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Masked Truth - Part 10

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Oluchi made it home. But before she got home she had to make one last stop. 

A nurse directed Oluchi to the room where her daughter was sleeping peacefully. Oluchi stood frozen to the door. She couldn’t imagine herself holding her daughter. The nurses left her alone in the room, alone for her to think of what she was about to do. Mounting up the courage, Oluchi took the first step towards her daughter. When she saw the frail child who was fighting for her life, Oluchi knew she had to get this child out. If at least anyone needed to be punished for their evil deeds, it needed to be her instead. She picked her daughter up with shaky hands, tears running down her cheeks. She whispered, “Stay strong baby girl. For mummy. I’ll come and take you home soon. We’ll be a family… you, me and daddy.” She planted a soft kiss on the sleeping child’s forehead.

Getting home, Oluchi instructed her gateman to help her take out the things she’d bought from the market. She wasn’t sure how she’d confront Daniel but she was going to have to get it out sooner than later.

“What took you so long?” came the voice of an impatient husband. Daniel couldn’t count the number of times he called Oluchi’s phone but it went straight to voice mail. He knew he’d made the wrong decision by letting Oluchi out. As Daniel watch his wife pretend that she didn’t hear him, he wondered what happened to her.

Oluchi took a sit on the bed. She began to remove her shoes. She’d heard Daniel but the only voices in her head was that of Emma. How dare he make me out to be the bad person when he’s not been faithful either?

Daniel, just tell me the truth, did you cheat on me while you were in South Africa?” Oluchi spoke so low Daniel didn’t hear her the first time.

“Did I what?” Daniel asked, 

“Did you cheat on me?!” Oluchi shouted, turning to face her husband with fury in her eyes.

“Wait… what did I just heard you say?” while Daniel tried to defend himself, Oluchi went to the purse she’d thrown away somewhere. She searched through the handbag and found the piece of paper that held the only truth between her and her husband. Oluchi threw the paper at Daniel. Picking the paper up, Daniel had no idea what he was in for.

“What’s this?”

“What does it look like? Read it.” Oluchi urged. Daniel looked at his wife and then back to the paper that read, “your husband isn’t who you think he his.”

“Where… where did you get this from?”

“The question is, what have you been up to dear husband?”

“Oluchi this is not a joking matter, where did you get this from?”

Oluchi chuckled, “do I look like I’m joking? Someone left that in my cart while I was at the market. What have you been up to Daniel?”

Daniel took her words in. Oluchi was so fired up about the content in the paper that she didn’t even stop to think clearly. Someone must have been following her every move to know exactly where she was enough to slip a note in her cart. 

“Don’t you see what this is?” Daniel covered the distance between them. “Someone is trying o set me up!” 

Oluchi laughed. How dare you think you can play this off, Daniel? “Is there something you need to tell me? Like who you’ve been fucking with while I was here at home, pregnant!”
“No, no, no, you don’t get to say that to me. You’re not a saint either in all this.”

“Oh, is that’s o?”

“Oluchi, you’re the one who’s been messing with my manager. How dare you pin me out to be the cheater?”

“I am not Oluchi! Stop calling me that. And to be honest, after finding out about the kind of man you are, I don’t regret sleeping with Nnamdi.” Oluchi didn’t know what came over her. She knew she wanted to get back at Daniel for what he did but never in a million years did she think she’d ever say these words to her husband. She wasn’t a cheater, he was!

“Oluchi come back here! We are not through!” Daniel barked as Oluchi shut the door behind him.
Oluchi knew she’d finally lost her mind when she began to search for Nnamdi’s number in her cellphone. She was sure she had to have saved his number somewhere. Her violently beating heart stopped the minute Nnamdi’s name appeared. 

Dialing his number, Oluchi believed she was doing the right thing. She had to give him a try. For the sake of her daughter.

“Hello, is this Nnamdi?” she said nervously. She was about to hang up because Nnamdi hadn’t said a word. She was sure he was probably surprised to hear from her. And damn right he wasn’t! Nnamdi took his time not because he was surprised to hear from Oluchi but rather, he was in the middle of something.

“Oluchi, is this really you?” he asked when he finally got a hold of his breathing.

“Yes… just pretend this never happened okay?” Oluchi sated, ready to hang up but, “no, no, talk to me. Are you okay? Where are you?” Nnamdi replied.
“Can you… can you come get me?”

“Get you?” Nnamdi asked baffled. He looked back at the woman in his bed.

“You know what, I’m sorry for disturbing you…”

“Where are you?” Nnamdi asked, jumping out of bed. He threw on some clothes and was out the door before Emma could even blink. She was who he was with when Oluchi called. 
Yet again, Oluchi wins. Emma was having a pleasant evening with Nnamdi. They’d come to a compromise. While Nnamdi and her were trying to get the love of their lives, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to enjoy the benefits of being single, but Oluchi had to ruin it again. She was sure she was never winning when it came to Daniel and Nnamdi’s love for Oluchi. I’ll just have to teach this little girl to never mess with another woman’s man. Emma thought as she got out of the bed.

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