Thursday, April 30, 2015

Masked Truth - Part 13

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“I said, how did this happen!” Daniel hit his wife again. This time, he was a completely different person. He no longer saw the woman in front of him as his wife. “I need answers!”

“Two day after you left,” Oluchi began partly because she hoped he would stop screaming at her.
“Yes, yes,” Daniel pressed her for more.

“Two days after you left for South Africa, I woke up and… and,” Her breathing became forced. Oluchi pressed her palms against her chest. She felt like she was going to explode as the memory of that morning began to play a rerun in her head,”

“I woke up and there was blood, so much blood… everywhere, the bed sheets and my hands were covered in blood.”

“Whose blood?” Daniel asked. Oluchi felt hot. She felt she was about to explode into million pieces. This was too much for her.

“Can’t you just forgive me?” she asked. “Let’s just forget everything Daniel.” She pleaded. 

“Forget what! What have you done, you sick woman!”
Oluchi rushed and siad, “I was in so much pain Daniel. By the time I crawled to the bathroom the baby was already gone.” Oluchi hadn’t felt any pain before that morning when it all happened. She had been only six weeks pregnant. 

Daniel felt as if someone had broken him in two. He slowly staggered to a couch facing his wife as her words cut his wounds deeper. 

“I couldn’t go to the hospital. I was in shock. I… I just couldn’t believe I’d lost something that gave both of us hope. I disappointed you, Daniel and I’m sorry. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you.”

“How did you get involve with him?” Daniel asked. His face in his palms, he needed to leave all his pain behind.

“Two weeks after, he came to the house…”

“Oluchi,” Daniel whispered. “You kept this away from me for two weeks, she was my child too you know? I deserved to know.” Daniels voice broke. 

“I know baby, I do. When Nnamdi came, he said you’d ask him to come check up on me. I welcomed him in Daniel thinking it was you who had sent him.”

“I did send him, but I didn’t send him to come sleep with you.”

“It was my fault. I was in pain and not thinking straight. It sort of just happened that night.”

“Was that the only time?” Daniel asked even though he already knew the answer. Oluchi’s silence said it all. “Arggh!” Daniel grunted in pain, his fist balled up. It took all he had in him to stay right where he was. After the first night, Oluchi lost a part of who she was. She became paranoid. She convinced Nnamdi that she wanted to see more of him, so he came back. 

Many nights when she slept with her husband’s manager, although Nnamdi thought he’d used a condom to prevent Oluchi from becoming pregnant, Oluchi had a different plan in mind. She purposely messed with the condoms because she wanted a replacement child for the one she’d lost. She needed to fill the void inside of her. And exactly two months later, Oluchi discovered she was pregnant again. She knew that the baby she now carried wasn’t her husband’s but Oluchi paid no attention to that. She convinced herself that the baby she carried was indeed Daniel’s.

As Oluchi narrated everything to her husband, Daniel stared at her in total disbelieve. He didn’t know that Oluchi was capable of something as repulsive as this. She’d always been so sweet. He never knew she had a mind to withstand all her plans. 

“So the baby lying in the hospital fighting for her life isn’t mine?” Daniel said to himself. Oluchi shook her head as more tears cascaded down her cheeks.

“Get out.” Daniel whispered, he just couldn't take more of Oluchi's tales. 

“Daniel, please don’t do things to me. I have nowhere else to go to. You’re all I have.” Oluchi crawled to her husband. Holding onto his right leg, Oluchi pleaded some more.

“I said get out!” Daniel yelled. “I… I don’t even know you anymore.”

“Of course you do, I’m your wife!” Oluchi shouted. “I did this all for you Daniel. For you.”

“Nah, you did this for you.” Daniel got up abruptly and headed to his bedroom in haste.

Watching her husband leave, Oluchi chuckled hectically. She began to laugh as tears came running down her face. He can’t go, he can’t leave me. Oluchi chanted in her head as she ran into her kitchen. She pulled out her kitchen cabinet that held her cooking utensils and pulled out a knife. She held it close to her stomach.

When Daniel came back to the living room with his shirt half pulled over his head, he found his wife in the kitchen with the tip of a knife pointing at her stomach.

“Oluchi, what the hell?” Daniel’s heart raced. He approached his wife steadily.

“No! Don’t, don’t come close.”

“Oluchi, put the knife down,” Daniel commanded, moving step by step closer to his wife.

“I swear it, if you come any closer Daniel, I will do it.”

“Please, put… the knife down.” Daniel couldn’t believe how fast the situation escalated out of his control.

“You are just like him! You… you’re just like… like Peter.” Oluchi announced with fury in her eyes.

“Like who? P-p-Peter? Who the fuck is Peter?” Daniel asked, and in a no nonsense tone, Oluchi shot back, “A bad mistake.”


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