Thursday, April 2, 2015

Who Am I Without You?- Part 7

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Love is what it is. You can’t get away from it. At least I haven’t been able to get over Bolu. Many nights, I held my cellphone close to my chest hoping and praying endlessly that he would call. It was becoming a disease. Love was a disease. I needed to getaway and start a new life because Bolu seemed to have forgotten about me but this morning when my phone rang, I knew it would only get worse. Hearing his voice again did something to me. I wanted to beg him right on the spot to come back, but I kept my composure. He wanted us to meet. He said he needed to talk to me about something very important that I hoped would change our lives forever. I couldn’t keep my excitement to myself. I told him I’ll be there at the exact time he scheduled.

I really needed to visit my wardrobe this time. I pulled out the finest I had. Nothing too sexy or too dull. I had to make sure he sees me in a good state so he knows that I’ve been doing well without him. As I got into a taxi to where he wanted us to meet, I kept asking God to please not let me embarrass myself. I didn't want to see him and start begging him to come back! He needed to be the one who does the begging, and then a little shakara from me wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I laughed at my own silly thoughts. There were too many butterflies in my stomach. I was sure he must have missed my cooking by now, or maybe he missed the way I use to kiss him after a long day at work. Anyways he needs me!

When I got to the place, he was waiting outside the restaurant. As soon as I saw him, my heart skipped a beat. He paid he taxi driver and told him to come back in an hour to take me home. So I guess I won’t be going home with him today? Well that’s fine, we can start from somewhere.

“How have you been?” he asked, pulling out a chair for me.

“You know me, I’ve been well.” I answered nervously as I sat down. “Little tears every now and then plus the stress of taking Dare to school…” I quickly caught myself. What am I doing? Messing up the plan already? He smiled and said, “What would you like to eat?”

My patience was running out, did he bring me here to eat? So I answered, “I ate something on my way here.” He knew I was lying and I knew he could sense my impatience so why couldn’t he just cut to the chase?

“Lola,” he began. I was already sweating in my palms because my excitement could not be tamed at that moment. “Yes.” I answered after a deep breath.

“Some of my guys who live close to your father’s house have been telling me about one man who keeps coming to see you, who is he?” he asked. His question didn't even bother me one bit. I found it cute that he was jealous of the other Bolu who meant nothing to me.

“He’s just a friend, there's nothing to worry about.” I stated, encouraging him to keep talking.

“See, if you are going to start dating you need to let me know who the guy is because I will not allow some stranger around my child.” He stated.  The expression on my face when he finished was priceless. It was as if someone had slapped me for having said something wrong.

“I’m not dating anyone, Bolu… our son is safe.” I was still convinced that the real reason he brought me here was to reconcile with me.

“Lola, I've moved on, and I would really love for you to do the same.” He said to me. My anxiety level was spiking up now.

“Move on?” I asked him. 

“Yes, and if the guy I keep hearing about is who you’re planning on seeing, I will not have it at all. I hear his rich and everything, but what you need now Lola is a good man, not someone who wants to just sleep with you.” He said.

“Oh! No! No! You don’t have the right to say that to me?” I snapped. “By the way, who is that thing you kept in our house, sleeping in my bed, running around playing wife in my kitchen!?” I didn’t know I was yelling until a waiter came over to where we were, he told me to please lower my voice before other customer began to complain.

“Huh? Did you ask for my permission before you brought her in? Answer me!”

“Watch what you say, Lola. That person is carrying my child, and I will not have her disrespected.

“I also carried your child, Bolu.” We sat there looking at each other for what seemed like eternity. He broke the silence. He said were no longer high school kids anymore, that he’s found something better and he intend to stay with her.

“We had some really good days, Lola, but I want something more. I feel like I haven’t gotten a chance to live life to the fullest because you got pregnant, and your mother said I had to marry you.”

“Ooh, so it’s my mother now abi? What about me? Do you know how miserable my life was all those years waiting for you to finish the university? While everyone else was living, I was waiting!”

“When will I stop crying?” I asked myself.

“I loved you, Lola.” He said.

“Loved?” I scoffed. “That’s past tense, Bolu.” I said with my voice already breaking.

He told me not to cry, “You know how much I hate to see you cry” he said. If only he knew how much tears I’d cried, maybe he would have hated himself already. “Before I go, I want to also let you know that I asked Lisa to marry me.”

I laughed. “You just won’t stop, can you? So that’s her name? Lisa? You must be very stupid, Bolu. If you think I’m going to let a stranger come close to my child and the home I’ve suffered to build up for nine long years, you have massively underestimated me!”

“You have grown up to be such an arrogant man. I must confess, the money and cars has clearly gotten into your head. What? Is her father rich? Did he offer you a big contract deal? It’s clear to me you’re getting something out of this marriage…” the next thing I heard was the sound of a dirty slap still echoing in my ears. He slapped me.

“Don’t you dare open your mouth to speak to me like that again? Gosh! What was I thinking marrying you! You will never change. You are still the same old girl I cleaned up from the street. It’s clear that only one of us is an adult here. I’ll take my leave.” He picked up his car keys that and walked out on me.

Everyone in the restaurant must have heard the slap because all eyes were on me. The waiter asked if I was okay while he brought the bill. That selfish bastard didn’t even pay for his own meal!
I walked out of the restaurant with my head held high. I’d said what I needed to say to him, I was satisfied.

“Take me home.” I said to the taxi driver while wiping away tears with the back of my hands.

“Madam, are you okay?” the man asked.

“Ooh, I-am-fine!” I screamed to the world.

When one chapter closes, another one opens… that was the only rule surrounding love.


  1. Really enjoyed reading this story..still do...arrogant jerk bolu...idiot of the highest order

  2. Love this story....everybit of it gets more intresting


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