Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Woman After His Heart

So what if I stole his heart,
does that mean I have to suffer?
The other girl said she couldn't deal with it,
She said goodbye, I was left to pack his shit.
Yeah I rubbed it all in.
The woman after his heart, I became.

One bedroom apartment, my apartment
My space, my home, my heart, I let him evade
All he needed to do was stay.
When the landlord said our bill was overdue we had to go
I stayed under the bridge with him.
Crossing all the lines to feed him.
The woman after his heart, I was.

So when we made our first dollar
Some few years later,
We partied like it was 1986
Shout out to Brymo for giving us our perfect song
But was perfect too much to ask?
So why does he have to go out and pick them girls?
Thought I was the only one
The woman after his heart… just the lonely one.

So I took the initiative,
Met up with him at Sandy’s club the other day.
His hands were all over her, holding her waist.
Kissing and hugging,
Smiling like the devil he was.
He grabbed her ass, I almost grabbed my purse.
I watched till my eyes were bleeding.
Guess he forgot to remember who I was that night
The woman after his heart, I’m not…

So tell me, how did we get this way?
Never thought we would be throwing bottles the other day
You don’t eat my food anymore like it taste that bad?
Well I never said I was the best,
But I was willing to try and give it my best
But I guess you can never trust these girls
Cause I stole you from her

why do you have to stay?


  1. Typical Nigerian Men Story! Once they make little money,they forget the lady who suffered with them from the scratch

    1. Abi oo Bunmi. Its so typical of most men.

  2. Heart touching.

  3. Short! Simple! Straight-forward! Exemplary! More wisdom my miss


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