Friday, March 27, 2015

Masked Truth- Part 6

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At exactly 6 p.m., Daniel walked into the bar Emma had suggested they meet at. He was scared of what could happen to his wife if he didn’t show up so he came. When she saw him, Emma positioned her figure more comfortably in her seat. She crossed her long legs seductively to entice Daniel. She was here on a mission. A tight creamed colored dress that hugged tightly to her hourglass figure and black strappy heels was all Emma needed. She waved Daniel over, patting the empty seat next to her. She wore one of those innocent smiles that could make any man approach her without thinking twice. That was how she got Daniel begging to have a taste of her in the first place. If she could do it then, she was damn sure she could do it again. Emma didn't want to be any man’s baby mama number two. She just wanted to have a piece of Daniel for bragging sake. Daniel to her was a vast rising star… scratch that, he was a rising star about some days ago until his boss fired him, so why was she still sticking around?

Daniel could feel his pulse rising. What exactly was he doing here? He thought. Hasn’t he done enough already? First, he broke his wedding vows by sleeping with another woman, and now, he was meeting with that same woman at a night club. He had to lie to Oluchi that his boss at work needed him. He lied to her again that he was in fact still working at the company she remembered he was at before. He’d further confused her by driving it into her head that nothing was indeed wrong with her. Just what did he want? One thing was for sure, he wanted nothing to do with Emma. She was a mistake he’d come here tonight to make right.

“Well look who we have here… my run away lover.” she stated, rising up to pull Daniel in for a hug. Daniel shunned her, pulling out a chair in front of Emma.

“Well you ain’t got to say nothing boo-boo as long we cool.” Daniel looked at Emma as if she was a complete stranger. He couldn’t believe he had once messed with her. No doubt she was a beautiful woman and what she offered underneath her skirt was good, in fact great, but that was all she had to offer.

“I came to talk like you said we would. Please let’s make it fast…”

“Because you pretty wife is waiting for you at home right? Well how is she? Oluchi right?”

“Don’t you ever speak her name out of that dirty mouth of yours. You’ll never compare to her, and if this stunt you’re pulling here is to get me back, it’s not going to work. Now pull that dress down.” Daniel stated, looking away from Emma’s exposed breast in disgust. He’d be lying if he said it hadn't gotten to him, seeing her like this, seated in front of him in that strapless creamed colored dress. All he needed to do was reach for her and he was sure she would follow.

Emma sighed. So they hadn't started off on the wrong note. “Daniel, why are you doing this to us?” Emma began her first step into getting what she wanted. “We were fine in South Africa.” She said in a matter of fact manner. “Why leave so suddenly, and make me have to come to Nigeria to find you? Was it because you lost the…”

“That’s enough!” Daniel replied loudly.

“What’s enough? Huh? Tell me?!” Emma was soon losing her patient. That wasn't how they’d planned it. She had to get Daniel under control before the big surprise, but he was making it so damn hard for her. Since when did he become this feisty?

“I’m only going to say this once, and so listen good. Stay the hell away from me. If I ever see you near me or my family again, I swear, you will regret ever setting those devilish eyes on me.”

“What family?” a familiar voice shouted.

Daniel turned around and was shocked when he saw Nnamdi standing a few feet from him with about four other heavy looking men beside him. Before he could make a run for it, Nnamdi gave the orders. The men beside him rushed after Daniel as he tried to escape. They dealt with him in ways he couldn’t even imagine. After badly beaten, they dragged him to kneel before his boss.

“You set me up.” he stated with the last bit of strength he had, blood gushing out from his busted lips. Emma pulled his face closer to her’s. Daniel attempted to flinch away but was rewarded with a blow to his stomach from one of Nnamdi’s men.

“You will pay for this.”

“HAHAHAHAHA!” Nnamdi laughed like a crazed man at Daniel’s show of courage. “I’ll tell you what happened. It was that lovely beautiful lady that came with you to my office that day made me offer you the job. I had to get her for myself. I could just imagine how good it would feel having her in my arms, and what other way would I have my wish? I sent you away on tours, away from her and I had her all to myself. Is that what you want to hear? Will that make you give her up?”

Daniel’s guts boiled in rage. If it weren’t for the men who held him down, he would have already slapped the shit out of his boss. He had one time trusted this man to be the answer to all his prayers.
“You can’t have everything Daniel, you will have to choose.” Nnamdi finished, slowly pulling Emma into his arms as they shared a long kiss.

An hour later, Daniel stumbled into his living room badly beaten. His shirt completely covered in the crimson color of blood. He wasn’t sure how he’d made it home but he knew he was there, staring into Oluchi’s frightened eyes.

“Wha-water.” he stated as he fell hard on the floor. Oluchi wanted to reach for her husband before he fell, but her feet felt heavy, she couldn't move. She began backing away from him as he crawled helplessly towards her, asking for water.

“Blood…” she whispered shaken. Blood. Her face lost all its color. It seemed as if she had seen a ghost. She stretched out her hands in slow motion in front of her. She screamed as she envisioned her palms now covered in blood. Oluchi began hallucinating. She saw herself waking up to her bed sheets all covered in blood. The day before that faithful morning, she’d felt some pains around her stomach, but she thought it probably due to something she ate. She completely wiped it off her mind, and her carelessness caused her a great deal.

“The baby…” she stated deliriously, as she hugged her stomach tightly, slowing dropping to the floor next to her husband. “The baby… what happened to my baby?” she asked her dying husband. 


  1. This episode is kinda confusing. Please, make the next one more understanding and try to group the stories to sections

    1. Hey Daniel. I wish I could explain what's going on to you but I will need to know what part you're confused about. And also, I've been trying to make this blog less complicated to navigate through I'll keep working on it.

  2. Brilliant! You amaze me everytime.

  3. Nice one.. Though it was kinda confusing towards the end,but i'm quite sure the next episode would shed more light on it. Thumbs up bae

  4. The suspense makes it interesting.Really enjoying it.Thumbs-up dear

  5. Awesome!!!...I think she's starting to remember....

  6. This is so bad...poor daniel and oluchi...


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