Saturday, March 14, 2015


There are so many things I want to say
It’s all inside of me
What you did
It changed me
The pain that once tied me to my bed
Threatening to never let me see the light
You came and took it all way
how you took me through my shallow days
those days when I felt like I could die
When everything beautiful seemed vein
when hope seem like my greatest enemy

You brought me out of my deepest shame
you gave me a reason to smile
you gave me the right to smile
You knew it was all I needed
you dared me to never wear a frown
You held my hands in yours
in a way that made me feel whole again
I still can’t explain how does scars all faded away

My heart, pieces of it you framed back up
I wanted to hide away
But you sought me out
I was caught in my own web
it’s scary
It’s not normal
I’m losing it
I’m going back into my shell
Please hold me
Tell me it will be okay
Don't leave me now
What made me this way isn’t inside of me

Sometimes I'm selfish
I ask too much from you
you still have a life to live
But you made mine not the same without you
When those sudden winds swept in, there was a chilling,
A cold feeling that could only be felt by empty hearts
But you filled up every empty space in me.
Every weak bone you gave life too.
My anger became yours
My tears you kissed away

I can get out and look at the sun again because it is you who shines.
I'm no longer scared of the emotions that stir up in me
World! That's what you are to me.
Do anybody understand
Do you understand?
it was all you
I picked up the knife that night
Life wasn’t worth living anymore
But it was you... who
The moon, the stars
is all filled with you, who saved me from me

I am silent
I am still

Still, you’re here


  1. Excellent! Keep up the good work.

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  3. This should be addressed to the Almighty God. Only Him can do all that. Nice write-up thou

    1. I know right! God is the only one who can do such wonders. But also, we have to give credits to the earthly people that he sent help take these pain away...

  4. Sumhw right there. Lovely piece anyways...more grease to ur elbow


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