Thursday, March 5, 2015

Something, Anything, Nothing?

Well she told me not to trust you babe.
But It was okay if I trusted me.
Said you made them smile too, so it wasn’t just me
But I wanted to taste the waters so I dived in.
And yes, the ocean water had me breathless.
You and I,
As messed up as we were,
Mixed up, we get the perfect combo.
But why did you hesitate the other night?
Keeping conversations short like we were strangers some nights.
Thought you were over her,
Or them…

Okay fuck it,
I knew it would be this way.
Well excuse me if I wanted to trust the man I was in love with.
See I wanted him to come to me.
Fall with his eyes wide open.
And I should not have laughed too loud in those nights,
Cause now I’m dying for more.
And I should not have smiled when he called me baby,
But you know you made me crazy.
Turned me upside down, I was living…
And I tried… but we… we had gone too far.
We couldn’t go back when really we should keep going.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have to do this if I'd just listened
To her?
She messed you up in like the worst way,
Cause now I’m begging you to let me in someway.
And the other one had called it quit too,
You healed me right up,
All these hopeless hopes, you gave to me.
Why make it seem like we were it?
Why make us feel like we were something,
When clearly we were nothing?
So tell me something, anything, nothing?
Did you ever feel something, anything, and nothing?
Do you still feel it’s nothing?
Frustrated nights when I get no answer.

Then your 20th birthday came,
I was your present.
And I should have kept my skirt on for your birthday
We made love like in the best way,
Could have been your queen in another life,
But we still meet up like every other weekend.
You still have me sweating till I pass out.
We still not sure what we are.
Something, nothing, anything?
But I never said you were my everything…

Say hello to my bestie Mercy,
For placing all her goods up for sale for you.
Thought I didn’t know,
Well nothing’s ever hidden in the side I’m from…
Surely we had the best beginning…
So when is it ending?


Thank you guys for always reading,