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Adventures to Love - Chapter 6

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On the beat is Davido... Adesuwa phone’s ring tone blasted through.

“Where is this phone na?” Adesuwa tried to reach for her phone which was on the dresser without having to get up. 


“Hello... It's me, Bode.” Adesuwa looked at the caller’s I.D and it read “unknown number.” Thank God I didn’t save his number, she thought, removing the phone from her ear. She covered the speaker and hissed.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“Adesuwa, I know you’re angry with me that’s why I'm calling to apologize for how childish I behaved last time.  It was totally uncalled for.”

Adesuwa’s heart melted. She’d wanted to put up a fight but after hearing Bode apologize, every resistance in her totally flew away. “Bode, I’m not upset with you, I'm just ticked off that you didn't give me a chance to speak but that's all in the past now.”

“I know I should have but...”

“It’s okay, I completely understand. If I was in same position, I would have done the same; maybe even worse.”

“Am I forgiven then?” Without hesitating, Adesuwa concluded, “Yes you are...”

“Ade,” he called. “I’ll like to see you.” Adesuwa’s eyes snapped open, “tonight?” she asked, startled by Bode’s sudden change of tone. He had a soft and creamy sound when he spoke this time.

“Yes, tonight.” Bode answered, his voice deep and convincing. Feeling flustered by Bode’s unforeseen advancement, Adesuwa sort to fight her way out of her growing need. “Bode, look, it’s already 8 pm, I don’t think I can.” Bode laughed, a sound that erupted from the pit of his stomach. He hadn’t expected Adesuwa to dismiss him so soon. “Do you still live with your parents?”

“Of course I don’t, but that doesn’t mean I got to stay up late. Lord knows what happens when I do that and the last time I checked, that was how…”

“Adesuwa,” Adesuwa's name came rolling out of Bode's mouth like pure honey as he closed the bottle of pills on his living room table. “Text me your house address and I’ll come get you.” He hung up. Fifteen minutes later, he picked up his car key and headed out.

Adesuwa hit the send button and as she watched the text message being delivered, she almost wished she could take it all back. She looked at the clock on her wall and jumped out of bed with an unexpected rush of excitement. She ran into the shower. She got out in fifteen minutes; longest shower she’d ever had. Still in her bathroom robe, she put on her makeup. She kept it neutral but yet elegant.  It’d been a while since she last went on a date but who’s calling this a date? She asked herself.

After ten minutes of staring at the laid out clothes on her bed and imagining what Bode might say when he sees her, her doorbell rang.  Who could that be? Adesuwa thought. She sighed wearily, walking to the door as the bell kept ringing.

“Since I’ve been pressing this bell, were you sleeping ni?”

“Mum!” Adesuwa shouted, surprised. “What are you doing here at this time of the night?”

“Open the door let me enter jare.” Her mom hissed.

“Yes ma, e ma binu.”

“Since you will not come and see me, I decided to come spend the weekend here.”

“Mum, it's not even the weekend yet and you know I’ve been busy that’s why I haven’t been able to come see you and dad.” Adesuwa explained her work schedule to her mother.

“Are you going out, with all this face painting?” Mrs. Dixon said, pointing at Adesuwa’s face while looking at her from head to toe.

“Yes mom.  I have a… a small date tonight. Nothing big or special. It’s not even a date mom.” Adesuwa convinced herself.

“God is good; he has done me well, oh my soul rise up and praise the Lord.” Her mother sang and danced around Adesuwa.

“Kilode, what are we celebrating?” Adesuwa was clueless and confused as ever.

“My child, I thought this day will never come. Olorun o se!”

“Mummy na. What?”

“Finally, you have a boyfriend.  Since all this years, I thought you were still mopping around over that useless boy you were with when you were in America.”

“His name is Chidi.”

“Oge, Ugo, Uche, Chinasa. I don't care what his name is.”

“I don't have a boyfriend mom, at least not yet.” Adesuwa blushed at the thought of that. 

“Not yet ke. Don't worry; I will put it in my prayers. What is the name of this man?”

“Madam Dixon, won't you at least sit down or put your bag down before all this questions.” Adesuwa said, walking to her kitchen to get her mom a glass of water.

“Sit down ke. I will be doing that later don't worry. Oya gist me. I’m your mother.”
Adesuwa shook her head in amusement. I wonder who taught her the word ‘gist’ sef. It must have been my younger brother, Adesuwa concluded, handing her mom the glass of water.

“Mummy we will gist when I get back. I need to finish dressing up, he’ll soon be here.”

“At what time will he be coming, it's already 8:30.”

“8:30 kini? Mummy let me take your things to the room and finish dressing up. This is your house o.” Adesuwa winked at her mom as she rushed off to her dressing room.
When she got to her room, she finally chose a mustard colored dress paired with her new Jessica Simpson cobalt heels. Her hair was tied up in a loose ponytail. Adesuwa was a beauty to behold. Her black dangling earrings fell on her collar bone, emphasizing the elegance of her long neck.

By 8: 45pm, Adesuwa joined her mother in the living room.

“My dear you look beautiful.” Her mother said in awe.

“Thanks mum.” Adesuwa was smiling so hard her cheeks started to hurt.

“Turn around, turn around for me!” Mrs. Dixon chanted excitedly. “When is this young man coming?” Adesuwa checked her phone and replied, “9:00, it’s only 8: 48 .p.m. now.”

“Since you are all dressed up, come sit with me and tell me about this man? Abi you won't tell me?” Mrs. Dixon took her daughter by the hand to sofa. She stared at Adesuwa with an am all hears smile plastered across her face. 

“He’s a doctor.” Adesuwa began. “He’s Yoruba and he just moved back to Nigeria from America. His name is...” The doorbell rang and Adesuwa’s heart skipped a beat.

“And I’ll get the door.” Adesuwa stood up and straighten her dress. She walked towards the door. Behind her, her mother had her thumbs up in the air. With every step Adesuwa took, her heart pounded louder and louder. She opened the door and there he was; drop dead handsome in a dress pant and white sleeves and brown leather shoes to match.

When Bode glimpsed at Adesuwa opening the door, he frowned. Something just isn’t right? Something was caught up in his chest. “I’m speechless." he said. "If I say you look beautiful, that’ll be an understatement.”  Considering the fact that Bode has known many women, this one standing in front of him had to be the most beautiful thing he’d ever laid eyes on.

“Thank you.  You don't look bad yourself.” Adesuwa said, trying not to sound too excited.

“Shall we?...”

“Yeah, yeah, but my mum is in so let me say bye to her.”

“Your mom? Let me come in and greet her. It’ll be disrespectful to just take her daughter away like that.”

“Really, you don’t have to.”  “Mom! I’ll see you later okay? Don’t burn my house down. Bye bye, I love you!”

“Be careful oo! And tell him not to speed on the road.” her mom yelled back as Adesuwa shut the door behind her. Once outside, Bode asked, “Are you ready?”

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