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Adventures to Love - Chapter 10

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“Get the stuff out of the car,” Bode mentioned, handing his car key to the guard with Adesuwa behind him. The guard had been in charge of watching over Bode’s home in Calabar for nearly two years now and since Bode was back with trouble, he will now have to take extra care with security. The guard nodded.

Adesuwa looked around the massive building she was in. She just couldn’t grasp how Bode had funded a home as huge as this one. She knew Bode had been schooling in the states before moving to Nigeria to practice so how did he come up with the money for such a house?

Bode led her inside. Once the guard had their things inside, Bode thanked him.

“How are you feeling?” he asked her with what seemed to be real interest.

“How do you think I feel?” Adesuwa said dryly, looking around the beautifully furnished living room. They’re coming for us, he’d said. Calabar, he had her locked up here and Adesuwa just couldn’t shake off the feeling that she’d just been kidnapped no matter how else Bode puts it.

“I’m sorry about the incident from earlier, I’ll get you some pain killers,” Bode announced apologetically. When he’d swerved the car on their way to Calabar, he hadn’t meant to hurt her but Adesuwa had bumped her head on the window as she was jolted off balance. “Are you experiencing any buzzing sounds in your head?”

“I’m a doctor too Bode, I think I will know when I’m in pain or not so keep your niceness to yourself,” Adesuwa said harshly, knowing that the pain she felt would go away soon. She watched Bode smile as he disappeared into his bedroom.

Adesuwa frowned at the lonely feeling that rushed inside her when he left. Bode was a doctor who Dr. Uche had told her grew up in the states. None of his family member was in Nigeria so why the hell does he have a home in Calabar? What was he hiding from her and how is it that a doctor is involved with the venous gang they’d met at the club—

Adesuwa’s thoughts scattered as Bode returned to the living room.

“Why did you come to Nigeria?” Adesuwa asked, eying the bottle of pills he held out to her with interest. He was also holding out a glass of cold water and Adesuwa became terribly thirsty. She was hungry and hadn’t eaten the meal Bode had bought for her out of stubbornness.

“I came to work, just like you.” Bode answered easily as he paused beside a couch.

Adesuwa frowned. She wanted answers. She needed Bode to simply answer all her questions without fighting her. Adesuwa glanced at her captor. She noticed he was glancing from her to the water she held and back, his expression troubled. Noting Adesuwa curious glance, he asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Yes,” Adesuwa answered, quickly hiding her smile at the thought of food. He hesitated and then nodded and turned away to leave the room once more.
Adesuwa watched him go, but the moment he disappeared into his kitchen, she turned her attention to the wall clock in the room. Her mind began to sort out a way for her escape.

Her best way was to lie, yes; she could fake having an illness. Adesuwa straightened herself when she heard Bode’s footsteps retracing back to join her.

“The food will be ready in—”

Adesuwa began to cough, cutting Bode off halfway into his statement.

“Hey, hey are you okay?” Bode asked, as he moved beside her. Adesuwa didn’t stop, her cough grew louder and it came more violently. “Adesuwa, slow down, alright, take a deep breath,” Bode held her hands; unsure what had suddenly gone wrong with her.

Adesuwa felt her heart begin to race and she knew she was doing a great job. She began to gasp for air as she shook uncontrollably and then she flipped out on the couch.

“Talk to me, what’s wrong with you?” Bode asked worriedly as he tried to still Adesuwa’s trembling body. “Are you having a panic attack or—”

“Adesuwa, you’re having an asthma attack,” he said more to himself. “Do you… do you have your inhaler with you?”

Adesuwa shook her head. “I… I couldn’t… I couldn’t pack it since—” since Bode had rushed her out of her home. Instantly, Bode lifted Adesuwa’s lifeless body and raced through the door. While he was trying to keep her alive, another death was coming for her, Bode thought and this time, he was the one with the knife.

Ten minutes later, Bode ran into a local pharmacy in search of an inhaler, leaving Adesuwa in the car. She seized the opportunity when she sighted a woman on the phone walking towards Bode’s car. She quickly opened the car and ran to the woman.

“Please, please, can I use your phone? Please it’s urgent.” She pleaded with the woman who looked at her as if she was crazy.

Adesuwa said frantically, “I just… I just want to call my mother, please; it will only be for a minutes.”

“Okay, okay, what’s the number?” the woman finally agreed.

“080- 543…” Adesuwa recited and the woman dialed and once the phone began to ring, she handed Adesuwa the phone.

Adesuwa’s heart raced as she waited on her mother to answer her; she anxiously glanced at the door to the pharmacy and then back at the woman. She prayed for her mother to pick up before Bode returns.

“Hello? Hello?” Mrs. Dixon answered.

Hearing her mother's voice had stolen the words Adesuwa wanted to rush out. “Hello, mo—” that was all Adesuwa could get out as someone snatched the cellphone away from her hand. She turned around to find Bode towering above her. He looked pissed. Bode didn’t give her the chance to speak, he lifted her up on his shoulders and moved her to his car.

“Oga, Oga, I need my phone back,” The owner of the phone said, rushing behind Bode to catch up with his strides. After he dumped Adesuwa’s inside the back seat and shut the door, he shattered the cellphone on the concrete floor in anger and the owner watched in awe.

“Let me out!” Adesuwa screamed once Bode got into the driver’s side of the car.

“Adesuwa, I’m sorry but I’ve tried to do this in the nicest way I can but I don’t think niceness is what you need.” Bode’s car screech as he sped off.

Upon getting home, he dragged Adesuwa into his bed room and locked her up.


  1. Hey guys please help point out any errors you find in this episode... Thank you for reading!

    1. Just an error in spelling Adesuwa, it was spelt as "aduwa"

    2. Ugh! I've added Adesuwa to Microsoft dictionary for like the thousandth time now. Lol. Thanks for pointing it out... It's been corrected Bunmie.


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