Monday, April 13, 2015

Like We Never Happened- Part 2

The next morning when Ada woke up, she found him lying behind her. His arm wrapped tightly around her waist. Adamma wanted time to stand still forever. She didn’t remember how he got there. All she knew and care about what that she wanted him to stay with her forever but of course, her stubbornness got the best of her.

“Akin...” She tapped the arm that was around her waist. “Get up, what’s all this?”

Akin hissed as he slowly opened his eyes. “You ehn, are you sure you’re human?” he threw a pillow at Ada as he rose up drowsily. Staring at Akins toned back, Ada wondered why he didn’t leave last night. She’d peacefully slept in hopes that he was already far away from her and possibly never coming back.

“Get up, I have something planned for us today.” Akin stated, stretching his arms and long legs.

“Planned ke? I have to work today so…”

“It’s a Saturday, clear out your schedule.”

“I don’t have to,” Ada said. Forgetting that’s she had nothing on but a see-through lace night gown, Ada rose up.

“You will have to—” Akin began but was unable to finish his statement as the sight he saw when he turned around made him hold his breath and for a second, he felt making Ada his woman. His eyes, he couldn’t take them away from Ada’s beauty. God, she’s beautiful, he thought. Akin shook his head to wipe out any nasty thought he’d already create in his head.  

“No brother Akin, come and look na.” Ada teased as Akin walked out of the room, leaving her alone to her excitement.

“So where did you say she went again?”

“Who?” Akin asked, grabbing Ada’s right hand. They were coming back from the mall and now heading to the market.

“Your girlfriend or fiancĂ©e and frankly, I don’t like us playing happy.” She answered, squeezing herself through the crowd at the market square.

Clearing his throat, he answered. “She went to see her family. It’s been a month, and she has been staying with me since we came back.” Although Ada had asked, she wasn’t interested in what he had to say. She just wanted to know if in that moment he was thinking about Diola while she was with him.

“Stop squeezing my hand Akin. This is Lagos; I’ve lived here longer than you.” Akin hadn’t known he was practically hurting Ada by his hard grip on her wrist. He felt like he needed to protect her. The crowd, he wanted to shield her away from the ciaos.

Sighing, he asked, “What are you buying here? I never marry you put for house but you’re trying to feed my stomach.” He teased. The nice girl in Ada who wanted Akin to see her as a wife material had suggested she cook him something as a payment for the lovely day they had at the mall. To the eyes of the world surrounding that mall, they were a lovely couple and they’d gotten lots of compliments. Everything was going well for the pair until this happened.

“Excuse me,” an unfamiliar voice called out as Akin and Ada stopped for tomatoes. They both spontaneously turned around.

“Me?” Ada pointed to myself, asking the young lady who was now in front of the couple.

“No, him.” She pointed to Akin and so, Ada stepped back a little.

“Malaki, how are you dear? Long time no see.” The girl smiled as Akin spoke.

“We didn’t know you’re back in Nigeria, Di never said anything about it. But anyway, how is she and what are you doing back in Nigeria?” The shock Ada saw on Akin’s face said it all, something was definitely not right.

“Come,... what are you talking about? Your sister and I came to Nigeria together and yesterday she said she was coming to visit you guys.”

“No O, we haven’t seen her. The last time we spoke to Aunty Di was last month.” The girl paused for a second and then continued, this time confirming the certainty of her last statement. “Yes, it was last month.”

“Madam, una wan still buy the tomatoes?” The tomatoes seller who’d been patiently waiting finally spoke.

“Akin, do we still need---”

“Just pay for the damn tomatoes already!” Akin barked.

Startled at Akin’s reaction, Ada quickly responded to the woman. “Please, 200 naira own will be fine.” She needed to get away from Akin before they both ran mad for everyone to see how messed up they were. Ada carefully paid closed attention to the conversation Akin was having with the girl Ada now knew to be Diola’s younger sister, and as she listened some more, many insane thoughts ran through her mind.

When they were finally inside the car on their way home, Akin acted as if nothing had happened. Ada felt it wasn’t in her place to ask. Akin knew what he was getting himself into but something was pushing him further into the fire. Ada who was rather satisfied to sit back and watch Akin burn was glad when Akin finally drove the car into her garage. Ada got out first, and picked up the food items from the back seat of the car. The other shopping bags in the trunk could wait.

She went into her purse for her house key to open the front door. Akin was behind her. As soon as they got into the house, Ada flipped on the light switch, and almost instantly, Akin flipped it back off.

“Akin what the…” he gently pushed her against the door. The bag of tomatoes Ada held on to fell to the floor and the content spilled out, rolling to different corners of the living room. Before she could speak--- He kissed me. No, not those soft gentle kisses, this one was something else. His lips were hungry for hers and she couldn’t deny her feelings either. The frustration of the day mixed with the lust she saw in Akin’s eyes made Ada prone to Akin’s escapade. She dropped her hand bag that was still on her other hand, and wrapped both hands around his neck; welcoming his kisses.

“Bedroom.” Ada muttered, but Akin had no time to waste. Frustration mixed with the love he knew Ada had for him pushed him to go further. He headed for the couch. He laid Ada down on the couch and began  removing his clothes. When he came back for a kiss, Ada knew this was what she wanted and she was ready to give it to him but--- “How long have you known her?” Ada whispered, as Akin began raining kisses on her now exposed legs.

“How long have you guys been seeing each other?” She couldn’t stop herself from asking these questions that were so irrelevant to what was going on at that moment.

“Who?” he asked as he came above me, planting a kiss her lips to shut Ada up. He knew where she was going with this and he wasn’t ready to go there.

“I mean, Diola, how long have you guys been dating?”

“Three years or something like that… now why all these questions?” and before he could finish, Ada slapped him. “How could I be this stupid?” asked as she pushed him off her. 

“What… are you kidding me? Now? Again?” he asked. Akin stared at Ada with utter shock.

“How could I be so stupid, Akin? Last year when you came to Nigeria,” Ada picked up her peplum top that was on the floor.

“Yes?”Akin answered, dreading what he knew was coming next. No one understood the deep mess he was into. He sort out Ada for comfort because with her, he felt he could live again with no chip on his shoulders. Akin did make his way home last year to visit his family during Christmas. The pair had spent every minute of the one month he spent in Nigeria together. Never once did he mentioned to Ada that he was dating Diola and so when he came back this time, planning to marry some girl she never knew existed,  Ada couldn’t believe it. She’d cried herself to sleep many times during this one month period that Akin’d been home. She thought the reason Akin started dating Diola after his last visit to Nigeria was because she wasn’t good enough, not knowing that they’ve always been together.  “You bastard,” Ada shouted. “We slept together knowing you had a girl waiting for you in London!” And I was about to make the same mistake again.

"Come on, Ada, don't do this."

"No, I'm just going to have to keep these legs closed for now, from you."


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