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Adventures to Love - Chapter 7

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“So where are you taking me?” Adesuwa asked, no longer comfortable sitting in Bode's car. They'd been driving for more than twenty minutes and Bode had already drove passed all the resturant she knew was close by.

“Somewhere you should visit more often.” Bode answered, staring intensely ahead. A few minutes later, he pulled up in front of a club.

“No, no, you didn’t get me all dress up to bring me here? For what? I could have stayed in the comfort of my own bed. I don’t need all these noise.” Adesuwa complained, refusing to step out of the car. What had she been expecting; a quiet dinner with candle lights? 

“Adesuwa,” Bode came around to where she was sited in the car. “When was the last time you had fun?”  Adesuwa hissed. “What has that got to do with anything?”

“Just get down. If after ten minutes you still want to go back to your bed, I’ll take you home.” Adesuwa didn’t want to come out scared to Bode so she got out of the car warily.

When Adesuwa stepped into the club, she immediately covered her ears. She was already feeling nauseous from the loud music blasting through the speaker’s surrounding the large hall. Everywhere she turned; there was either a drunken couple to her left or some guy who was ready to pass out. She hated places like this.

“Why come here?” Adesuwa shouted in order for Bode to hear her over the loud music.

“Just chill,” Bode said just as he spotted her standing outside one of the private rooms at the club. He hadn’t expected to see her here tonight.

“Just chill? Where?... Bode where the hell are you going to?” Adesuwa asked Bode who was already lost in the massive crowd. As Bode approached her, she signaled for him to join her in one of the private rooms in the club.

Clearing his throat, Bode took a seat in front of Veronica. He took out a cigarette from the box she stretched out in front of him. Bode was about to light up the cigarette when Veronica asked,

“Do you have my money, Bode?” She crossed her legs as she drew the cigarette smoke into her lungs. Disregarding her question, Bode lite up his cigarette. He took two puffs before answering.

“I don’t have your money, Veronica. Do you expect me to bring a money bag to a club? And for one, I wasn’t expecting to see you here tonight.”

“Huh, huh, now, that’s the stuff I don’t like to hear. You keep messing with me boy and I can’t keep running after you Bode.”

“I’m working on it, okay? Just give me some more time.” Bode stated relaxed.

“You’ve had two months to work on it. And you can ask around, I don’t give people time but since it was you,” Veronica aimed her sultry eyes on Bode. She got up and closed the distance between them. She pulled out the cigarettes from Bode’s fingers and kissed him.

Bode turned her down. He hadn’t come here to create more trouble for himself. He’d already had enough with Veronica and getting into her panties tonight was the last thing he needed. Veronica was a beautiful woman and the she dress she had on did little to cover up her assets. The slit on the dress she wore rolled up as she threw her legs across Bode and sat on top him.

“Come on Bode, what happened to you? We used to have so much fun together. Just because you owe me a little cash doesn’t mean we can’t be as we used to be before.”

“600 thousand dollars isn’t little cash and until I can pay up, I suggest we keep things strictly business.”

“Because of her?”

“Of who?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, I saw you bring her in. Is she your new toy?”

“Let’s leave Adesuwa out of this,”

Veronica chuckled. “I admit it, the doctor is a pretty little thing but she knows nothing Bode. You and I know she’s not your type so why are you getting angry?”

“Wait,” Bode pulled Veronica off him. “How’d you know she was a doctor?”

Veronica began to laugh. “You think I won’t do my homework? Yeah... and know this now; I’m watching you, Bode. Now do her a favor and drop her real quick.”

Bode pulled out a couple of bills and dropped it on the table. He poured himself a drink and drank it all in one shot. Dropping the glass on the table, he said to Veronica, “Stay out of my life. I’ll get you your money by the end of the month and after that, we're done!”

“I can’t wait that long. If you’re not going to give me what I want, I can’t give you what you want either. Hell! I don’t care how you get the money, sell some more drugs from that hospital you’re hiding in, just have my money ready by next week because the next time we meet like this, I won’t be this nice.” “Salu!” she yelled and one of the club bouncers came to her. “Throw this man out and don’t ever let him into this club again.”

When Bode came out, the dance floor was crowded and there was no way he could pick Adesuwa out easily. His intention tonight was to have fun and he’d wanted to do that with her. Bode searched through the crowd, he needed to get Adesuwa out of the club before something crazy went down. Veronica was the last person he’s expected to see tonight just after he thought he’d escaped her in the states and Bode knew the outcome of rubbing Veronica the wrong way.

Adesuwa checked her phone. Bode had been gone for more than twenty minutes. She found herself smiling. She’d been foolish enough to come here with him. She was going to wait on him for another five minutes and if he didn’t show up, she’d head out herself. Just then, another guy approached her.

“Hey sexy mama, you look exquisite in that dress. Check this out, I’ve been over there watching you watching me and I thought it’d be rude of me to not holla at you.” As he spoke, Adesuwa could smell the pungent stench of alcohol on his breath.

“I’m sorry, I think there’s been a misunderstanding here, I wasn’t staring at you.” Adesuwa got up to leave but she was blocked by the stranger.

“Well you are now.” He stated. “Lemme take you to the dance floor baby girl.” He grabbed Adesuwa's right hand.

“What’s wrong with you? Take your disgusting hands off me! What’s your problem?...” As if Adesuwa’s lashing out had slapped him hard on his face, the young man turned around and smacked Adesuwa hard on her face.

“You don’t talk to me like that! Do you know who I am?”

Adesuwa felt as if a million bees had been thrown inside her ears. Her head was buzzing from the slap she’d just received. Never in her life had she been hit before by a guy. As she rose her head up to look at the man who’d hit her, she cursed the day she met Bode.

“Don’t look at me like that or else I’ll beat you up like a baby. Your mother needs to teach you some manners.” No one came to her rescue. Everyone pushed back and allowed the man rant on and on as if he owned the place.

Bode heard the commotion and as he drew nearer, the mustard colored dress Adesuwa wore was all he saw. He pushed through the small crowd to get to her and there she was; her hands still pinned to her right bruised cheek.

“What happened to you? Talk to me, who did this?” Bode questioned, holding Adesuwa’s jaw up. Adesuwa was still in shock.

“Look who we have here? Bode to the rescue. Hasn’t Veronica already told you to stay clear?”

“Sylvester, you did this?” Bode asked in disbelieve as he turned to face one of his old friends. Sylvester was indeed the owner of the club and he’d been friends with Bode for more than a decade now.

“The girl didn’t know how to talk so I slapped some sense into her…” before he could finish, Bode grabbed him by his collar and landed a powerful punch to his face. Sylvester cried out in pain as he held his bleeding nose up.

“Let’s go,” Bode said to Adesuwa, grabbing her roughly by her hand.

“We’re not through Bode. You just made the biggest mistake of your life!” Sylvester threatened as Bode dragged Adesuwa out of the club.

Once outside, Adesuwa wrestled her hands forcefully out of Bode’s hard grip.

“You disgust me!” she shouted. “I… I can’t believe that just happened to me!” she cried. “I can’t believe that man just laid his filthy hands on me because of you!”

“Adesuwa, I know you’re pissed and hurt but we seriously have to get out of here right now. I’ll explain everything to you later.”

“How do you know that guy? I thought… I thought you were a freaking doctor!?”

“Just get into the fucking car!” Bode yelled in frustration.

“No,” Adesuwa pulled out herself phone and began dialing her sister’s number. “I’m not going anyway with you.”

“Then suit yourself.” Bode got into his car and sped off. 


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