Thursday, May 7, 2015

Adventures to Love - Chapter 3

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Adesuwa was shocked because it felt as if her long weekend adventure didn’t end. It was Greek god Bode! Wait, he is a surgeon? How? When? Even though they’d never really discussed about their personal life, Adesuwa at least still hadn’t expected Bode to be a doctor. Bode was still handsome as ever. His suit, so gorgeously made clung on him like perfection.

“Hello, it’s nice to see you again. What a surprise, huh?” Adesuwa said politely. 

“Yes, very nice to see you again too.” Bode replied. He too hadn’t expected the drunken woman he’d taken home three nights ago to be a doctor. At this time, Dr. Uche adjusted his glasses, wondering how his two best doctors met before. Clearing his thought, Dr. Uche interrupted the reunion, awakening Adesuwa from her day dream. 

“Well, hmmm… since you two already know each other I think I made the right decision to allow you guys to work together then.”

“Work together?” Adesuwa blurted out, flustered by her boss’s sudden decision... “How is that possible sir?”

“Well for this month we have major surgeries to perform so we need as much hands on deck as possible. You will be moved to the surgical department for this month and you'll have to work with Dr. Bode Thomas.  You’ll be under him.”

“Excuse me sir? I don’t do surgeries, I’m a…”

“She’ll be fine Dr. Uche. I promise I’ll take care of her.” Bode finished, winking at Adesuwa.

“Oh thank you Dr. Bode, I hope you too save more lives together.” Adesuwa’s mouth dropped. No one was giving her a chance to explain herself. She didn’t want to work with the guy; I woke up in his bed for God sake! She felt her cheeks heat up. This is horrible, awful!

“How soon can we start?” Bode asked, calling a nurse over.

“Start what? Look, I don’t want to work with you okay? Just stay away from me and my patients.” Adesuwa walked out, leaving Bode with a smile on his face. Her little show of attitude had succeeded in doing one thing and one thing only to him: it made him want her.

Her next patient was ready. A tall fine lady walked into Adesuwa’s office. She was a brown skinned woman with an hour glass shape figure. She was in her mid-thirties but one could easily mistake her for someone who was a half a decade younger. She was dressed up from top to bottom in all designers brand clothing. Her perfume was definitely the famous Chanel No 5, which Adesuwa could recognize even in her sleep because she owned several of them.

“Hello doctor…?” said the lady causally.

“Adesuwa. Do come in and have a seat.” Adesuwa finished, ushering her to a seat. “Can I help you today Ms. Balogun?” Adesuwa asked as she read out the name on the file in her hands.

“It says right here that you’re having pains around your breast area due to---”

“The plastic surgery I had done in the states before I came down here.” The lady answered.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how many of these procedures have you had done so far?” Adesuwa pulled out a pen and began to write what she thought might be the cause of her patient’s illness.

“Just three,” The lady answered in a nonchalant manner. She surveyed Adesuwa’s office. “How soon can we get the surgery done?” and right there, Adesuwa knew what was wrong with her.

“Ma’am I’m going to only prescribe some pain killers to you, there will be no need for surgery. And I’ll advice you take it easy with these surgical procedure, it might cause a health issue along the…”

“Excuse you? Do you think I came here for your advice?”

Adesuwa dropped her pen and settled back in her chair. “Ma’am I’m sorry if I offended you but---”

“Just give me the damn pills.” The lady requested as she stood up. She thanked Adesuwa and promised to keep in touch.

After her patient left, Adesuwa took a quick glance at her desk to see how much work load she had left before heading out for lunch. “Now, decide on what to eat and where to eat.” Adesuwa said to herself as walked out of her office.

Adesuwa Pushed the unlock button of her car and hopped in. Setting down her handbag, a slight tap on her window distracted her. It was nurse Toyin.

“Adesuwa, Dr. Uche wants you,”

“What? Now? Doesn’t he know that I’m on my lunch break?” Adesuwa grabbed her bag and got down. She walked back into the hospital faster than she’d done when she was coming out. She headed straight to Dr. Uche's office. 

“Yes sir, you for called me?”

“Aha, yes Adesuwa. I just got a call from the organ bank; we have a match for the heart transplant for Mrs. Kofo, you and Bode will be performing the surgery together tonight.” he said as he reached for the phone. “Call Nurse Toyin and Dr. Bode for me.” He spoke with urgency in his voice that shut Adesuwa’s little voices of protest.

“You’re off duty for the rest of the afternoon. Dr. Bimbo will see the rest of your patients. Go get some rest for later.” He concluded. As much as Adesuwa hated leaving her patients in the hands of another doctor, she knew that she couldn’t win on this one.  Matching out of her boss’s office, Adesuwa crashed into her new found enemy.

“So sorry about that, I didn’t see you there.” Bode said as he bent to pick up Adesuwa’s bag.

“Its fine, no worries. It was my fault, I wasn’t paying attention. Are you okay?” The tension in Adesuwa’s jaw slowly eased.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.”

“I was just as shocked as you were when I found out that you were a doctor.” Adesuwa stated, looking straight into Bode’s gorgeous eyes. There was something about him that sent her heart racing and her knees weak just with one glance.

“Yeah, we never really talked about our personal lives like that.  Besides, the way you rushed out for your meeting the other day didn't give us much time either.”

“Oh! I’m sorry for rushing you the other day, and thank you for taking care of me.” Adesuwa shamefully turned her head away.  

“No problem. Seems like you’re heading out?”

“Yeah I am. Late lunch, and a break before surgery tonight.”

“Do you mind if I come along? I haven't had lunch either, and I’m kind of new to the area. Maybe you can show me some good spots.”

“Okay cool, no problem with that. I’ll be in my office when you are ready.” Adesuwa walked off smiling. Bode knew he was in trouble. His eyes followed every step Adesuwa made. Scratching his head, he chuckled when he sighted a younger nurse who looked every bit as interested in him as he was in the woman who just left. Dropping his note pad off at the lobby, Bode went for his first meal of the day. 


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