Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Who Am I Without You?- Part 3

The Present

It has been almost a month since I've been living with my mother, and our neighbors are beginning to talk. This morning as I was on my way to get some water from our backyard for Dare’s bath, these two women who I knew to be the master planners of the compound burst out laughing the instant I walked past them as if someone tripped on something. They knew I could hear them, and that was what they wanted.

“How long has it been since she’s been staying with her?” The first lady with a big scare on her forehead asked her fellow mate.

“I heard her husband no longer found her tasty so he threw her out.” The other woman with the overdue hair on her head added. The other woman laughed until she was out of breath. Since something was obviously funny, I decided to join in.

“And you mama Chika. Tell me, where is that so called husband of yours?” I asked her, walking steadily towards where she was seated. “Since he left you, have you even been able to buy relaxer, common relaxer for your hair? He has you looking like a mad woman but you’re claiming that you’re going natural. So tell me, what’s funny about that?”

She was about to say something, “Ooh leave me let me deal with this small rat!” she screamed at the other lady who was pulling her back since she was ready for a fight. “Swallow it! How dare you even open your mouth to say anything?” I was also ready for a fight. The other lady quickly responded in other to save her friend. “Lola na, it was not you we were talking about oo, na the other lady down the street we hear say her husband leave her and…..”

“And so what? You!” I pointed my bucket at her. “I’m coming for you oh. You said you have a husband abi? How many times does he come home at night? How many times does he even come to see the football team you people gave birth to?” I asked, preparing myself for whatever comes next.

The women became quiet. It was as if I’d knocked their misery back into them. “Next time I hear any of you talk-talk about me, or anyone else in this compound, you will have me to face!” I shoved my bucket in her face. She stepped back in fear. I wonder how she got that scare in the first place. I won’t be surprised if it occurred while she was blabbing her dirty mouth. Husband snatcher, that’s what some people call her.

I went on with my business. I got my water and went straight to my house with my head held high. Upon getting to my doorstep, I almost collapsed. All strengths were gone when the realization hit me. I have just become like one of those women. Jobless, well at least one of them was selling akara! But me, I have nothing. Common akara, I did not know how to make, talk less of to sell it. Who is laughing at whom here when we were all on the same boat? But I swear, if it is the last thing I do, my boat will not land in the same destination as theirs did. I picked up my bucket and continued inside my house.

“What took you so long? Dare is almost late for school.” My mother asked as I joined her in the kitchen.

“Mama, you do not even want to know the two demons I just fought off just now.”

“Demons? Where? Not in this compound. Oya, oya lets pray. Holy Ghost fire! Where are they?” She asked, frantically in her binding and casting mood. I stood smiling at her and said, “Ah mama! It was mama Chika, and that other one. They were doing what they know how to do best, and I certainly did mine too.” I hissed as I remembered the heated argument.

“What did they do this time?”

“You know na,” A frown graced my face. “People are starting to talk about my long stay here at your place.” I continued, walking to help her with breakfast.

“I can fry it myself. You, just stand over there.” She snapped at me, pointing to the refrigerator. “But mom, I was only trying to help. What’s all this?” I grumbled.

“You are asking me abi? Come oo, where am I now?” I stared at her clueless.  “Am I not in my own husband’s house? Where are you?” She asked with such meanness in her tone as if she’d wanted to spit out those questions for so long, but it’s only been a month though.

“See mama, I’m not having any of this this early morning, at least not from you. I have had enough of it for one morning.” I turned to leave.
“Come back here, you will hear it! You silly girl! I did not leave my husband, he left me. Till death before we parted.”

“Ha-ha, see me see wahala oh. What did my own husband do? He left me too, or do you want me to be the one to die in this case? Will that make you happy?” She turned around and asked me the most shocking question no child wants to ever hear from their mother. “What good are you to me in this house then?” she asked blankly.

“You don’t bring the money for feeding…” she complained.

“But I used to before mama, you have forgotten so quickly, so soon?” I replied.

“I take care of your child!” she yelled.

“Your grandson mama! Your grandson!” I was not going to stand there and have her frustrate me any further this morning. So I asked, “Are you tired of me leaving in my own father’s house?”

“You have over stayed your welcome my dear. I don’t think I can keep feeding you and your child any longer.” She said after a long sigh.

To hear my mother speak to me in such a way was an eye opener. When I was still married to Bolu, he basically took care of all my parents needs. My mother especially was on top of the money. Everything she wanted and did not need was handed over to her. Throughout those years, I was her golden child. I guess she will run back to Kate because she and I were done!

When my son finally came down stairs all dressed, I saw the only reason why I was still in this house and I hated it! If only he was not here...


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  2. Welldone Peace! On to the next one :D

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