Thursday, April 2, 2015

Masked Truth- Part 7

Daniel was fighting for his life. Knocking himself in and out of consciousness. He remembered calling for his wife but she refused to come to him. He was in pain. His rips were on fire. He was sure Nnamdi’s guys had broken something.

Oluchi sat on the cold floor. She had been in that same position for what seemed like an hour now. Strange feelings and thoughts were running through her head. She’s shook her head so many times to get herself back to her senses but it seemed like all her lost senses were fighting their way back. She knew her husband needed her. He'd been lying in his own pool of blood for the past hour, but why wasn't she going to help him? He was dying for Christ sake! She panicked. It was the blood. It was the blood that she’d seen gushing out of Daniels wounds that’d scared her. Oluchi didn't known she had a phobia for blood. No one knew. She couldn't quite understand why she felt like she couldn't breathe the minute she saw her husband walk through that door with blood stains on his clothes. She’d mentioned a baby, her baby but she knew well enough that her daughter was safe at the hospital, so what baby was she talking about? Then it hit her like a lightening shot.

Oluchi struggled for air. She exhaled and inhaled, beating her chest as she fought for air to enter her lungs. She was having a panic attack. What would Daniel do when he finds out? What will he say to her when he finds out that she’d---

Despite her nervousness, she quickly snapped herself back to reality. Crawling to where her husband laid bleeding, Oluchi rested her husband’s head in her laps.

“Daniel? Daniel can you hear me? Daniel please wake up!” she shouted as her worse night mare became a reality.

Five days later, Daniel was discharged from the hospital. He’d refused to tell the doctor and the police officers Oluchi called about what happened to him. He knew this was a fight he needed to fight alone without involving the police. As Oluchi sat his lunch on the table in front of his bed, he grunted in rage. She’d caused it. The beating, he wouldn't have had to face Nnamdi and his body guards if his wife had been able to close her legs. He was away making money for his family and all he needed Oluchi to do was hold the house in one piece before he got back, and this is was how she held it down. If it weren't for the fact that Daniel blamed himself for her memory loss, he would have already thrown Oluchi out for her deeds. Just what was she thinking! Daniel thought as his fist landed heavily on the bed.

Oluchi drew back, surprised at her husband’s behavior. "Is everything okay?” she asked.

“Is everything okay?’ Daniel repeated. How can she be asking me such? Was she okay?

“Everything is just fine.” Daniel later replied, a half smile across his face. Oluchi on the other hand wasn't buying it. She knew that something was seriously wrong and she had a gut feeling that she might have been the cause of Daniel’s wounds. She already had one heavy chip on her shoulder, she needed to play the good wife to a husband she sincerely loved. While at the hospital, she’d asked the doctor to allow her see her daughter but he’d refused her request again. She didn't want to create a scene while Daniel was still at the hospital so she calmed down, but now, she was fully ready to take matters into her own hands.

“I’ll leave you to eat. I want to run down to the supermarket, we are running out of some food items. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Send the gate man, you can’t go out yet.’ Daniel said with a mouthful of Jollof rice.

“Do you mind telling me why?”

“Because I said so.” Daniel stated, hinting to Oluchi that the conversation was over.  

“Daniel, I don’t know what you think is wrong with me, but you can’t keep me in this house forever.” Oluchi knew fully well what was wrong with her. She’d figured it out the night Daniel came home bleeding. A part of her had come alive that night, a part she needed to bury forever if she was going to stay Daniel’s wife.

“I need to get some female products and Musa can’t get it for me. I’m a woman, I know what I need.” Daniel considered his wife’s words and truly he realized that he couldn't keep her in forever. As much as he wanted her memory to be fully regained before she steps out into the world, he knew it was time to let her go.

"Your car key is inside the top drawer.” He said in defeat. He hoped he wasn't making a mistake by letting her out. A excited Oluchi ran to hug her husband, planting kisses of appreciation on his cheeks.

“Don’t let me have to use my cellphone, Oluchi.” Daniel stated. Oluchi could tell he was worried about her but what he didn't know was that she was just fine.

After Oluchi finished at the supermarket, she checked her time and she was right on schedule. She still had three hours to spend before she gets back home to Daniel. She branched off to a baby shopping plaza. There were so many things to buy. She wanted to get some new baby clothes for her daughter. She hadn't finished shopping for all she needed to prepare for motherhood when baby Daniella had arrived. Now, it was time to get back to the joy of shopping for baby things.

She wanted her daughter to have all the best things Nigeria could offer. Her shopping cart was packed full. As she offloaded her cart on the cashier's desk, a piece of paper fell off from the cart. She picked up the neatly folded piece of paper. Daniel isn't who you think he is. If you want to know more, call this number. 080-758-3373. After reading the note, Oluchi eyes wandered around her surroundings. She didn't know the time the person who wrote this had slipped it into her cart. She read the words again. Daniel isn't who you think he is, then who was he?

“Madam,” The sales girl called. Oluchi who was too busy in her own thought didn't hear the girl. “Madam, you bill is 45 thousand Naira.” the girl stated again.

“You said what?” Oluchi asked confused.

“Your bill…”

“Yes, yes, 45 thousand Naira.’ She said, as she opened her handbag with shaky hands.

Emma watched the scene play out from where she stood a few feet away from Oluchi. To Oluchi, she was just another shopper at the checkout line. A smile of satisfaction flushed her face. Yes! She was getting exactly what she wanted. She was going to turn Oluchi against her husband and back to Nnamdi. At the end, Nnamdi had promise her a house in Lekki and she had promise herself Daniel. She’d come to shop for baby clothes for her upcoming baby. She was going to eat out of this cake and leave no crumbs behind. 


  1. Emma is a disgusting woman..why is daniel and oluchi keeping secrets from eachother...


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