Saturday, April 4, 2015

Who Am I Without You?- Part 11

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“Do you believe in fate?” he asked after a few minutes of silence.

I looked up at him and replied. “I know misfortune can be mistaken as fate.”

“Do you think us meeting was just some coincidence, an accident?” He kept on with his questions.

“Why are we playing mind games here? What are you trying to say?”

“Lola, would it be too much if I told you that I fell for you the first day I saw you struggling to fit those akara into a bag for me to go?” My heart began a song of its own. What was this guy doing? Doesn’t he realize the situation we were both in? We can’t have what we both want not after how our stories have both intertwined.

“And the only reason I stopped my car that first day was because something pulled me towards you.”

“Bolu, please don’t think I’m that vulnerable. Don’t mention a word about love to me. I’ve seriously had enough of my share with it.”

“What do you know? Do you think because you forced yourself to stay with your Ex because of what your mother would say meant you were really in love with him?” he asked. His words hit my already hurt pride so I snapped. “Look here. Don’t bring my mother into this. I might have told you some things about her but I never said it was her fault that I’m the way I am now.”

The couch was becoming too uncomfortable for our conversation. We didn’t know how we found ourselves both sitting on the floor with our backs against the couch as time went on. “Okay fine. Do you want more wine?” he offered.

“No thanks, I’ve had enough of that for one night too.” I said. He nodded in agreement.

“Don’t you sleep?” I asked. It was about one in the morning when I looked at the time. I have never been out this late in all my life.

“Sleep?” he chuckled, shaking his head.

“Yes sleep.” I waved my hands in the air to grab his attention.

“Lola,” he sighed. “Sleep is the last thing on my mind right now.” he said as he fixed his hot gaze at me. I know that look. That was the look of a man who wanted something--- something that I didn’t have.
Looking down to the floor, I whispered, “Me too.” As I bump my head to the rhythm of my heart. The room became hot all of a sudden. There was still too many words left unsaid between the both of us and too much of that other energy left unquenched.

“Do you believe that there is that one person who God has designed for us to be with?” I asked him, trying to ease the tension in the room.

“That one person that helps you find yourself but you still lose yourself in them.” he finished with a smile. “Now you’re the one playing games, Lola.” He added.

“My Ex was that one…” I tried to explain but he didn’t let me finish. He said in a stern tone, “You want love but you have never experienced it before so doesn’t speak of it as if you know what you mean.” He continued. “I mean, what kind of a person leaves his wife on the day she loses her father? And still yet you are still into him.” He shakes his head and hisses.

“Some nights, I try to miss him.” I said to him even though he didn’t want to hear of it.

“Who? Your father or Your Ex?” he asked. I ignored him because I knew what he really was asking me. “But he’s no longer there in my dreams.” I later replied. I gestured for him to pour me more wine because I was going to need it for what comes next.

“So what do you see in your dreams? What are your dreams?” he asked as he advanced towards me. I don’t remember the last time anyone asked me about my dreams. I don’t think I ever let myself dream so I told him about how I always wanted to be a therapist as a little girl. I enjoyed talking to people and helping them fix whatever was wrong with them. He smiled and said, “Ah I see, it fits you jare because you talk too much but you never listen which is bad.” I laughed and begged him to take his words back. “I don’t talk that much joor.” I giggled.

“Okay O, if you say so. But what else do you dream about?” he asked, his eyes daring me to tell him the truth. I took a long pause and finally replied, “You,” in a whisper.

“Me?” he asked pointing to himself, while his eyes still held mine.

“Yes joor.” I said shyly. “I think I’ve dreamt about you maybe once.” He laughed and said, “That’s nothing ‘na.’”

“Maybe twice.” I said with two fingers up.

“Lola,’ He cooed. “Don’t play games with me... please be serious.” He added with an intensity in his voice. I wanted to see just how patient this man was so I went on, “three... four... maybe five time,” The more I counted, the closer he got to me and the more breathy I sounded. Although I was becoming nervous, something prompted me to keep going. “Six... seven... eight.. nine... maybe ten...” My heart was racing, breath unsteady. 

Unconsciously, I was counting the seconds before he kissed me. I felt his warm lips pressed on mine. I could taste the heavy wine we’d been drowning ourselves in. It was the most electrifying thing I have never experienced in my life. The way his lips melted into mine, and owned it as if it were his; I never wanted to let him go. But then he pulled away. “Lola, I’m so sorry about that, forgive me. It’s just that I couldn’t hold myself any longer.” I couldn’t keep a straight face with him. I was burning with shyness. The next thing I heard was the sound of our laughter. We both knew what we wanted so why did he need to apologize? I was sincerely ready to go for what my heart wanted. “Can we try that again?” It didn’t matter who asked for it, someone did.


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