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Who Am I Without You?- Part 8

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The best part about keeping secrets is that someone is always going to find out. It might not be tomorrow but for Kate, it was today!

My mother was celebrating her 50th birthday today. We were getting busy in the kitchen for the little party she was planning to have for her friends. Usually, for her birthday, I invited some of Bolu’s wealthy friends to her party, and she gets to make money off it, but this year, she snapped at me for every little mistake I made as we cooked. I noticed Kate had been gone for too long since her phone rang so I decided to go check up on her.

“Kate, if you’re done, can you please down stairs we need you in the kitchen.” I stated as I opened the door to her bedroom.

“Lola, what the hell is wrong with you!? Can’t you knock!?” she yelled at me as she quickly tried to wipe off something that looked like tears from her face. This was typical of Kate. She liked her privacy but this time something was different. I walked a little bit closer to where she was standing to see if she really was crying.

“Have you been crying?” I asked, a surprising look on my face. Kate never cries.

“Get out! Get out! You knock before you come in, and please mind your business. I will come down to the kitchen when I’m ready.” I wasn’t going to have her speak to me in such manner; whatever was chasing after her will catch up with her.

“Well, sorry madam.” I hissed. As I turned around to leave, she called out to me and in her voice, I could hear fear.

“He left me.” she said with a trembling voice.

“Who?” I asked her as I turned around to face her. She fell flat on her bed as if she had lost all the fight left in her. She rested her hand carefully on her flat tummy and for the first time since she has been home, I noticed a small bump that looked like an early stage of pregnancy. When she noticed my eyes were now on her stomach, she sat up right on the bed.

“Dayo, he left me.” she stated. It took me a moment to recall the name. When I finally figured out who Dayo was, I realized how messed up the situation was.

“How can Dayo leave you when he’s not even in Nigeria? Didn’t you say he traveled abroad about two months ago at dad’s funeral?” I asked her. I forgot to mention that the only thing that kept my mother alive, and kept this family together after we lost our father was the fact that Kate came to the funeral with good news.

“Was he the one you were talking to on the phone?” I asked.

“Yes.” she whisper. Dayo and my sister have been dating for about 4 years now, and his family was stinky rich! Both of them were very much in-love the last time I checked. He promised Kate marriage, and my mother couldn’t be anymore happier. I knew there was more to this story. Kate didn’t even give me the chance to ask her for it; she opened her own mouth.

“Three weeks ago, he called me saying that the distance was killing him, and so he advised I forget about him. I knew he must have found something else in that London that he went to all in the name of schooling, but how can he forget about us so quickly?” she asked holding her stomach tight as if there was something there that needed protecting. I could not stand to watch the tears rolling down from her eyes so I handed her the tissue paper on her desk.

“I thought it was a joke, but when he stopped picking up my calls, and his family were starting to act funny, it confirmed my greatest fear; he’s moved on!” she could barely say the words. Since Kate got admitted into University, she spent most of her holidays at Dayo’s parents who owned this big house in the islands. She regarded them as her own parents, and she was there as a dutiful daughter in-law to be.

“He told his parents that we were done. They no longer saw any reason for me to stay with them anymore, that’s why I packed my bags and left.”

“But you only came with one bag.  Where are the rest of your stuff?”

“You know mama na, I didn’t want to alarm her about my relationship with Dayo so I rented a place to put my things till I make it clear to her that I’m home for good.”

“And because you were going through a divorce from Bolu, I couldn’t come home immediately.” She made me promise to not say a word about this to our mother. I’m not the type to run my mouth even if in this situation I really wanted to. I knew the cat will get out of the bag by itself. I can’t wait to see the look that will be on our mother’s face when she hears that the last basket she kept all her eggs has been punctured. I simply told her to wipe her tears and start over.

“Kate, listen to me, he’s not worth it. You’re such a beautiful woman, and you have a career ahead of you and I know there are lots of guys in Naija who would love to marry a lawyer to be, a fine one at that so stop all this crying.” I just hope she wasn’t pregnant, that was my biggest fear.  I told her to come down to the kitchen before mother starts to suspect anything; we would get through today in one piece.

After the birthday celebration ended, I needed to be alone by myself. I still hadn’t gotten over the shock from my meeting with Bolu, and now Kate. I felt so much pain for her because I knew what it felt like to not be wanted anymore. The worst part about all this is that she could be pregnant.

We are all alone in this world, everyone for themselves. Kate just has to toughen up because I had so much more problems already that I couldn’t add hers to mine.

The one other thing on my mind was Mr. Obafemi. I haven’t heard from him since the incident at the store. Have I also lost him too? What do I care if his gone or not? They will all come and go!
As I laid on my bed silently praying for Kate, a call came though. It was from an unknown number.

“Hello, who is this?” I asked.

“Lola, na so you be?” my eyes popped opened in shock in as the familiar voice spoke. “After everything, you didn’t even bother to give me a call.” It was Bolu! No, the other Bolu. When he gave me his phone number, I threw it away somewhere.

“Wait, how did you get my number?” I asked him. I was more interested in that.

“I asked for it from your sister the last time I came.” he answered. Oh that little devil, she just had to give him without asking me abi!?

“Lola, I think there are things we need to talk about.” he said after a long pause.
“What do you mean?”

“You have a son! My God! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you have a son who is at least 9 years old.” he stated.

“Amazing abi? And so what? Who are you that I need to explain myself to?” I kept up my usual defense.

“Cut it out. You and I both know that you owe me an explanation. Maybe if you acted nice for once, we can do it with a cup of hot tea at my place.” he said. “And maybe if you rushed outside already dressed right now, you would still catch me right outside your house.” I couldn’t hold my laughter in. “Are you serious? You’re outside at this time of the night?” He said he had some things to do at work that kept him this late.

“Have you eaten?” I asked him. “Because there are some left over’s from my mom’s birthday celebration.”

“Is that a yes? Are you coming outside?”

Maybe. I went downstairs, got some food in a take-away, and walked ever so slowly outside. I just had a good feeling about this.

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