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Waiting On Bolaji- Part 1

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Yemi went ahead and bought the perfect dress. He hadn’t asked, and she hadn’t said yes, but she knew it was coming. It had to be coming. She convinced herself as she looked at her figure in the mirror. She carefully smoothed the lace gown to her skin, mesmerizing that one day she would finally have it on and be called someone’s wife, Bolaji’s wife. Eight years with him, and three abortions; Yemi thought it was time for Bolaji to be ready. The last time she got pregnant, he said they couldn’t bring a child into this world when they were still trying to be one. How long does it take for a man of thirty-two to be ready? Yemi frequently asks herself.  They both were not getting any younger and neither were the wrinkles on her face when she laughs getting any smoother. Very soon, she knew when his friends should ask him what type of girl he wants, he will tell them he’s looking for a girl from age 20 to 24, while forgetting that they’ve been into this their never ending relationship since their high school days.

Yemi threw the white mermaid gown in frustration on the bed. The bitter taste of her predicament was just starting to hit her when she heard her phone ring.

It was Bolaji; the only man who can make her heart skip a beat. Clearing her throat, she picked up her phone.

“Hey baby. What’s up? I was about calling you, but you beat me to it.” She blushed because he had taken the time out of his busy schedule New-York to call.

“Hey, we need to talk. Can we meet up at Sandy’s this evening?” The urgency in Bolaji’s voice sent chills down Yemi’s spine. Sandy’s had become their favorite restaurant since they moved to Tennessee three months ago.

“Okay, calm down. What’s going on? You’re back in town?” Yemi seemed confused because the last time they’d spoke, Bolaji was in New-York.

“Babe, just do as I said okay? No questions.” He hung up.

Yemi starred at the dress that was lying scattered on her bed, and then back to her phone. She was on duty this evening, and the restaurant wasn’t a 10 minutes’ drive thing either. But she was Yemi, the girl who can make the impossible possible for the man she loved dearly. She dialed her friend’s number and luckily, she picked up on the first ring.

“Hello” Yemi said hastily.

“Hey, what’s up Yemi?” her friend answered.

“Can you cover up for me tonight? I promise it will be the last time.” She pleaded. Although Margaret and Yemi worked at the same hospital as nurses, today was Margaret’s off day.

“Guuurrl… that was what you said last time but anyway, my man canceled on me tonight so I guess I can make a few extra dollars in my pocket. Oh, remember those shoes we saw at the store the other—” Yemi hung up before her friend could finished. She danced to her bathroom in excitement to get ready for her date.

By 6 p.m, she was on the main road in her new SUV, the one Bolaji bought for her after her last abortion. The drive to the restaurant was tiring; thanks to the 5:00 traffic on these Memphis roads. Yemi was sweating the hell out of her makeup and dress. Her Cover Girl foundation was doing a poor job at keeping her face covered from the humid temperature caused by traffic. She turned on her AC, not caring about the amount of gas it would consume. Yemi lost count on how many times she used her honk that evening. Every car on the main road that evening proved to be a distraction to the meeting she had convinced herself would be good for her tonight.

Before entering the restaurant, Yemi pulled out her emergency makeup kit from the back seat of her car. She looked into the side view mirror to make sure every little detail was on point before stepping into the restaurant.

When Bolaji saw her, he smiled. Yemi let out a deep breath, reassuring herself that this was it! Then she gave the whole restaurant her best model walk. The slant on the purple high waist skirt she wore easily opened, showing her perfectly long legs as she cat-calked to where Bolaji was seating; making him the envy of the men there.

“You kept me waiting.” Bolaji said, drawing out a chair for Yemi.

“Now you know that when you asked me to come with you to Memphis, leaving New-York behind that the traffic here was hell.” Yemi pulled her man close to her by his tie, and gave him a long kiss.

“You missed that didn’t you?” She was about going for a second dose when Bolaji pulled away.

“Yemi, I came for something more important. I don’t know how to say this but its better if I just get it over with.” He said as he wiped off the lip stick stain on his lips.

Yemi slumped into my chair. She wasn’t going to rush him; she understood the amount of pressure he might be feeling at that moment.

“Okay, after a drink you can begin.”  She raised her hand up to grab the attention of a waiter, but when she heard him chuckling, her hands slowly went down.

“Wait ooh, do you think this is a joke?” Bolaji asked.

“I don’t know, but you seem to be the one only one laughing here.” Yemi hissed.

“How was your visit to New-York?” She asked.  She didn’t want anything to be a hindrance for what she knew was coming tonight so she decided she would keep a cool head although she wasn’t fond of the way he was hustling her.

“Yeah, New-York, that’s what I came here to speak to you about.”

“Well get on with it. Was your business there not okay?”

“It was more than okay.” Bolaji paused. He cleared his throat before he spoke again.

 Yemi didn’t understand why she was nervous, and her palms sweaty. Margaret had told her she had an anxiety attack some few minutes before her now fiancée proposed to her. Was this was she meant?

“A girl came to me saying she’s pregnant and the baby could be mine.” He dropped the bomb as fast as he could.

”Oh,” She cooed out disappointed. It wasn’t exactly the proposal she was expecting.

“Bola come on now, be serious.” She so desperately wanted Bolaji to tell her that what he just said was some sort of sick joke, maybe his way of breaking the ice. But his silence confirmed it.

Bolaji requested that she say something but Yemi refused.

Stretching his hands forward on the table in an attempt to grab holds of Yemi’s hands but she sat stiff on her chair. Yemi couldn’t form words to say to him. It was as if someone poured cold water all over her body.

“Did you?” She asked.

“Did I what?”

“Did you sleep with her?” She choked on her question.

“Yes but—” before he could finished, she slapped him.

“It was just a one night thing—” Without letting him finish again; she slapped him for the second time.

“You bastard! How many times do you think it took for you to get me pregnant?”

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  1. Awwww this is lovely. Found something to keep me busy anytime am free. Nice one babe. Honikawales.

    1. I'm so glad you joined us here. and yes, when ever you have free time, always top bye. Thank you!

  2. Awwww this is lovely. Found something to keep me busy anytime am free. Nice one babe. Honikawales.

  3. Jeez!! I knew it!! Can't wait for the concluding part! But what in God's name was she thinking of while aborting thrice for the same man! She got what she deserved mehn...

    1. Hehehe
      I think its the promise that some day he would marry her that kept her waiting on him, commiting all does sins of aborting their baby becuase at the end of the day, she thought he would consider all that and marry her.

      I will have the next part posted as soon as I finish editing it. Thanks Bunmie for always reading.

    2. You're welcome Peace! I'm here for part 2 *sad face*

  4. Like seriously you are a good writer dearie....You should get an app on Play Store uno?
    Splendid Job....Love iit

    1. Hehehehe about the app oo. I'm scratching my head. I haven't even thought about getting an App. With more request and more readings, I think we can do it!
      Thanks for reading and please do continue.

  5. Can't wait to finish reading part 2

    1. How are you? @Shugy Shugz Happy Sunday. Thanks for reading this first part. The continuations have been posted dear. Do check those out. Thanks again for stopping by.

  6. Hi.this is my first time here and a nice story.saw dis on insta and finalky traced ut further.u are quite good.kip up d gud d way,cant seem to see the pt 2

    1. Yaay! So glad you found us. So here is the deal. I just recently published a 9 story compilation book on Amazon Ebook and this story made the list so the remaining parts had to be removed from this blog. But I'm working on getting more stories out on the blog.

      There is an ongoing series titled - Masked Truth. You can check that out too.

      Also, if you really want to finish this story, go on Amazon and the title is Love and Monsters.

      Thank you!


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