Thursday, March 19, 2015

Masked Truth- Part 4

Daniel watched as his manager picked up his wife in his arms. He just stood there and watched another man hold his wife when she needed him the most. After Nnamdi carefully settled Oluchi on the couch, he pulled out his cellphone from his pocket.

He dialed his driver’s number. “Is the car ready?” He asked once his driver answered. Nodding his head, Nnamdi ended the call and placed his phone back into his pocket.

“Where are her things?” he asked boldly.

“Wait, am I missing something here?” The night Nnamdi broke the news to Daniel that his contract had even terminated, Daniel had said a lot of nasty things to his manager. He’d vented all his anger on Nnamdi and surely, that’s why he came to see him, right?

“Ask your wife. Now, where are her things?” Nnamdi asked again.

Daniel was sure he was missing something. Why else would his manager come into his home seeking for his wife? His imagination went wild. Was his wife and his manage… no, he shook his head almost instantly to wipe off that insane thought. He knew his wife very well and he knew she would never do such. He’d thought Nnamdi had come to bring him news on what to do next after losing his last contract, not this.

To take control over what he didn’t know was going on, he said, “Thank you for your help, but I got this now.”

“I don’t think you understood what I said before. I’m not here as your manager, I came to take Oluchi with me.” The seriousness in Nnamdi’s voice baffled Daniel, halting his movement to his wife. He still felt like he was missing something. His thoughts were still lingering around what he hoped wasn’t true. Could it be that Oluchi had an affair with his manager? No. He shook his head because even the thought of it was almost like a betrayal to his wife who he knew would never do a thing like that.

Clearing his throat, Daniel said, “If there’s something I need to know, tell me now.” He was prepared for the worst. Before Nnmadi could speak, Oluchi whispered, “Daniel.” The two men turned their gaze on Oluchi who was trying to sit up. Daniel reached out to help her, but yet again, Nnamdi beats him to it. It was as if he was the stranger in his own home.

“Don’t touch me.” Oluchi winced away from Nnamdi’s reach. “Daniel, who is he?” she asked. Now it was time for Nnamdi to be confused. “Baby, what’s wrong.” He asked worried, uncertain if he was truly talking to the Oluchi he knew.

“Baby? Whoa, what?  Baby?” Daniel let out a not so amusing chuckle. He didn’t find what was going on amusing one bit. His manger calling his wife baby? I must be imagining things now. He thought.

Nnamdi was surprised at Oluchi’s reaction to him. He thought she wanted this. Him. They’d planned ahead so why was she messing this up?

“Oluchi, I know that this must be hard on you because you were once married to him so take your time, however long you need, say your goodbyes.”

What’s this guy talking about? Oluchi asked herself. Once married? The last time Oluchi checked, she was still married to Daniel and nothing was going to change that. “Look, I don’t know who you are or what’s going on here, as much as I would love to have two guys fighting over me, I’m married.” She shoved out her left hand, showcasing her wedding ring.

“You know what, I thought you’d be strong enough to do this but I guess I was wrong. You will thank me after this.” Nnamdi said before pulling out his cellphone yet again. After some seconds with his device, he dropped the phone on the glass table in the room. Daniel only needed to stretch his neck in order to see the content the phone displayed.

“What’s that?” Daniel asked.

“I didn’t come here to talk much that will explain everything.” He said, pointing to his phone.

Daniel hesitated before he reached out to pick the cellphone up. What he saw displayed on the cellphone nearly knocked him off his feet. A shocking “oh” left his mouth. This couldn’t be true. With anger, he roughly pulled his wife up to face him. “Explain this.” He demanded. Oluchi stood shaking nervously in her husband’s arms. When she took a look at the screen of the cellphone, her heart dropped. There she was in a place she assumed to be a bar, a drink in her hands and her red painted lips on this stranger’s lips. This stranger called Nnamdi, she was clearly kissing him in the photo and it didn’t seem like he was forcing her to either.

“I… I… I don’t know how what happened Daniel.” Oluchi voiced immediately.

“Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare lie to me!” Daniel yelled, shaking Oluchi vigorously, demanding for an answer. He could have sworn the last time him and his wife spoke on the phone before she got into labor, she’s told him she loved him. Even this morning when she woke up, she said those very same words.

“She doesn’t owe you any explanation. She loves me now.” Nnmadi proclaimed. “Oluchi, let’s go.” He demanded.

“Stop!” she screamed fiercely. “My name is not Oluchi.” She muttered. “I don’t know you. I have never seen you before…”

“So how come you were kissing him?!” Daniel shouted in rage.

“Daniel, see, that’s the thing. I… I’m so confused. I don’t know what’s happening to me.” She shoved her fingers frustratedly through her big mass of curly hair. It was as if the whole world was coming down on her. She needed to hide away. Oluchi slowly began backing away from the two men.

“No, no, no, no, don’t come closer.” She panicked as Nnmadi took a step towards her. She believed he was the devil and she needed to get away.

“Daniel, please say something. What is happening to me?” This hysteria has to stop. She was making it obvious that she’d gone crazy.

Daniel stared at his wife who looked like she was about to go nuts in any minute. The truth was standing right in front of him, the truth that only he knew. Oluchi’s doctor’s words began to play reruns of in his head. “Your wife is suffering from something called selective amnesia where she only wants to remember some certain parts of her past. Your wife might also be suffering from identify amnesia where she thinks she’s someone else.” Someone she loves. Someone who is as pure as their new born baby with no sin. Someone named Daniella. Overwhelmed at this shocking new discovery, Daniel looked at his wife complete disgust. Was Oluchi’s new condition the only thing still keeping her here with him?


  1. Nice write up as ever. We can't wait for the end. However you kept writing 'manger' in place of manager and you also wrote 'worse' in place of worst.

    1. Hello Ebuka. Thank you so much for reading and also for paying attention enough to correct the errors in this episode. I have made the corrections and honestly, 'manger' seemed so right I overlooked it. I happy that you picked it out. Thank you!!

  2. Perfecto. I love this so much. Please post the other parts fast...Thanks!!

  3. More than a movie I'd say. It keeps getting better...great work.

  4. What happened after?!!!!!!!!!!!!.....I wanna know ��


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