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Like We Never Happened- Prologue

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Wonu Alese

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What do you do when the only person you’ve ever tried loving doesn’t love you back? Do you go off planning the biggest revenge that will make him pay for simply not loving you? Do you try to ease your pain by falling for the next guy who manages to put a fake smile on your face, or do you just let go?
It was a Friday evening when Akinola called Adamma to meet him at their favorite restaurant. Adamma wasn’t too excited as she usually got whenever she was about to see Akin. The anger she sensed in his voice made her a bit nervous. She asked herself what she’d done wrong this time. She wondered if Diola had spoken to Akin about their meeting the other day. She knew Diola hated her, and would do anything to keep her away from Akin.

Adamma picked up her favorite stud diamond earrings from her jewelry box. Contemplating if she should go all dressed out for her meeting with Akin, she took a deep breath. She painted her plum lips with a soft pink lipstick. Sucking her stomach in, adjusting the blue high waist skirt that complemented her long legs to fit her curvy figure.

She didn’t want Akin to think that this was a pleasant meeting by over dressing. What he had done to her, she could forgive him. If Akin was going to keep up that nasty tone he had when they spoke on the phone, Adamma needed to be in character too. She stepped out of her house, and Agu, her driver was already waiting. Few minutes later, they got to the restaurant. She searched through the elegant restaurant to see if Akin had a table already reserved, but he was nowhere to be found. Akin knew how much she hated tardiness but he choice that evening to disappoint her. Adamma got a table for them and sat down, patiently waiting for him.

After two glasses of carbonated water, Akin’s SUV pulled up in front of the restaurant. When he walked in, Adamma eyes drifted straight to his handsome figure. Her heart began to race uncontrollably. She needed to calm down because he knew her weakness and he was her weakness. Akin wore a causal t-shirt as if he was about to get something over within five minutes and be done. A nervous Adamma thanked God that she hadn’t gone all out with her dressing either. As he drew closer, her palms became sweaty. Akin was everything anyone could ask for in a man. He got his tallness from his father and his handsomeness from his mother.

Akinola is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Wellington; CEO’s of the Wellington Franchise that has taken over Nigeria and even some countries abroad. These two first crossed path when we were only twelve years old at one of the conferences Adamma’s family usually hosted. It was crush at first sight. It was so hard for Adamma to get Akin’s attention even when he was twelve years old, and nothing has changed fifteen years later. After their first meeting, they managed to stay in touch with each other. A month later, Adamma’s family bought a home that was close by Akin’s; they called it fate. They attended the same school from there on and everything was great. Their innocent friendship never transpired into something more. Everything was fine until Akin turned seventeen.

The day Akin left for London, he promised to come back for Adamma, and he did ten years later, but with another woman. When Akin informed Adamma that he would be coming to Nigeria to take over his father’s company, she broke up her engagement with her boyfriend of three years, best assured that Akin was coming for her. Matter of fact, she dated Chucks out of pity because he kept coming back. She needed her family and friends to get off her back so Adamma accepted his marriage proposal. Nothing had prepared Adamma for the shock she got when Akin introduced Diola to her as his fiancée a month ago at the airport. She thought she would be the one to hug her man, but another woman showed up behind him. He was already taken.

Akin pulled out a chair and sat down, forgetting to kiss Ada’s cheeks as he normally did.

“You’re twenty minutes late, why did you bother showing up at all?” Adamma asked as she gulped down some water to ease the tension in my throat. Akin paid her no attention; he called for the waiter and asked for a glass of water.

“Akin, seriously, I won’t take this from…”

“How have you been?”

Ada settled back more comfortably into her chair and gave Akin the silent answer. She’d missed him so much. His new woman had all his attention and they couldn’t go back to the way they were before.
After Akin’s long wait for Adamma to answer him, he said, “I see you’ve been fine because you had the time to run your mouth off to Diola.” He almost slammed his fist on the table. Ada drew back in fear, surprised at Akins behavior.

“So that’s why we are here, because of Diola?” She laughed. “And what all did she tell you, huh?”

“Listen to me, I need you to stay off my relationship, okay? I don’t want you upsetting Diola, she will be my wife in a few weeks.” He emphasized that wife part as if to hurt her feelings.

“Diola! Diola! Diola,” Adamma chanted, pissed at Akin’s showoff affection to his fiancé even though she wasn’t with them. “To hell with her! I don’t care about your gaddamn relationship and I especially don’t care about your so called fiancé. Jide, you’re such a damn fool. I can’t… I can’t believe you have the nerves to come to me with that. Did I say you couldn’t marry your dear Diola? What’s it to me if you’re about to marry a whore?”

“What did I just hear you say?” Akin knew his patience was running out, but he was slow to anger even still. This was Adamma, his only Ada. He couldn’t even get angry with her even if she tried. He knew he was saying things that would surly hurt her but that was his only way of protecting her from himself.

“Yes, you heard me. Your so called wife-to-be is a whore. And please next time you want to come to me with anything concerning Diola, do your homework before you start pointing fingers.” Adamma got up, picked up her glass of water and drank as much as I could to ease the hurt in my throat, and also to keep those tears bubbles that were building up in her eyes from falling. She realized she had wasted fifteen years on a man who didn’t give a damn about her or her so called feeling, not even their friendship.

“Maybe you’re the one who needs to let go.” Akin concluded with a mocking grin on his face. Adamma chuckled. She was going to let the devil use her tonight. Without thinking, she picked up Akin’s glass of water and raised it above his head. She made sure all eyes were on her as she allowed the liquid pour down in slow motion. After she emptied the glass of water on Akin’s head, she knocked it hard on the table. Adamma picked up my purse and walked off. She hadn’t plan on letting anything out about Diola but the way Akin had made her out to be a saint was what ticked her off. Jealousy was a bitch! And she was about to become one. 


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    1. Yaaaay!! Hi Ntsako I don't think I've seen your comment on this blog beofre but I'm glad you found us and you're liking this story so far. I'll post the next episode as soon as I can. Thank you!

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