Thursday, March 26, 2015


Photo by: Google

Let’s discover ourselves
You teach me about you
I teach you about you
I don’t want to know your favorite color
I will paint your world with my color
You will be the bright light in my world
How do you think?
Not about me, but of the world
of yourself…

Let’s draw a line that either of us will cross
you cross it, it’s over!
Can you be patient?
Not how long you can stand in a long line
that doesn’t count.
Can you wait for me to develop?
Not my boob’s honey;
My mind,
My thinking,
They are all thoughts of you.
Let’s not rush into this.
Don’t jump in
So you don’t jump out
And jump into the next one
While I jump into another
Then we begin this routine all over again
Because we failed before
Because you never answered how patient you were
I never told you I could keep my hands off you either
We are playing with fire tonight.

Let’s just sleep…
Your arms wrapped around my waist…
Sure you can go a bit lower
Your lips,
Softly on mine
I warn you,
It could spark the fire
I wonder how the room got humid?
Just breathe.
We are walking with temptation
But I’m not falling,
Not tonight


Thank you guys for always reading,