Sunday, April 19, 2015

Like We Never Happened- Part 4

Photo by: Bella Naija

“Chucks, listen to me,” Ada stopped and turned to face him. “I’m not something you can buy with your father’s money, I don’t love you and I never did.” Chucks frowned as Ada spoke. He knew she never once loved him but he was willing to try. He didn’t know who had her heart, but he knew that ever since he’d known her, someone else had been there before him. “don’t let my family drag you into this, and run now, far away while you still can.” Ada added.

“Ada, no, you listen to me.” Chucks said in an impatient tone. His tolerance of Ada’s disrespect was soon running out. But before Ada could respond, her knight in shining amour showed up, towering above Chucks. 

“Do we have a problem here?” Akin challenged, approaching the pair.

Ada stared at both men, not able to form words with my mouth. What’s he doing here? She thought, didn’t I warn him to stay away from me? And how the hell did he know where to find me? While Ada thought about the multiple ways Akin had figured out where she was, Akin who was growing annoyed asked again, “Do we have a problem here?” this time, his question was directed to the man standing next to Ada.

“How did you find me?” Ada asked.
“Who is he?” Chucks asked worriedly. Ada’s silence gave her away. 

Akin knew that she was on the verge of denying him so he said, “So you don’t know me now right?”

“Akin, just go, okay? Please just go.” Ada murmured in distress. “No, I’m not leaving. I came to get you.” Akin moved closer to Ada. He was so close that Ada could smell the faint smell of alcohol on him.

“Have you been drinking?” Ada asked Akin who couldn’t even remember how he found himself with Ada. After the fight with Diola, he’d gone out of the house because his pride was hurt and he felt useless. After a few bottles of alcohol, he finds himself with Ada, the one woman who he couldn’t stay away from.

“Look Akin, you need to go home okay, you’re drunk.”

“But you’re coming with me right?” he asked, staring helplessly into Ada’s eyes.

“No akin, just go home, okay?”

Akin who wouldn’t take no for an answer grabbed Ada’s right hand forcefully.

“I don’t think you heard her clearly, the lady said she’s going nowhere,” said Chucks who they had forgotten was still with them.

“Who’s this guy, huh, Ada? I leave you for a few hours and you’re already fucking another dude?”

“Akin, lower your voice, you’re shouting.” Ada responded, trying hard to control her own anger before they both ruin her sister’s baby shower. Akin hadn’t realize he was shouting, he could care less about the people who were watching, he needed to tell Ada everything and he could only do so why he was drunk!

“Answer me, who is this dude? Is this the guy you’ve been sharking up with while I was gone?”
What’s he even saying? Ada thought as Akins words infuriated her. “Akin, ten years, you left for ten good years and I stayed right here waiting for you and what do I get in return, huh? I don’t need a boss, I’m already one.”

“Then who is this guy?”

“This guy is her fiancée.” Chucks answered unexpectedly. It took every ounce of composure Ada had in her to stop herself from hitting Chucks. He was adding more fuel to the fire she’d started.

“Adamma, is everything alright here?” Ada’s mother asked as she walked to the scene, saving her daughter from further embarrassment. She’d been patiently waiting, hoping Ada could control her lovers but it seemed her baby girl was just as clueless in the issue of love as she was when it came to men.

“And what is he doing here?” her mothered asked angrily, pointing to Akin.

“Good evening ma.” Akin bowed. He knew Mrs. Okoro hated his guts but he had no problem with that either.

“Ehn, ehn, save your greetings. I want you out of this premises immediately.” Mrs. Okoro stated. She’d lost all respect for Akin the instant she figured he was never coming back for her daughter. And especially since there were rumors floating around that Akin’s father’s company might be going through a major setback, she intentionally didn’t want her daughter to have anything to do with that sort of family.

Okay, I could have handled that a little bit better. Akin thought, frowning at his outburst. He blamed it all on the alcohol he’d consumed before coming. He was going to have to leave before he cause more drama. He glared at Ada to signal for her to leave with him but Ada looked away.

“I’m very sorry for my rude outburst, I’ll take my leave now.” Akin stated. He walked out without ever looking back and almost as if he hadn’t been there, the party continued.

“Are you okay?” Chucks asked as he wrapped his arms around Ada who was staring at the back of Akin who was far gone.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” She replied, her mouth forming a painful smile.

The party went on but Ada who hadn’t been into the whole excitement before still felt out of place. She gave Chucks the chance to talk her into a better mood but he was failing woefully. Ada just couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing Akin leave like that without ever once looking back at her had hurt her more than she’d like to admit, so she got up.

“Wait, wait, where are you going to?” Chuck called out to Adamma who’d increased her pace within second.

“Chucks, I’ll call you later okay? I just need to get out of here,” Ada said back to him, leaving a pissed off Chucks behind.

Ada just needed some breathing space. She located her car and headed home.

Upon stepping into her living room, Ada knew he was there. She could smell him, she should feel him and when she felt flipped on her light switch, she saw him.

“Akin…” Ada called his name softly.

“I just want you, Ada…”

Akin said in a deep absolute voice that made Ada quiver. He wrapped his arms around Ada’s waist, drawing her close to him.

“Akin…” Ada whispered. She could feel her voice shaking, and she knew she would begin to cry if he pushed further.

“Shhhh baby girl.” Akin said as he picked Ada up and into his arms. Akin headed straight to her bedroom, leaving all his senses behind.

The next day was a Sunday. Adamma woke up with jittery feelings in her tummy. She could almost burst with excitement. Last night had been too good to be true. She had had Akin exactly where and how she wanted him. Last night, he was her man and she was his woman. Ada got up from her bed when she heard the doorbell sound. Staring at Akin’s sleeping handsome face, Adamma smiled as she went off to see who was at the door.  Felix, her gateman man was standing outside her front door with what looked like an envelope.
“One woman say make I give you, she no drop her name.” Felix said, handing the envelope to his madam. Ada thanked him and headed back into her bedroom. Excited to join Akin but also curious about the mystery envelope, Ada began opening the envelope as she walked to her bedroom. As she began opening the envelope, her fear of what it seemed like the enveloped carried made her hands shake as she rapidly tore the cover off. To her surprise, it was an invitation card. A wedding invitation to be precise. Ada hesitated before popping the card open.
Her hands became tensed. Her heart stopped for a minute. And then the first drop of tears hit the opened card right on the spot where Akins name was written in bold letters. The card read, “We the family of Ogunleye, cordially invite you to the wedding of our son, Akin Ogunleye Wellington and our daughter, Diola Oladipo in this holy matrimony on the 2nd of May, 2015.”


  1. Ada use ur brain for heavens sakes...haba..which kind yeye thing dis love matter be freaking frustrating

  2. That's the worst thing that can happen to a person. Getting the wedding IV of your lover

  3. Why's she crying.. She knew he wasn't hers to begin with!

  4. Sister peace, I'm still waiting patiently for the next episode o. Biko, no let me die of anxiousness


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