldn’t take her insults anymore, I slammed the door and left that night.

I banged heavily on Vincent’s door with all the anger Amara had left in me. When he opened, he was half naked. I barged in without waiting for him to speak.

With tears in my eyes, I hugged him tightly.

“Please tell me you love me, please Vincent…”

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  1. Bravo! But dating my bestie's ex boyfriend? Hell to the No!!!

    1. hehehe love has no boundary oo. It could even be your sisters boyfriend that catches your eyes. at the end of the day, the heart wants what it wants.

  2. Nice piece! Girls like Amara get the shock of their lives when the guy finally moves on completely and won't give them the time of day.

    1. Ah! Now you're forcing me to tell you the secret to this piece. Actually you have already guessed the end He did leave her and he never looked back. True story!

  3. Haha. It's my true life story. Perhaps that's why I guessed right.

  4. Have been in Vanessa's shoes, its crazy..


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