Monday, April 13, 2015

Like We Never Happened- Part 3

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“It wasn’t like that,”

“Like what? Akin we slept together! You came in from London with your fake accent and your fake feelings that you had for me just to get into my panties!?” Ada was completely out of it. She blamed herself for selling her feelings so cheaply to him.

“Ada, look at me, it wasn’t like that.” Akin pleaded, reaching to grab Ada’s hands.

“Stop it! Don’t you ever call me by that name, and please, get out of my house and don’t you ever come back.”

Akin drove home after he'd had some few drinks, promising himself that he would stay off Ada for now, but never forever. As he pulled up into his garage, he could already scent the alluring smell of stew filling the whole house.

As soon as Diola heard the jiggling sound of keys, she moved away from the dinner table and made her way to the living.

“You came back home so early, honey.” Diola stated as she welcomed her soon to be husband into the home they shared. Akin looked up the wall clock and saw that it was 8. P.m, he knew that Diola wasn’t fine with it.

“You could have told me you’d be spending longer then I wouldn’t have bothered with dinner.” Diola stated, walking to the diner table. Only God knew how pissed she was. She’d made a new resolution, she was going to keep her husband home in any way she could.

“How was work today?” she asked, picking up the bowl of rice on the dinner table. Akin hadn’t expected Diola to make him food, she never cooks so why start now?

“I also have a hot bath ready when you’re through with dinner.”

“Diola, that’s enough.” Akin stated, no longer able to stand Diola’s pretense show of affection, they knew what was up and he wasn’t the kind to fake situations.

“I’m just going to crash,” Akin said as he moved up to the stair case.

“No, Akin, you’re going to come back here and eat this food that I spent hours preparing for you.” Diola said with authority, reminding Akin who wore the pants in their relationship.  Amazed at Diola's tone of assertiveness, Akin responed, “Excuse me?”

“Or did she feed you? Huh?” Diola countered.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, Diola. Like I said, I’m going to bed, it’s been a long day.”

“Long day of taking her shopping right?” Akin had to turn around because he was dumbstruck as to how Diola knew about how and who he spent his day with. “So you’re keeping tabs on me now?”

“On my property, yes.” Diola said, moving towards Akin. “Don’t you ever forget that I own you. Don’t you ever.”

“And what about you, where have you been?”

“Went to see my family.” Diola stated in a as matter of fact manner.

“Oh, is that so? Family my ass.” Akin chuckled. Meeting Diola’s sister today at the market had proved that he couldn’t even trust the woman he was about to marry next month. 

“Yes. And unlike you, I actually know how to stick to the rules. Don’t fuck with me Akin, you should know me already. I’ll have your ass wherever I so damn chose. And as for your high-school sweetheart, you better warn her to take a million steps back because this ship has long sailed.”

Diola shoved Akin to the side as she made her way up the stairs to her bedroom, leaving Akins stunned. Akin knew he had to do something fast, she was getting out of control. He couldn’t even believe how he got himself involved in Diola and this whole mess. If he had just been a good boy back in London, none of these would have happened, he wouldn’t have had to take any disrespect from any woman, especially not one such as his soon-to-be-wife.

“Adamma, what are you doing?” A familiar voice snapped Ada back to reality.

“Why are you wasting the drinks? If you don’t want to drink it then don’t waste it. Do you know how expensive that bottle of wine is?” Ada hadn’t realized the drink she was pouring on a glass for myself was overflowing. She couldn’t tell my mother that her daughter was soon losing her mind.

“Mom, I’m sorry.” She said, wiping off the drink that had spilled on my hands.

“Whatever it is, you had better snap out of it. By the way, Chucks is at the table waiting for you.”

“What’s he doing here?”

“What do you mean? He is a friend of the family and you will treat him like one.”

“We’re no longer engaged so there’s no reason for him to be here.”

“Adamma,” her mother called, drawing so close to her she said, “do not make me regret ever giving birth to a daughter like you.” She hissed as she went ahead greeting more guests who came for her daughter’s baby shower. Adamma comes from a family of five including her parents. Sam who rarely visits home since he started schooling in the UK was the only son of the family. Ngozi who was the oldest had gotten married to a man their mom introduced to her, or handpicked for her. After one year of courting, he popped the question. Ada suspected that the reason her sister accepted Mark’s proposal was partly because he was stinky rich. Their mom always told them that the wealthy should only mingle with the wealthy, and the poor should simply stay far off. And tonight, Ngozi was already eight months pregnant and their mother was hosting an elaborated baby shower for her first daughter.

Ada searched through the crowd of wealthy people who’d come to the baby shower and she couldn’t find a single person that she knew. Feeling alone, Ada decided it was time to go home.

“Adamma, we need to talk.” A familiar voice stated behind her. Ada turned around to find chucks holding two glasses of wine.

“Talk about what? What’s there, what’s left?” Ada said, picking to her feet. Chucks followed behind her like a lost puppy.

“Babe, we can make this work. I still love you. I will do anything, even the shares your father wants from my father’s company, I’m willing to do it all.”

“Chucks listen to me,” Ada stopped and turned to face him. “I’m not something you can buy with your father’s money, I don’t love you and I never did.” Chucks frowned as Ada spoke. He knew she never once loved him but he was willing to try. He didn’t know who had her heart, but he knew that ever since he’d known her, someone else had been there before him. “Listen to me, don’t let my family drag you into this, and run now, far away while you still can.”

“Ada, no, you listen to me.” Chucks said in an impatient tone. His tolerance of Ada’s disrespect was soon running out. But before Ada could respond, her knight in shining amour showed up, towering above Chucks.

“Do we have a problem here?” Akin challenged. 


  1. Both Ada and Akin are bunch of bullshits. Patiently waiting to see where this is going

    1. hahahahahahah haba! see vexation oo... bros

  2. Mehn i hate complicated relationships...Akin stay the fucck away now..ogini...chucks needs to grow up..i juat dislike him already

  3. Can Akın just be a man and stay the hell away from Ada? It's crazy this several ways relationships mode.


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