Thursday, April 2, 2015

Who Am I Without You?- Part 9

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As soon as I stepped out of his car, I felt this rush of nervousness inside of me. This had to be the first time I’ve ever followed a man home except my Ex-husband. I really wanted to tell him right there to take me back to my house because all these feelings were new to me. Did he sense how nervous I was?

“Are you coming in?”  He asked. I realized he’d been standing next to the opened door for quite some time now. I simply smiled at him and walked in casually. When I stepped into the living room, there was this thing, this feeling, I’m not sure what it was. This peace that welcomed me as if I was meant to be here but I’ve been away for so long. The first thing that hit me was that we were alone in this huge house.

“Where are your parents? Don’t you think they’ll talk if they saw me here?” I asked as my drifted away from the beauty of where I found myself and back on Bolu.

“Please, take a seat.” I realized I’d been standing since. I was still amazed about everything. He walked to his bar and brought out one of the most expensive wine I’ve ever seen. I knew it was one of the best because Bolu always made sure that particular wine was in the house whenever his friends were coming over. He handed me a wine glass, and poured me enough to drink.

“And as for your question, I lost my father two years ago and my mother lives at one of our family houses in Ogun state.” he spoke about his parents with no ounce of emotion. How can Mr. nice guy be this pitiless?

“Why is she not staying with you since she lost her husband just two years ago?” I asked. I really wanted to know more. Why would a wealthy man like him not keep the only parent he had left by his side?

“Nobody ever questions me, Lola, you would be the first.” he stated as he took a seat on the other side of the living room.

“Ada! Ada! Emeka!” he called as he adjusted his tie.

“Who are they? Don’t you live alone?” I asked curiously.  He looked at his watch and then said, “It’s late; I guess they must be sleeping by now. I don’t want to say they’re my house helps because…” he paused, “It’s a long story, just know they keep me lazy.” he said that with a full smile on his face. This man was seriously beautiful. How could I have missed that before? Everything about him was simple but it screamed class in every way.  He got up and walked over to where I was. I could feel my heart racing for no reason. When he got to me, he brought himself so close that we could feel each other’s breath. If only I’d found the courage to press forward a little more, his lips would be jammed to mine. He simply looked down and grabbed the food I’d gotten from the house. When I realized he came for the food and not me, I felt this sharp stab of disappointment in my stomach.

“Lola,” he laughed as he pulled away. “What were you thinking?”  He asked as he took the food with him. My gaze followed every move he made to where I guessed would be the kitchen. I couldn’t answer him. When I saw him returning to the living room, I buried my face in my wine glass.

“Do you like it?” he asked while raising his own glass up. “It was my dad’s favorite. The man loved his wine more than his own life.” I could almost taste the bitterness in his tongue as he spoke. How can someone love a mere wine more than his or her life?

“Speaking of your father, if you don’t mind me asking, how did he die?” I asked, placing my drink on the table next to me.  The look on his eyes was disappointing. I concluded he wouldn’t be answering my question anytime soon. I stared into space, thinking about what to say next because I was getting a new side of Bolu that I’d never known existed before. Why he wasn’t as talkative as he usually was. You would think since this was his own house he would be more comfortable, but no, this man felt awkward in his own space.

“Mr. Bolu, are you regretting bringing me here?” I asked because his silence was killing me.

“No.” he rushed to reply. “It’s just that it’s been a long time anyone asked me about myself. Please excuse my rudeness.”

As he gave me his excuses, I realized my eyes had been fixed one his arms, thinking about how perfectly well his suit fitted him. This man was perfect. He was the definition of strength, sexiness, and everything any girl would look for in a man; so tell me again why was he still single? He knocked me out of my thoughts when he asked, “We could eat something or you could start telling me more about your lovely son I saw the other day.”

When he mentioned Dare, reality hit. “Or you could take me home and we would pretend all this never happened.” I replied. I really didn’t find anything funny in what I said but he was laughing.

“Lola,” he smiled. “Same old you. Let’s eat. You see, you’re curious about me but you don’t want to let me in on your secrets. Let’s play fair from now on okay?”  He walked back to his kitchen. As long as he kept to his side of the deal, I’ll try and keep to mine.

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