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Adventures to Love - Chapter 4

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Lunch with Bode was good. In fact, it was amazing. Bode had a wonderful sense of humor and confidence to accompany his good looks, but yet there was something humble about him.  This is too good to be true, Adesuwa thought on their way back to the hospital. By the time they got back to the hospital, they headed off to the conference room for an emergency meeting concerning the surgery that needed to be done that night. The procedure could no longer wait till later, it had to be carried out done immediately due to Mrs. Kofo's failing health. 

“I’ll see you in five.” Bode said to Adesuwa after the meeting as he headed into his own office to prepare.

Upon getting to his office, Bode quickly locked the door and rushed over to his desk. He pulled out the desk drawer that held his bottle of pills. He took one of the blue pills out and swallowed. Taking a deep breath, Bode headed out.

It was when Bode called for “suction” in the middle of the surgical procedure that Adesuwa began to notice some changes in him. His voice had turned into a whisper as he ordered the nurses around. Bode knew not to panic. This was the usual procedure and the effect of the drug he took before surgery was beginning to work its magic. He felt every bit alive as he maneuvered through the surgery.

“Are you sure you can continue?” Adesuwa asked him worriedly. She knew something wasn’t right with him. His hands were beginning to shake.

“I’m,” Bode paused as he felt his eye lids close for a brief moment. He shook his head and regained his composure. “Light please, and more music.” He ordered. Adesuwa allowed him continue. She kept a close eye on him thereafter. Another hour into the procedure, Adesuwa heard Bode grunt in pain. Every eye in the room fell on him. He continued, not carrying about the pain that was slowing easing its way into his chest. He took a deep breathe.

“Bode, I’m really worried, are you sure you’re fine?”

“Yes!” he snapped. “I said yes, now can everyone get back to work?” One more hour, that was how long he needed and he’d be out of the room. After that long hour passed, Bode had successful performed the surgery. He bolted out of the room and left Adesuwa to do the close up. Her eyes never left him as he walked away.

Another hours’ time, Adesuwa was through. As soon as she came out of the room, she asked of the nurses she saw for Bode.

“He left an hour ago, he didn’t say anything. He just left. Was the procedure not successful?”  Adesuwa thanked the nurse and headed home with a million questions in her head.

The night was young but the ache in Adesuwa’s foot and back forced her to speed home. When she got home, she saw her sister's car parked outside. 

“Oh no, no, no. Not tonight. Please not tonight.” She muttered in anguish.

When she opened the door, she smelled her sister’s kitchen practical skills

“Welcome o.” Adeola yelled from the kitchen.

“Thanks.  Weytin happen? Only you waka come my side today?” Adesuwa yelled back, settling her bag on the floor.

“Haba! Must something happen before I can come see my sister ni?” Adeola walked into the living room where her sister had helplessly thrown herself on a sofa.

“Before nko? Which day have you come here without any gist or need? Plus you’re cooking; we both know you only do that when you have a favor to ask, so what is it?”

“Well... Yes and no.” Adeola replied, not wanting to alarm her little sister just yet.

“Yes and no?” Adesuwa repeated.

“Well you see, yes, there is a favor I was going to ask. And no, I didn’t cook just merely heating up the food.”

“Warming food? From where?”

Adeola sat down beside her sister. “Suwa...” she called.

“This is serious o. You’re even calling my name?”

“Chidi made the food…” Adeola finally said, throwing Adesuwa off guard.

“What? How? In this house?” Adesuwa sat up.

“That's why he is back in Lagos.”

“What has that now got to do with me?”

“Babe, your blood too dey hot, just let me finish.”


“Well Chidi is now a highly ranked chef, both in the U.S. and in U.K. He plans to be successful in Nigeria just as well. He’s working with my fiancé’s marketing company. Chidi and Kunle have been family friends from their birth.”

This is just great, my sister’s fiancée, Ola and my ex are best friends. Just my luck! “But why is his food in my kitchen?”

“He’s going to be catering for my wedding, so I had a meeting with him earlier today and I told him I would be seeing you later today.  He prepared so much food so you could try it too. Now, don’t give me that look. I had nothing to do with it. The guy is still very much into you.” Adesuwa had a feeling her sister wasn’t telling her the whole truth but she was going to let it go for tonight. She wobbled to her room, bidding her sister goodnight.  

After a long shower, Adesuwa felt a sense of happiness flush into her, the kind she couldn’t explain.  She sat at the edge of her bed as she put on her night gown. As she pulled her night gown passed her breast, thoughts of Chidi made its way back. Adesuwa smiled as she recalled those late nights in Chidi’s apartment when all they did was--- she sighed restlessly as sleep clouded her eye lids. Turning off her bed lamp, Adesuwa closed her eyes and allowed sleep take her worries away.

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