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Masked Truth - Part 12

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Oluchi and Daniel’s life picked up after that night. They agreed to put their differences aside and look at the future only. Oluchi realized that she wouldn't be able to cope if Daniel was to leave her and so she, she stayed with her husband. Every afternoon for two weeks, they visited their daughter whose health was thriving. The happiness in the couple’s eyes when their doctor informed them that they’d be able to take their child home in less than a week made their decision to stay together all worth it.

Daniel heard a knock and went to answer. It was his gate-man.

“Oga, someone drop this for you.” Said his gate-man as he handed Daniel a small yellow package. Daniel thanked him and went back inside. Upon settling back into a couch in the living room where he was watching a movie before, he opened the package and pulled out a VCR tape. What the hell? He thought as he moved to his television set. He popped the tape into his player without much hesitation. He sat down on the rugged floor and grabbed the remote control to press play. Daniel’s heartbeat hastened when he saw Nnamdi’s face in the screen.

“Lemme get something for you to drink,” Nnamdi said into the camera. “What… what?” Daniel stuttered as he propped himself up. His heart stopped for a full second when he saw Oluchi appear on the screen.
“No,” Oluchi said to Nnamdi, moving closer to him. Daniels eyes almost popped out of its socket when he saw Nnamdi grab his wife.  His fit balled up, Daniel’s blood boiled when he saw his wife began to kiss Nnamdi and what set him off was the look in Oluchi’s eyes; she was into it.

Minutes later, he saw Nnamdi lead Oluchi into the bed. He closed his eyes as he heard the fast breathing from the pair. Daniel tried to calm himself down but he could hear his own heartbeat as Nnamdi caressed his wife with a look of satisfaction on his face.

“Aghh!” Daniel cried. He’d thought he could trust her. He thought they had moved passed all their mess and were ready to start over but what he saw on his TV screen proved that Oluchi hadn’t changed.

“Daniel!” Oluchi called out to him as she made her way from their bedroom into the living room.

“Daniel, honey are you still watching that movie? We have to go pick up Daniella today, remember?”

“Hey, I’m still here… come down. I have something to show you.” Daniel replied.

Oluchi climbed down the stairs, “I’m coming,” Oluchi smiled as she came down the steps. “After we get her back Daniel, we have to host a small party. Nothing too big, just some friends over. It would have been so nice if my mother was here to hold her grand-daughter.” She explained.

She got to where Daniel was sitting and bent to kiss him lightly on his cheeks and as she raised her body up, her eyes became glued to the scene on the TV screen. Oluchi became stiff and before she could utter a word, she heard the sound of glass break against the wall as Daniel slammed the glass porcelain on top of the TV set into the wall.

“How could you!” Daniel  yelled as he pulled Oluchi by her hair to face him.

“Daniel stop it! You’re hurting me. Please, let’s be calm about this. I didn’t… I didn’t mean to,..."

“To what! To sleep with Nnamdi again?” Daniel held Oluchi away from his body. Her being so close to him sent a disgusting chill down his spine.

“Just what are you talking about!?” Oluchi asked in tears.

“Don’t stand there and lie to my face. No, I won’t have that Oluchi. You’re going to tell me how this all started. How long have you been seeing him behind my back! Huh?!” Daniel looked at the wedding ring he gave Oluchi on the day he professed his undying love for her and snatched it off her fingers.

“Daniel, no! I still love you. That video,… lord I don’t know how it got here. I… we didn't sleep together! I would never do that to you baby.”

“Oluchi, we could have had everything… the baby, our family we could have been just fine if you hadn't done this!”

“Baby I swear, I didn’t sleep with Nnamdi, I came back home… to you.” Oluchi cried.

“Oluchi, Daniella or whatever you call yourself, I’m going to ask you one question and I’m only going to ask it one time and please, think hard before you answer me.”

“Is our baby mine?” Daniel whispered. As much as his guts burned as he asked his wife that question, he knew he couldn’t trust Oluchi any longer.

“I swear to God, I have never done anything to intentionally hurt you, Daniel,”

“Answer the fucking question, Oluchi! Is Daniella mine!”

“I… I don’t… I don’t know!” Oluchi screamed as Daniel landed her a blow to her jaw. She began to cough out blood.

Daniel dragged Oluchi roughly to a nearby couch. “Don’t you dare get up? Explain yourself, what have you done to us baby?” Daniel asked, he couldn’t believe his own eyes. He’d never thought he’d see a day where he lays his hands on his own wife.

“Uh-uh… don’t close your eyes, see, look at that, see what you’ve done to us?” he pointed to the TV screen. “I gave you everything! Everything, name it. What did you want, what did you need that I didn’t give you? Huh?”

“Daniel,” Oluchi cried, “You wouldn’t understand. I ... I don’t know what happened to me. I just lost my mind that day. It was all a mistake!”

“It doesn’t look like a mistake to me,” Daniel’s eyes never left the TV screen as he spoke. “When did it all start?”

Oluchi became quiet. She couldn’t even think of what she’d done to deserve such treatment from Daniel. Her lips where busted and all Daniel cared about was answers.

“I said, how did this happen!” Daniel hit his wife again, this time, he was a completely different person. He no longer saw the woman in front of him as his wife. “I need answers!”

“Two day after you left,” Oluchi began partly because she hoped he would stop screaming at her.

“Yes, yes,” Daniel pressed her for more.

“Two days after you left for South Africa, I woke up and… and,” Her breathing became forced. Oluchi pressed her palms against her chest. She felt like she was going to explode as the memory of that morning began to play a rerun in her head,”

“I woke up and there was blood, so much blood… everywhere, the bed sheets and my hands were covered in blood.” 


  1. Please could you update this quickly? And also the Ade and Patricia story. Thank you.

    1. Hey Mystique. Your comment prompted me to write some more. When In Nigeria- Chapter 3 is now posted. Thanks for reading. I'll see to Masked Truth soon.

  2. Please could you update this quickly? And also the Ade and Patricia story. Thank you.

  3. Please try and complete this story for us. The suspense is too much to bear

    1. hehehehehe.... I have actually typed up the next episode. I just need time to review it before i post it. keep watch Daniel.

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