Friday, April 10, 2015

Masked Truth- Part 8

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Emma watched the scene play out from where she stood a few feet away from Oluchi. To Oluchi, she was just another shopper at the checkout line. A smile of satisfaction flushed her face. Yes! She was getting exactly what she wanted. She was going to turn Oluchi against her husband and back to Nnamdi. At the end, Nnamdi had promise her a house in Lekki and she had promise herself Daniel. She’d come to shop for baby clothes for her upcoming baby. She was going to eat out of this cake and leave no crumbs behind. 

Oluchi felt disoriented as she wheeled her cart out of the store. She was so caught up in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice when she bump into another cart. “I’m so sorry,” she apologized hurriedly to the owner of the cart she bumped into.

“There’s no need to be sorry, it’s Okay. Are you okay?” Emma asked Oluchi who looked like she was about to faint in any minute. Emma had purposely rolled her cart in front of Oluchi’s. She had planned the whole thing. From the note Oluchi found in her cart to this current incident.

“No. I mean yes, I’m fine… just a slight headache.” Oluchi waved Emma off as she leaned her body weight on her cart. “I don’t think you’re fine. If don’t mind, we can stop at the café and get you something to drink. You look pale.” Emma offered, feigning concern towards her biggest rival. Oluchi thought about her offer for a minute. She truly needed to get her mind off the words she’d read about her husband a few minutes ago so she accepted Emma’s offer.

The two lady offloaded the items they bought into the trunk of their car. Afterwards, they walked to the café beside the mall. Emma smiled every step of the way. She couldn’t wait to get Oluchi seated and have a hot meal of gossip in front of her. After setting Daniel up, she’d took it upon herself to sneak around their property. She knew when the couple left their house and what time they came back in and that was how she followed Oluchi to the mall today.

As the ladies both took their sit, Oluchi paid closer attention to the woman in front of her. After accessing Emma’s beauty, she felt out of place. Emma had that light skinned girl glow with hair that flowed flawless to her back. She had no doubt that men where flocking around Emma. Oluchi simply folded her hands underneath their table as she felt a pinch of jealousy hit her while she watched Emma give orders to the waiter.

“And you?” Emma asked Oluchi who was deep in thoughts. 

“And me what?”

“Yes, what will you like to drink?” Emma asked in between lighter.

“Oh… I’m fine with just water.” Oluchi replied, nodding naively.

After the waiter walked away, it was time for Emma to get to work.

“I saw that most of the things you had in your cart were for babies, are you expecting?” Emma questioned.
The mention of Oluchi’s baby eased the tension in her face, she smiled lightly.

“Yes, I have one… just recently too.”
“Oh,” Emma cooed, disappointment written all over heart but on her face, she kept a welcoming smile. This was a new discovery for her. She had so wanted it to not be this way. When she had Daniel in South Africa, he never mentioned that his wife was pregnant. It’d taken Daniel two full weeks before he told Emma that he was married and of course that was after they’d done the nasty so many time, while forgetting to mention that he had a baby on the way. Emma felt like slamming her fist on the table. “That bastard played me.” she murmured to herself.

“Excuse me, did you say something?” Oluchi asked because she thought she heard something. Stupid girl, you still don’t know shit about what’s going on. I’m going to be your worst nightmare. Emma thought to herself as she gain her composure before she let anything out in of anger.

“Oh no, I mean… congratulations. Your husband must be very happy.” At the mention of Daniel, Oluchi’s facial expressed changed. By the way, what was she even here? She thought to herself. Shouldn’t she be home screaming at Daniel for answered to the note she’d received at the store?

When Emma noticed that Oluchi was getting uncomfortable right after she’d managed to get her to lighten up, she quickly said, “My husband, yes, my husband I,” she giggled as she allowed the idea of being called Daniel wife sink into her head. Leaving her thoughts behind, she continued, “We are planning for a little one soon.”

“That’s great news,” Oluchi said loudly. She felt a stab of regret for judging Emma before as one of those girls who used what they had to get what they wanted. Now that she knew that Emma was married, she felt more connected to her and that included speaking more freely with her.

“How did you find out you were pregnant? How did you feel, and what did your husband say?” Emma asked curiously as if she interested in Oluchi’s life in the way Oluchi thought Emma was.

“It’s honestly the most amazing feeling in the world. I was happy, Daniel was happy,” Emma’s inside boiled with hatred after Oluchi mentioned her husband’s name. “Everything was great until… well,” Oluchi could go no further. She had hit a nerve. Everything was fine until that morning when she woke up and---

“Oh come on, continue. We are both matured women here, I want to know every little detail so I can prepare for my baby too. I haven’t found anyone to talk to all these while. Most of my friends are much still single and barely thinking about motherhood.” Emma stated, finding Oluchi’s comfort zone yet again. Oluchi too had had no one to talk to when she found out she was pregnant. Her mother had already passed away and her friends were very much still single as of the case of Emma, but what Oluchi didn’t know was that she was nothing like the woman sitting in front of her.

Emma knew she had won the instant Oluchi opened her mouth to speak again. “The thing is, my husband and I, things aren’t so well with us.” Oluchi stated, unable to hide the sadness in her voice and her face.

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