Sunday, March 22, 2015

Just So You Know

Some years ago
Thomas stole my heart
Took me the moon and back
We waited for God’s perfect time
Till we could make that step forward
We were inseparable
Yeah, we were fine

Then that wind came
Swept through our lane
Left us homeless
Late at night we cried together
God was making this love impossible
But we were fine

Just so you know,
Thomas stayed mine
Until he left that afternoon
I never knew you’d let me go
But the bomb came
Left your body scattered to piece
You never came home

And I was going to tell you
You would be a father soon
Where will this love take me now?
Till death do us part
Should I come along with you?
If only you had life left to speak

Take all the promises we made
Throw them to the God who cursed us
We were never made for this
We both know that’s the truth
Just so you know, 
I don't even know the truth.

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  1. You are such a beautiful writer Ufuoma, God bless your soul.


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