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Like We Never Happened- Part 1

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Wonu Alese

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“What reason did Chinedu have to steal such amount from us?” Ada asked her assistant who was just as clueless as she was. When her assistant barged into her office this morning, Ada didn’t know if the reason why she held back her anger was because Mr. Kofo was much older than her, or the fact that he’d been partners with her father for years?

“I really can’t place a finger on it. It’s so unusual of him.” He replied.

“Did you not pay him last month’s salary? God!” Ada hollered in frustration. “Can you please give me a good explanation? We’re talking about millions of naira’s here.” The man stood in front of her with his hands folded in front of him. Mr. Kofo who recently just got back from a health leave couldn’t quite explain to his boss how an intern stole under his watch. He blamed it on his body who was slowly failing him. He wasn’t as agile as he was when he first worked for Ada’s father. His new boss waited for an answer from him but nothing came.

“Do you mean to tell me that you have been working here for twenty-three good years and you don’t know how a common intern stole under your watch?”

“Madam, please calm down. I have my best people tracking him down.”

“Oh they had better be fast because---”

“Excuse me madam,” Ada’s new secretary interrupted. It took everything Ada had to hold back her hands from slapping the shock out of the face of her secretary who looked as if she didn’t know her boss was having an important conversation with Mr. Kofo.

“I’m sorry ma…” she quickly tried to shut the door but not so fast, Ada was hell-bent on releasing all her anger on anyone who crossed her path.

“And you, come back here.” Ada instructed. With her head down, she walked ever so slowly towards her boss.

“Where were you when Chinedu was stealing seven million naira from us?” Ada questioned, pinning an intimidating glare at the young secretary.

“I… I was… ah… madam I’m new here.”

“So that’s your excuse? Your new here?” Ada repeated, while hitting her secretary with the envelop she held in her hand. “Since you’re new here, you clearly haven’t settled in abi? You can go; you’re fired.”

“Madam… Madam, please don’t do this to me, I’m new here… I’m sorry…” the girl begged endlessly for a second chance but Adamma wasn’t having it today. “Get out!” she barked. The young girl who had been excited about the opportunity to work for a company as huge as Ada’s soon ran out of the office, sobbing.
“And as for you Mr. Kofo, it’s because of the relationship you have with my father that’s keeping you here, please do not make me regret it.” Mr. Kofo nodded. “24 hours, that’s all you have to find that boy.” Adamma picked up her car key and left work for the day.

“Has he ever done that before?” Suzy asked her best friend as they walked to Adamma’s car. With all the craziness of the day, Adamma couldn’t even stay the whole day at the office, afraid she would fire all her employees due to her ill temper.

“Never, which is shocking. Chinedu was our best intern this year and so I’m sincerely shocked. Do you know I fired three employees today?” she stated.

“Please get a hold of this your anger oh… I would hate to work under you.” Her friend countered, totally not in support of the way Ada’s chose to usually lay out her anger whenever she’s stressed.

“And do you know the worst part of all this is that Akin still hasn’t called me since our last fight.” Ada sighed, “Ooh I see! So that’s what this is all about?” Suzy laughed in amazement. “See this girl O, so the money that went missing isn’t the reason why you’re angry? Na Akin just do you like this so?” Suzy mocked, and for the first time that day, Ada smiled. What was a girl to do? She’d been just as angry as Akin was that night, but Ada had expected him to at least say hello. And for crying out loud, it’d already been five good days!

Ada moved to the driver’s side of her car but she stopped by her friend. “Abeg, abeg, gimme the car key, I will drive… ‘ehn biko’?”

After Suzy safely drove her friend home, she refused to stay for dinner, so Ada had her driver drop her off at home.

Upon walking into her living room, Ada felt as if another presence was present with her in the room.
“Jesus!” Added shouted as she jumped back in fright. After flipping her light switch on, she recognized who it was.  “Akin, what the hell are you doing here?”

“What does it look like I’m doing here?” he moved to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He took out two bottles of beers and opened both. Ada wasn’t too pleased with him barging into her home but wasn’t she the one who gave him a spare key in the first place?

Ada settled in the nearest couch, and sat her hand bag on the floor. She began the task of removing her heels which she’d worn for too long. She carefully soothed her toe with her palm to get blood flow towards that area.

“I heard you’ve been blowing up my phone,” Akin stated, raising his bottle up to the air for a toast before he took a sip. 

“Clearly you heard wrong.” Adamma replied, attention fixed on her other pair of shoe which refused to come off partly because Adamma hands were shaky. She just didn’t know how to control herself whenever he was around. To make matters worse, Akin said, “Let me help you with that.” He didn’t wait for a reply. He was with Adamma in a blink of an eye. He knelt before her, and held her left foot in his hands. The sight of Akin kneeling before Adamma sent chills down her whole body. She went into la-la land, fantazing about how it would feel like to have Akin kneel before her and pop the question.

“Did you miss me?” he popped the question.

“Not that question, Akin.” Ada answered in distressed.

“But did you?” he persisted.

“I’m sure you came here for something better so what’s it?” Adamma couldn’t help but let out sigh of relief when she felt Akin’s fingers start a tickling, soothing dance on the foot he held next to his chest.

“I came to clear up the issue with Diola,” Akin’s eyes never left Ada’s as he purposely teased her with the magically sensations he was creating on Ada’s dangling foot. He slowly ran kisses up her lower thigh. “I don’t think there is need to be…” he stopped to kiss Ada’s lightly parted lips, “to be angry with her. You know I would never do a thing to purposely hurt you, Ada,” and with that, Ada who'd been long gone, drowning in the mood Akin had set, came back to her senses. Whenever Akin wanted something from her, something that he knew she gave to him so easily, he always called her Ada. She forcefully pulled her foot from him, hissing as she pulled her skirt down.

“It’s okay," she said, "I have forgiven you…You can go now.”

“Come on, what’s your problem? Why do you have to always fight me?”

“And why do you have to always throw her in my face?” Ada replied angrily.

“What… what are you even talking about Ada, we were just having a nice time a moment ago, why do you have to mess it up?”

“I mean you! And please stop calling me Ada. You made me this way. I wasn’t this angry and sad before. We were just fine until you brought that thing back from London… so now Akin, you are no longer welcomed here.”

Akin could no longer bear Ada show of power, “Well that thing,” he pointed to the wall, “is going to be my wife whether you like it or not. I don’t need your permission for anything especially on who I should marry.” Akin said proudly. Oh the love Ada had for this young man blinded her thoughts. She couldn’t see him for the selfish bastard that he really was. Ada picked up her handbag, she wasn’t going to stand there and allow Akin watch as his words broke her down to pieces, but then, Akin’s last question held her back.
“What do you want from me?” he spoke so low that she couldn’t hear him but her heart knew what he asked for.

“Good night Akin.” Ada stated sadly. 

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