Friday, April 17, 2015

Warning from A Broken Piece

Photo by: Google

She’s like a time bomb
At her time, she will explode
And she did.
She’s not going to beg you for your mistakes
She warned you but you went ahead
Thinking you could tame her
Thinking you got her drug right in your tongue
Because you could make her panties drop
you took that as a sign
How foolish of you

So she gave you a shot
Her hands went up in surrender
Heart wide open
As she secretly prepared for the worse
She know's who she is
she hoped you knew too
You used up all your charms on her
You swore the moon had nothing on her
You professed your undying love for her
Forgetting that even love dies.

Five weeks pasted you still had it
Three months past you still had her
Five months past, you’re right where she wants you
Kneeling before her,
Begging to give you what’s left of your broken heart
So she warned you
But you went ahead
Thinking you could tame her
She won’t be sorry
you’ll never ever see her lose control
Because this game is her playground.


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    1. Omg!!!!!! Bunmie. I didn't even know Ipublished this piece! Did you notice that there was no cover picture and neither did the piece have a title . Lol... at the end of the day, I'm not sending this back yo draft because you actually liked it!!

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    1. lol... hey Daniel.. this one that you're just pasing by


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