Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Decade of Regrets

Men, you can never trust them. They will sweetly play you like a drum and leave you to dance to the beat of your own misery. That’s just who they are. If someone had told me ten years ago that my life would turn out the way it is now, I would have slapped that soured mouth.

I am a woman who has only known selfless love; the kind where you lose yourself in love when others are finding themselves. Maybe it’s because I feel too much, I mean… come on… we humans; we can’t fully control what we feel and who we feel it for. It sort of just comes in, enticing you with all the possibility of a bright future, and you who have never known of sweetness easily fall to those words from that poisonous tongue which spits out venom only. He will drain you till you're nothing but a wilted flower. No milk and honey in my case. No cookies and cream either. All he gave was heartaches upon bed of stones.

While I was still young, not that I’m old now, but the life he was able to preserve for me has added a decade worth of wrinkles to my once youthful face. Back then, I wasn't into all those romantic love, the kind I really needed. I accepted whatever he could give as long as I had him. I think I stayed because I couldn't stand the sight of him with another woman. I took everything with him as a competition and he promised I would win.

Few years later, I took home the trophy and with every other thing that came with it. The good embraced me and the bad slapped me. And where is my opponent now? She’s settling in a big house with a husband who loves her, and kids who would one day grow up to adore her. And where is Adora? I’m still here saddled with a drunk every night, working two jobs day and night. Now, I’m like a machine. I no longer feel any pain. I’m now used to the hustle that was once foreign to me.

He said to me one night, “We lost everything in the fire… what else do you expect me to do? Kill myself?”

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  1. Waow! Another killer write up! All Ladies should really read this and know everything ain't about competition!

  2. Uhmmmmm..... Life can't be challenged. One just have to face it and deal with it


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