Monday, March 16, 2015

Masked Truth- Part 3

“Now, I need you to think very carefully, what is your name.” The doctor asked again. Oluchi chuckled. “Doctor are you... Are you trying to say I’m crazy?” But what Oluchi didn’t know was that craziness started without knowing.

“No, no, that’s not what I mean, I just...”

“Oluchi, please just answer him. Please.”

“Who-who is Oluchi?” she asked, looking around the room.

“That’s fine Daniella. We...”

“What! Doctor her name isn’t Daniella!” Daniel yelled in anger. He shoved the doctor aside and came to stand in front of his wife. Holding her hands, he asked, “Oluchi… Oluchi…” she frowned, looking away from him. “Oluchi do you remember me? What’s my name?”

“Daniel.” She answered.

“Yes. And what’s your name.”


“That’s not your name! Doctor what’s happening to her? What have you people done to my wife?”

“Doctor, why is my husband yelling at me?” Oluchi asked with her eyes clouded with unshed tears.

“I just need to speak to your husband for a few seconds, okay?” The doctor said, pulling Daniel aside.

Alone again for the second time, Oluchi wrapped her arms around her shoulders. She felt normal. Her body belonged to her, so why was her husband looking her as if she was someone else? The last thing they’d done before she went into labor was argue. He came back from work late and she was vexed about it. That was all. Why was he acting this way towards me on this very important day?

 “Mr. Daniel, I think your wife is suffering from selective amnesia”

“Selective what?”

“It’s a case where by your wife choses to remember only aspect of her past. Right now, she doesn’t even remember her name. It could have been due to the trauma she faced with the early arrival of your daughter. Did something happen before coming to the hospital? Maybe fight, something that might have upset her?”

“Not really. I mean it was just a normal argument.” He had to break it down to him. “See, I’m musician or was a musician, but I lost my recording deal just recently and…” Daniel’s world shattered. Could he have been the cause of his wife’s sudden illness?

“Doctor, what can we do? We can’t… I can’t leave her like this.”

“There really isn’t much we can do. You can start by reminding her of who she was before. I will recommend you take her home soon just so she becomes familiar with her surroundings. But Mr. Daniel, your wife mentioned the name Daniella. Do you know who she might be?” Daniel stared at the doctor quietly. He was still shocked by the whole situation. One minute his wife was his and the next, she was somebody named Daniella? And then it hit him...

“Daniella, that’s what she named the baby. Yes, yes. When she told me to go to be baby’s room, the door post read 'Daniella.'”

“Oh, I see." The docotr nodded. "Mr. Daniel, my best guess is that your wife is also suffering from another condition called identity amnesia and at the same time selective amnesia. She currently does not know who she is so she is forced to believe she is someone else. Maybe someone she lost or love.”

For the second time, Daniel stared at the doctor, unable to grasp what he said was wrong with his wife. Amnesia? When? How?

“So what you want me to do now is take her home? Then what? What about the baby?”

“We need your wife to be stable first before she sees the baby. Since she’s impersonating your daughter, it wouldn’t be a good idea to let her see the baby right now.”

Daniel sighed. Arms folded against his chest, he was exhausted. How would he deal with a wife who doesn’t know who she was?

Two days later…

“Daniel, no, take me to see her. Why would the doctor keep me away from my own daughter?" Oluchi said, struggling with her husband in their living room for her to pass. She was fed up. She had a baby two days ago and no one was allowing her see her child. Even her husband kept looking at her crazily as they drove back home from the hospital two days ago. What is going on? Daniel wouldn’t let her speak to her mother on the phone. He came making excuses for why she couldn’t talk to her. None of her friends had come to see her yet. She was sure Daniel hadn’t told them she’d had a baby. She couldn’t even find her cellphone. Is he keeping me as his prisoner? What is wrong with my husband? She asked herself.

“Baby, I promise you, she will be home soon. The doctor said it’s not safe to see her now.” Daniel tried reassuring his wife. He couldn't let her out into the world thinking she was someone she wasn't. What if one of her friend's were to see her? 

“Okay, can I at least go see my mother? Why hasn't she been to the house?”

There she go again! Daniel sighed. Oluchi’s mother had passed away to years ago before they got married. She was close to her now deceased mother. It had taken months for Daniel to piece her shattered emotions back together after the passing. She missed her mother dearly and Daniel hoped he could fill that void. Just as Oluchi dropped her purse on the table, they head the doorbell sound. She immediately grabbed her purse, pushing her husband out of the way. Daniel lost his balanced but he was too late, she was already at the door. As Oluchi opened, a shadow cast upon her.
Six feet tall, handsome Nnamdi appeared in front of her. Speaking of perfection, Nnamdi was it. Fine chiseled cheeks like a finely-carved Michelangelo statue. His lips formed a cute little smirk at the corners as he stared into Oluchi’s frightened eyes. The evening sunlight hits his slightly tanned skin, causing his features to stand out, and that was all Oluchi needed before she let out a starting scream that made Daniel appear by her side almost instantly.  She knew who this man was. He couldn’t be here.

Oluchi slowly dropped to the floor. Her head was spinning. What is happening to me? Buzzing sounds in her head, that was all she heard. Then voices. More voices. This time the voices belonged to her. Shes's speaking to this stranger. She's spiting out words that she shouldn't be saying to a man like Nnamdi. He's coming closer to her now. Why? Why isn't she moving away from him?

Oluchi's shattered memories began flushing back in. In reality, Nnamdi was closer than she thought. Nnamdi made his presence known as he took a step into the room. They both reached for Oluchi but she hugged herself tight, as if if any of them touched her she would break.

“I’m sorry you have to see her like this.” Daniel said to his manager.

Nnamdi could care less what Daniel had to say. He’d come for Oluchi and nothing was going to stop him, especially not a jobless Daniel that stood in awe as he watched Nnamdi carry Oluchi in his arms. 


  1. Now i'm officially confused! Awaiting the next part tho

    1. LOL! Part 4 is out. lets hope that helps.

  2. Hi peace, next part please!!!!super suspense. M so much loving d story. Keep up with the good work n d sky will b ur strting point.


    1. Awww... Hey Sandra. I'm really sorryf ro getitng back to you late. Part 4 is out now so rush off and read it!!

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  3. Oh gosh! U re killing me. When should I expect part 4? Also, great write up but watch out for the typos. And subject verb agreement. Dang I already bookmarked your blog.

    1. heheheh.... Part 4 is here!! I've tried, I just cant seem to get away from typos and all that good stuff. I'll keep watch alright?? and yes, bookmark it!!! please! lol..

    2. Lol I know it's not easy, and I'm proud to see an Urhobo sis that's so talented.

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  5. Who the hell is Nnamdi??he better go back to where he is coming from...


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