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Adventures to Love - Chapter 5

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Adesuwa felt the cooling breeze of the early morning sweep her hair away from her face as she made her way into the hospital after breakfast with her sister. The weather wasn’t looking good today and neither was the scene that greeted Adesuwa when she stepped into the hospital.

Bode knew he needed to make her feel wanted. He didn’t want her going around hating him after the two nights they’d shared together so far. He’d already told her that he couldn’t date her but for both of their pleasures, he’d surely have her.

Adesuwa watched as Bode flirted with one of the student nurses that Dr. Uche placed under her watch. “Tammy, is this where work is?” Adesuwa asked as she approached the pair. When the student nurse saw her, she immediately picked up her note pad and whipped the smiled off her face.

“I asked you a question, is this where work is?”

“I’m sorry, Dr…”

“Yes, I asked her to stay behind; do you have a problem with that?”

“Oh I’m sorry the last time I checked, I wasn’t talking to you, I simply asked my nurse a question.” Adesuwa shot back.

“And I answered.”

Adesuwa took a step back. Okay what’s going on here? She asked herself. Why was Bode defending her? “Tammy, why are you still here?” Adesuwa wanted to yell.

“Tammy, don’t move an inch.” Bode commanded.

“Bode,…” Adesuwa called but he corrected her saying, “Dr. Bode, don’t ever forget that.”

Feeling like the victim, Adesuwa said, “ Why are we fighting over this? I just came to check on my nurse, now what right do you have to stop me?”

“Your nurse?” Bode chuckled. “Dr. Adesuwa, you’re under my watch and that means that all your other nurses are too, get that? And next time, don’t you ever interrupt me when am in surgery.” He picked up his note pad and left.

“What the hell just happened?” Nurse Toyin asked worriedly as she approached her friend. “I just need a minute.” Adesuwa replied and hurriedly off.

Her anger elevated when she opened the door to her office and saw who was waiting on her.

“Chidi, you just won’t stop, now would you?” Adesuwa asked, dropping her handbag on her work desk.

“No this time I came for something better.” Chidi began to slowly get on one knee.

“Wait, wait, what sort of nonsense is this?” Chidi could care less about what Adesuwa had to say at that moment, he completely went down on his two knees! The guy totally lost all his senses! He was about placing his right hand into his pocket to retrieve what Adesuwa knew to be a ring when she yelled,

“Don’t you dare!”

“Hey, chill,” Chidi brought it out; a car key.

Throughout her relationship with Chidi he’d pulled numerous stunts on her, but she had to admit that this time he most definitely out did himself. It’s not that Adesuwa didn’t own a car or that Chidi saw her trekking to work one hot afternoon; Adesuwa owned a Range Rover sport so why in the world did Chidi think that a car was Adesuwa’s immediate need? Materialistic things aside, Adesuwa felt a pinch of disappointment in her guts.  

Three weeks ago, she was so sure she was over Chidi. Every thought of him had finally wiped out of her head. Adesuwa blamed her female hormones and the sight of him on his knees for what lite up a new fire in her. Secretly, she wanted a ring but definitely not from Chidi. She shook her head; she couldn’t fall again for this sophisticated devil, Adesuwa thought because once beaten twice shy.

“What the heck are you doing Chidi?” she asked, moving forward to where he was kneeling.

“Well, I thought…” before he could finish, the door flew open.

“Adesuwa, I’m…”


The sight of Chidi on his knees in front of Adesuwa had made Bode’s heart stop for a second. It had been so sudden and the last thing he expected to see. But why should he care? Gathering himself back to normal, he continued. “I’m sorry for interrupting, I didn’t know you were… you know what… I’ll just take my leave.” He rushed out before Adesuwa could even say a word.

“And who was that?” Chidi had the nerves to ask.

“CHIDI, GET OUT OF MY OFFICE! If that guy who just came in gets a misunderstanding about this stunt you just pulled, you will definitely have yourself to blame.” Adesuwa threatened, rushing off to catch up with Bode who just so happened had bad luck with timing.

Storming out of her office, Adesuwa bumped into Toyin.

“I know say na hospital we dey ehen, but who die?”

“Toyin not today, okay?” Adesuwa wasn’t in the mood for any of her friend’s jokes. Escaping her, she caught a glimpse of Bode talking with a patient. She walked up to him with steady feet. “Bode can we talk?”

“Hey, I’m kind of busy right now can we do this later?” 

“Okay…” Adesuwa quietly moved to the reception area to wait for him. Ever-so-often her eyes drifted to where he was standing with his patient. She didn’t understand why she felt the need to desperately talk to him. She knew he could have asked his patient to excuse him, but since he was obviously pissed at what he saw back in her office, Bode wanted to play hard to get. Adesuwa was losing her patience so she met up with him again.

“Bode, we seriously need to talk about---” He sighed impatiently. The patient he was talking to nicely said, “Oga you can talk to her sir.” The man walked away.

“That was so unprofessional.” Bode said as he turned to face Adesuwa.

“Excuse me?” Adesuwa almost yelled. Who is Bode to speak to me about professionalism? “Speaking of unprofessionalism, thirty minutes ago you and I were into a heated argument where you totally disrespected my position in this hospital. You made a fool out of me in the presence of my student nurse. Speaking of unprofessionalism, you stormed off living a patient still open on the table under your care. And the last time I checked, Tammy was only twenty so please, help her keep her legs close.” Adesuwa hissed.

To make matters worse, When Adesuwa came back to her office Chidi was still there. He sat on Adesuwa’s chair, tapping his fingers on her desk like a boss that he wasn’t.

“What is your problem? Just tell me what your problem is! Can’t you just leave me alone? We’re done! No means no. We’re over; capiche!”

“Baby, I know we can still fix this.” Chidi rushed to stand by Adesuwa.

“Don’t you dare baby me or you’ll regret the day you ever meet me.”

Chidi came so close to Adesuwa that she could hear him breathing. He brought his head even closer to her face. Adesuwa was breathing hard, anticipating his kiss, but then, Chidi simply planted a kiss on her forehead. “It’s cool playing hard to get, but know this; you are mine.”

As he walked out, Adesuwa felt like knocking out someone or something. She needed some air. Her checks were burning. After long minutes of pacing back and forth in her office, she grabbed her bag and headed for the door. Her heart hurt as she stormed out of the hospital but the pain was a good feeling and a realization that she was still human and alive.


  1. Wow, you're on fire, Peace! More grease to your elbow!!

  2. Wow, you're on fire, Peace! More grease to your elbow!!

    1. Hehehehe thanks for always leaving your comments. They work magic. More episode coming up soon.


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