Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Masked Truth- Part 1

Daniel came home with a bottle of whiskey still attached to his left armpit. With the other hand, he pushed his door open. Oluchi, his young bride was still awake. She got up the minute she saw her husband staggering through the door.

“Jesus! What the hell happened to you?” She asked worriedly. She went for the bottle of alcohol he placed next to his violently beating chest. Daniel resisted, moving away from his wife. She wouldn’t understand how much healing that bottle of whiskey had done for him since yesterday.

“Sleeeeeep, I just need sleep.” He slurred his words, wobbling pass Oluchi to get to their bedroom.

“Excuse me?” Oluchi held on to a loose end of her husband’s shirt, pulling him back to face her.

“Babe...” He called, slowing molding her face with his palms. He wanted to remember her beautiful face once again, she could have lost him tonight because of his carelessness.

“Don't bay-be me!” She retaliated in an aggravated manner. “Why are you coming home at this time of the night? Huh? And you're even drunk!” Like a mother hen, she went around sniffing breath. Daniel hadn't kept count of the number of bottles of alcohol he drank that night but one glance at Oluchi's face showed that it was more than enough; it disgusted her. With her hands up in the air in abnegation, she said, “You know what, I give up. I can't do this. I just can't.”

“Baby...” Daniel said, attempting to pull her back.

“Don't fucking touch me. Just don't!” With her hands on her waist she continued, “I can't believe this!”

“Wait... so Daniel you drove back home in this state? Drunk? Do you want to make me a widow? Would that finally make you happy?” She wasn't holding back this time. "Do you want the same thing that happened to Victoria to happen to me? Her husband foolishly died, leaving her with two kids to raise all alone." Daniel had never seen his wife this pissed before. He stared down at the most beautiful creature he’d ever laid his eyes on and anger boiled inside of him. All her questions dug a hallowed space right through his wounded pride. What would make him happy? She was his only source of happiness and Daniel knew that once Oluchi finds out about their--- no, about his recent predicament, he would lose her forever.

“Answer me.” Oluchi’s said calmly. Her once provoked tone died down as she took into consideration her condition.

“I lost the deal.”

“You what?”

“I went by my manager's office today and he couldn't secure the deal. They gave another artist the recording deal. I lost…”

“Then tell your manger to look for another opportunity for you. Write a new song, record a new song, do something. ”

“That's the thing!” Daniel yelled disheartened at his wife who didn't understand just how serious the deal he’d managed to lose was. How is he going to tell her that at this age it would take a miracle to find a recording industry who would sign him when there were other fresher, newer, and hungry soon-to-be-pop artist flooding the streets of Lagos?

“What thing? Daniel I don't understand what you're saying.” She paused. “Daniel are you saying that...” she paused again. This time, she took two short breaths, securing her palms on her heavy protruding stomach before she spoke again. In a hoarse voice, she asked, "Are you saying it's over?" Daniel knew his wife was on the verge of having a panic attack. To prevent that from happening, he quickly said, “Look baby, just calm down, okay? See, it’s not as bad as you think. I... I can fix this.”

Oluchi  yelled with all the strength and annoyance in her. “Fix what? What's broken!” As soon as those words left her tongue, she suddenly grabbed a hold of her husband’s arm tightly, giving out a sharp cry.

“O-oluchi, what's wrong? Talk to me.” Her grip on his arm became firmer as she moaned in pain.

“d-the bay...the baby, I think...I think she's coming.”

“What? Who... who is coming? Now?" Daniel asked, completely dazzled. The baby couldn't come now, not now. He was in a state of confusion, and more over, he wasn't ready. Was Oluchi even nine month's?

“Daniel, what are you doing? Grab my baby bag. It's in the baby's room.” Oluchi murmured, biting her lips in an effort of suppressing the amount of pain she was under.
Baby's room? “Where?” Daniel asked foolishly, carefully sitting her down on a couch close by.

“Two doors to the right. The one... the one that say'sss Daniella on the door post. Pleasssse hurry.” Daniel dashed off immediately.

Upon getting to the entryway of his baby’s room, he hesitated a little before pushing the door open. The squeaky cry from the door as he stepped his foot into the little room sent chills down his spine. He flicked the light switch on and the dimmed light gave enough life to the room. Why is everything in the room in the color pink? The blankets, the cradle, the curtains, even the--- does that... does that mean we are having a girl?

“Daniel!” He heard Oluchi scream his name.

As if back to his sense, he replied saying, “Just a minute honey.” The shocking revelation of his daughter’s baby's gender soon made his realize that he'd been away from his family for too long. When Oluchi first came to Daniel with the news of the pregnancy, they’d celebrated joyously together, taking the news as a sign from God because he’d just signed a contract with a recording industry a week before the news. It took him only a few days for him to grasp that with his new found fame came new changes. He couldn't make it home most of the time. Daniel could count how many times he’d ate at home since after signing that contract. He was no longer a husband to the woman he married two years ago. It was either he was in London performing at a show, or he was in South Africa shooting a new music video. Because the fame took such a long time to get to him, when it did come, Daniel completely forgot about everything he once knew. It became a game of getting ahead and making more money. Oluchi always told him she understood, so he kept on going while missing out on the life that was forging right inside his own home.

Oluchi was six months pregnant and Daniel hadn't even cared to ask about the gender of the baby. He left Oluchi all by herself to go through it alone, and what did he have to show in return for it? All those months and months of running from one country to the other and never staying by her side, he couldn't even keep a five years recording contract with the company he and Oluchi had worked their ass off for to get!

Daniel grabbed the baby carry along bag and shut his daughter’s door closed. This is the beginning. She will hate me now, I know she will.


  1. Felt so real! This is the mark of a good writer and I can't wait to read the other stories. Ms. Otebele, you have your ways with words. Excellent!

  2. Nice write up! But the 1st paragraph was kinda confusing. At 1st,it felt like it was from a third person's perspective,then it later seemed like it was from Daniel's perspective,then back to 3rd person again.. All in the 1st paragraph. Apart from that it was great

    1. Bunmie wow! How could I have missed that. I'll tell you what happened. This was first written some days ago in first person but before posting it on here I changed it to 3rd person to help me write the story better. I'll jump and make those corrections. Thanks for pointing it out... you're the best!


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