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Who Am I Without You?- Part 10

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“My father died in a car accident two years go.” he began. I wasn’t expecting him to open up but I guess the food really worked its magic.

“He loved two things; women and his drink. My mother could no longer bear him coming home late at night smelling like his been drowning himself in liquor and cheap perfume so she said her goodbyes, and left me with him.” He didn’t even give me time to ask him questions or interrupt him, he just kept going.

“The only thing he did right was he made himself a powerful man in the society. I now run his multi-million naira company. All the money he had wasn’t enough to make my mother stay.” After he said that, I felt this rush of shame in me. I started to question my own instincts. Did I stay with Bolu all these years for the money and the security or did I truly love him? I found myself asking myself too many questions since I’ve been here. Mr. Bolu’s lifestyle questioned my whole existence.

“Your father did a wonderful job raising you, Bolu. You should at least give him some credit for that.” I said to him.

“Actually, I raised myself. When he couldn’t stop drinking or carrying women about, when would he find time to raise me?” I promised I won’t say a thing anymore and just allow him talk. The man seemed like he’s been wanting to pour all this out of him.

“Here comes the best part.” he poured himself more wine. “When I was about four years old, I welcomed a new sibling but this time the child was not my mother’s. My father had impregnated one his longtime lover. She wanted my mother to know about it so one day she came to our house without my father knowing. She told my mother everything. That same day, before my father came back from work, my mother moved all her things out of the house, she was gone for good.”

I couldn’t stop myself, “Where is this brother now?” I asked.
He corrected me saying, “Half-sister. She grew up with me as a child but she is a big girl now. Do you remember the boutique I took you too?” He asked. How could I forget that day when I lost all insanity? I blushed in embarrassment as I remembered that day.

“She owns that place and many more like that. She’s done well for herself.” I noticed he was frowning which meant everything about this supposed half-sister wasn’t so good.

“She’s bitter now with ambition. You see, after dad died, almost everything he had was handed over to me. The company, the cars, everything you can name were all mine. His lawyer said since he never mentioned having another child outside of marriage, they couldn’t hand anything over to his other child with his mistress.”

“I know that didn’t go so well.” I said to him in pity. He laughed callously. “Lola, you should have seen the war that went on in this family, and that’s very much still on. The girl’s mother after hearing dad was gone wanted to secure her own daughters future. She has turned Lisa against me. She now thinks I’m trying to take everything our father left behind so she will do anything to keep her share.”

He then pointed to the far right side of where he was sitting. A family portrait was hung on the wall. I got up to take a closer look at the picture. As I took a step closer and the picture became more visible to me, I could feel my legs shaking. I became unable to move any further. Bolu quickly reached out to me.

“Who is she?” I asked him, pointing to the girl on the right side their father. Even my hands were shaking as I pointed to the young lady.

“Lola you need to take a seat, I think you are growing ill.” he took me into his arms and tried to turn me away from the portrait. “Who is she!?” I yelled.

“That’s Lisa, my sister,”

“Bolu, why does your step sister look like the woman my husband left me for?” I asked as I took little steps backward; I was enraged.

“Lola, I’m… I’m sort of confused here, what’s going on? And husband?”
“Bolu! Your little sister is nothing but a home-wrecker just like her mother! She has my husband locked up in her arms.” I was screaming at him.

“How could she do this to me? How could she do this to my family! How!?” I cried. This was such a big shock. The man I could possibly be growing some feelings for was about to become my enemy. He’d mentioned that her name was Lisa, but how was I supposed to know that it was that same Lisa who stole my husband? He held me close to him, not caring that I was struggling to get away from him. I was beating on his chest with my fist; I just wanted to get away.

“Lola!” he yelled at me. “Look at me. Please look at me!” he pleaded. The situation was out of his control. “I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about.” he said. “Please, I’m begging you, don’t be like this.” of course he didn’t.

“I’m so sorry, Bolu but I need to get home right now.” I stated. He still held me close to his chest. “Please, talk to me, Lola. I want to know who Lisa is to you or what she’s done.”

I told him to forget about it, to forget about me. “After everything I just opened up about myself to you, you want to just go like this?”

“I really don’t care, just let me go!”

“When will you stop being selfish? You’re not the only one who’s hurting or who has been hurt before. What’s killing you, Lola is that you won’t talk.” he stated sincerely.

“When you’re done preaching, take me home.” I still insisted. “Matter of fact, I’ll take a bus.

“He’s a real fool for leaving you, and to leave you for someone like Lisa, that makes him an even bigger fool.” Bolu’s words got to me. I turned and looked at him as if those were the only reasonable words he’s said all night.

“Where do I start from?” I asked him, defeated.

“He was my first love. We got married when we were young. I gave him a son, and long story short he kicked us out few months ago for your sister. I’ve seen that same girl with him on several occasions so I’m very sure it’s her.” I said, pointing at the portrait again.

“Who is he?” he asked.

“Bolu Balogun.” I answered.

Bolu chuckled, “Wow. What a small world.” he said as he took a seat.

I asked if he knew who Bolu was. “This is how she wants to play?” he said to himself. I was confused.

“Bolu was one of my father’s employees. He knows everything about our company. He’s very good at his job so a few months ago I promoted him as managing director over one of our company’s branch. I never knew he had any connections with Lisa.”

“Oh, not only connections, they are planning on having a family together.” I told him. I found myself wanting to work with him, to help him because I knew he would do the same for me.

“Don’t you see what is going on here?” he asked. “My sister wants to ruin me and she is using your husband who knows everything about our company to get her wish.”

“Bolu is very ambitious. If he wants something, he would stop at nothing to get what he wants. If he marries Lisa and their plans on taking over the company works, he would literally now own everything. He’s using Lisa!” I yelled as the whole truth hit me.

“And if their plan does work, Lisa would have what she felt was her rightful inheritance; the company. She would have fulfilled her mother’s dreams for her; she’s also using your Bolu!” he figured.

We both looked at each other as we realized how complicated the situation was. But what if they were truly in-love? I asked myself. “But why my Bolu?” I asked him.

He said to me, “Lola, when a man is hungry for power, nothing you say will stop him.”


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