Friday, April 10, 2015

Masked Truth- Part 9

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Emma knew she’d just hit the nail in the head. “What’s wrong dear? Do you mind sharing? I mean no pressure, I just don’t like to see a woman like myself burdened.” She stated, making Oluchi feel as if she really cared. After a few moment of hesitation, Oluchi picked up her purse and Emma thought she was about leaving but Oluchi simply went into her purse, retrieving the note she’d found inside her cart some minutes ago. She placed the piece of paper on the table.

“What’s that?” Emma asked as she slowly drew the paper forward.

“I found it magically inside my cart. I don’t know how it got inside. Open it and read it for yourself.”
Of course Emma already knew the very words that were written on the piece of paper, she simple picked the paper up, re-read her own words and dumped the paper back in the table.

“I’m so sorry dear. What do you think it means?”

“I honestly don’t know. I am so confused. I mean what kind of a person would do this? It’s not like I’ve offended anybody so it’s really surprising.”

“It all comes back to trust, do you trust your husband?” Emma butted in, patiently waiting for Oluchi’s answer. Oluchi licked off the cherry lip-gloss on her lips. She felt ashamed that she’d even thought about it for a second. How could she not trust Daniel? She would be insane to think that he would ever do anything to hurt her. Oluchi knew that if anybody needed forgiving, it was her.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to answer right now, situations such as this is sure to make any woman think twice.”

“No, no, I know my husband. I trust him. Daniel would never do a thing to hurt me. He’s all I have. I can’t even think of him messing with another woman,” not that I can say the same for myself, Oluchi finished. “So why would someone drop a message like that directed to him? Let me tell you something girl, I have been through all this and yes, I said the very same thing you just said. I trust him.” Emma didn’t know where her story was going but she was going to make sure it landed safely in Oluchi’s head.

“Your husband cheated on you?” Oluchi asked, prying for a little gossip to comfort herself. She need to know that she wasn’t the only woman in the world who has ever not wanted to trust her husband.

“My ex-husband did. We’d been married for two years and I found out that while he was off in Abuja for his business trips, he was making little stops at this other woman’s place.”

Oluchi gasped in shock. “You don’t mean it? What did you do, wha… how did you find out?” she asked, settling herself in comfort in her chair. Emma who could win a Grammy for lying easily cooked up a story pleasing to her rival’s ears. “See, the man thought I wouldn’t find out but one day, I stormed in on him and her together in his office.”

“Were they?” Oluchi asked, fingers wandering about her lower lips as she painted a picture of the scene Emma was describing.

“Of course! His hands were all over her waist, kissing her like a dog as if what I had at home wasn’t good enough.” 

Emma hissed as the irony of her story hits her. She was mad at Daniel. What did he possibly want in Oluchi that she couldn’t give? Oluchi was just a skinny Nigerian girl with no curves whatsoever and a flat chest, so what was it that made Daniel and even Nnamdi pick her over her own luscious curvy figure? Emma thought about it for a minute. She couldn’t let a woman who was nothing next to her win either Daniel or Nnamdi. She was going to have to change the rule of the game.

“Long story short, I kicked him out.” Emma managed to finish even though the curiosity in Oluchi’s eyes disgusted her.

“Just like that?” Oluchi asked she accessed the possibility of her ever kicking Daniel out of her life if he truly was cheating on her. “Just like that.” Emma finished. “I wasn’t going to let any man think he can go out and mess with any girl out there and all he’d have to say is sorry and we’ll be fine. Come on, women, we got to know that we are worth more than that. Once a cheater, is always a cheater. He will never change even if he promised you so.”

Oluchi repeated Emma’s words in her head. “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” What if Daniel was really cheating on me? She asked herself. He had to be. She concluded. While he toured in many countries there had to be many women flocking around him. Oluchi was getting over her head now. She knew the man she married well enough. Beside his looks which was to die for, Daniel had an unusual hunger for sex and Oluchi now believed that her husband couldn’t have gone six whole months without her and not have had slept with another woman. Which proves the content in note…Daniel did actually cheat on me! Oluchi snapped. Here she was feeling guilty for the sin she’d just remembered committing with her husband boss and now finding out that her husband wasn’t so innocent after all. What will she do with all these information?

“What happened afterwards?” Oluchi asked, wanting to know more. Emma had given Oluchi time to think carefully after she’d created the doubt she wanted in Oluchi's her mind. She was sipping on her glass of juice when Oluchi question came. She placed the glass down and continued, home-stretch, she couldn’t mess this up now.

“Luckily for me, at that time, there was this another man who I’d known since our high school days. I always knew he had something for me, there was no doubt about that. Since my husband’s betrayal, I had no reason to keep Sonny waiting anymore. We got married a year later.”

The minute Emma finished, Oluchi allowed her thoughts wander off to Nnamdi. As quickly as she thought about him, she immediately wiped him out of her mind. But what if Nnamdi was supposed to be her man? She already had his--- God…What if this was all fate then? What if it was all meant to be and that night of mistake wasn’t a mistake after all? Oluchi was driving herself crazy with her bizarre thoughts and Emma watched, satisfied.

“All I’m saying is that women do not need to stay with a husband who cheats on them and that might even include you dear.” She finished. Emma knew it was time for her to leave now, she had no more stories to give to this woman.

“Oh look at the time, it’s almost 4 p.m., I have to go now dear. It was really nice talking to you and I hope you take some of my advice.” Emma got up, preparing to leave Oluchi who felt as I she’d just discovered a new world of secrets and ways to get by.

“By the way, I didn’t get your name?”  Emma added. Oluchi who had snapped out of her thoughts got up also. As they both walked out, Oluchi wanted to ask Emma to stay a while longer. She felt like this woman could help her with the decision she was about to make.

“My name is Oluchi…” she finally answered. Convincingly, she bumped her head as he repeated her name, “Yes, you can call me Oluchi.” She smiled. 


  1. Kai oluchi..huge mistake...dis emme gurl is sick

  2. Hmmm, our mothers always say don't trust Strangers.
    How right they would always be


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