Monday, March 23, 2015

Masked Truth- Part 5

“Tell him!” Nnamdi charged at Oluchi.

“Tell him what? What exactly do you want me to tell him?”

“Why?” Nnamdi whispered. “Just why are you doing this to me? This wasn’t how we planned it.” He said anxiously. It was time for Daniel to speak up now. “Leave my house.” He said.

“Excuse me, what?”

“I said, leave my house!” Daniel shouted. Although he was a man who was slow to anger, Daniel was also a mad soul on his own. Nnamdi chuckled. “Your house? You mean the house that I helped you buy? You mean my house!” “I’m not leaving unless she’s coming with me.”

“Then take her with you.”

“Daniel, no.” Oluchi ran to his side. “Please, I… I don’t know this man. I don’t want to go.” Daniel stared down at the woman he thought he knew. Who was she now? He wasn’t even sure if he could trust her. How the hell did he lose her to his boss? What really happened between his wife and Nnamdi? One more look into her lost eyes, Daniel knew what to do.

“Oluchi, go inside.” Oluchi looked at him clueless. “I said go inside!” Daniel shouted in anger. He had to save what was left of his marriage before he losses everything. “This isn’t over Daniel. You might think you have her now, but I promise you, this isn’t over.” Nnamdi said as he stumbled to the door.

The next day, Daniel woke up to the smell of fried eggs. He came down stairs to the kitchen to find a half dressed Oluchi dancing with a spatula in her hand. “What’s going on here?” Daniel asked coldly. Oluchi jumped at the sound of her husband’s voice. He hadn’t slept in their bedroom last night. She’d really hope a good night sleep would help ease the tension from yesterday's misunderstanding. Because she wanted to please him dearly, she woke up very early to make him breakfast.

“You scared me.” She let out a witty laugh as she tucked a falling strand of hair to the back of her left ear. “I... I hope you slept well? Breakfast will be ready soon.”

“Breakfast?” Daniel chuckled. “Do you think I care about breakfast? Wait, are you thinking I’ve forgotten about what happened yesterday?”

“Well, I… I just thought I could make you something before you go to work. I’m sorry.”

“Work? Which work?”

“The office.”

“Office?” Daniel asked completely confused now. “Yes, the job you got a month ago.” Oluchi replied.

Before his dream of being a musician came through, Daniel was a Business Administration student at the University of Lagos. After he graduated, he was quickly picked up by a company that had just recently opened its branch in Lagos. A year after he started working there, Nnamdi gave him a call. Nnamdi who was a multimillionaire manager and producer had heard some of Daniel’s music. He’d saw some potential in him and was ready to sponsor him. Two weeks later when his wife told him he was going to be a father soon, Daniel had taken it as a sign from God that he was in fact supposed to do music. He called Nnamdi the next day and took his offer.

Daniel’s guilt ate at him when he realized that all Oluchi remembered was his first job. He caused this whole mess. If he hadn’t lost his music contract, he would not have had any reason to give Oluchi the shocking news that caused her to go into labor prematurely, causing her to lose her memory. “I’ll go press your work clothes while you eat if that’s fine by you.” She was gone before he could even speak. Daniel took a seat on one of the chairs in the dinner table. He stared at the eggs Oluchi had left in the pan in front of him. He hated fried eggs and his wife had forgotten that also. As he took a sip from the glass of orange juice in front of him, he heard loud banging’s on his front door. He got up to go see who it was. Opening the door, Daniel was faced with the one woman he was running away from.

“You thought I wouldn’t find you right? You honestly thought you could run away like that huh?”

“Fuck! Emma, what are you doing here?” Daniel asked worriedly.

“What am I doing here? I should be asking you the same thing. What are you doing here?”

“Look, you… you have to leave right now okay? I’ll call you up later tonight and we can talk. I promise.”

“Excuse me? Daniel, I gave you one week to call and talk but you ran back home to her leaving me all alone in South Africa.” Daniel was growing more anxious now. He couldn’t let Oluchi hear any of his conversation with Emma. He was sorry for many things and this was one secret he thought he’d be able to keep from his wife. “Babe, please just listen to me. I’ll call you tonight okay?”

“Are you sure?” Emma asked. She’d come to Lagos on a special mission and that was to get her man back. “Very, very sure.”

“Prove it then.”

“What? Now?”

“Yes, prove it unless you want me to start shouting then your wife…” Daniel quickly covered Emma’s lips with his. The kiss was spontaneous and heated, just the way he liked it. When the kiss ended, Daniel had never felt that disgusted in himself as he felt in that moment. “Who was that?” Oluchi asked immediately after Daniel shut the door.

“Nobody.” He replied, his heart skipping many beats.

“Really? I thought I heard voices?”

“Nope. Nobody…”


  1. Wow I av read all ur works nd dey re inspiring, kip up d gud work can't wait for d nxt part of dis 1

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