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Adventures to Love - Chapter 8

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By the time Adeola arrived at the club, Adesuwa was already worn out. She got into the car and with no words was exchanged between the two ladies Adeola drove her sister home.

“Adesuwa, is that you? You’re back so early?” Mrs. Dixon asked when she heard the living room door close.

“Mom, it’s me, go back to sleep. We’ll talk in the morning.” Adesuwa said to her mother as she went into her bedroom.

Once inside, she threw her cellphone against the wall. She took two deep breaths before walking into her bathroom. Adesuwa allowed the bathtub fill up with wrm water before she stepped in. After replaying the scene that happened at the club for more than a hundred times, Adesuwa cleaned up and went to bed.

“Has Dr. Adesuwa come in yet?” Bode asked one of the nurses at the reception area of the hospital.

“No, Dr. Bode, I don’t think she’s in yet… Oh, there she is,” the nurse pointed at Adesuwa who walked in just in time.

When Bode saw her, he approached her but Adesuwa wasn’t ready to talk to him.

“Can we just talk?”

“What are you even doing here?”

“What do you mean what am I doing here? I work here.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“I know what happened yesterday was horrible,"

“You think so?!” Adesuwa hadn’t meant to shout. The eyes of the visitors walking passed them stopped on them.

“Can we do this somewhere else?” Bode asked, not wanting to create a scene here at the hospital.

“This is the closest you and I will ever be and I mean it.” Adesuwa walked away.

As Bode watched Adesuwa leave, Tammy approached him.

“What’s wrong with her?” she asked nonchalantly.

“That’s none of your business.” Bode replied.

“Well don’t get mad at me, I was just asking. Anyway, are we still meeting up tonight?”

Bode took a good look at Tammy, shaking his head, he walked away.

An hour later, Adesuwa was called into Dr. Uche’s office. When she walked in, Tammy was already seated in front of her boss.

“Please close the door and take a seat Dr. Adesuwa.” Dr. Uche gestured with his hand. Adesuwa took a seat. Why had she been called here, with Tammy?

“Is anything the matter Dr. Uche?” Adesuwa asked, ready to get the suspense over with.

“You see Adesuwa, I’ve known your parents since you were a little girl and when I heard you were coming back to Nigeria, I was more than happy to offer you a job here at this hospital because you had a fine quality to be a great doctor,” Adesuwa wondered what that had to do with why she’d been called to his office. Dr. Uche continued, unsure how to break the news to his most trusted doctor. “But a serious case has been brought to my attention.” He settled back into his chair.

“Okay doctor, I hope everything is okay?” Adesuwa became nervous. What had she done?

“One of our nurses reported that for some time now some drugs have been going missing and she suspects you might be the one taking them.”

At first, Adesuwa thought she hadn’t heard Dr. Uche correctly so she asked, “What drugs? How?”

“Dr. Uche, I usually see her come out of our storage room and whenever she leaves, she always takes a paper bag with her.” Tammy added.

“What the hell are you talking about? Dr. Uche, what’s going on here?”

“Adesuwa, I didn’t want to believe it either but this is some serious accusation and I cannot allow such misconduct in my hospital.”

“Doctor, I’ve never stolen anything from this hospital,” Tammy hissed. “I have this hospital’s best interest in mind, what would I do with the drugs?” Adesuwa added.

“Use them of course,” Tammy answered. “I’ve been working with Dr. Adesuwa for two months and I’ve been noticing some strange things about her.”

“Are you accusing me of stealing and using drugs?” Adesuwa couldn’t believe her ears. Her heart felt heavy as she heard Tammy explain to Dr. Uche. What reason did she have to do this to her?

“I cannot allow such misconduct under my watch; I think you need to see someone for substance abuse.”

“But doctor!"

“I’m sorry Adesuwa but until we can clear this up, I can’t allow you work anymore. Please let me have your I.D badge.”

Tammy didn’t hide her smile as she watched Adesuwa hand her badge over to Dr. Uche. She had to protect who she loved and since Adesuwa was beginning to become a pain in her butt, she was going to have to use her as the scape goat.

“If that will be all doctor, I will take my leave now.” Tammy stated.

“I have patients waiting on me too, can I leave also?”

“No Adesuwa, you’ll have to leave the hospital premises instead till further notice. You won’t be allowed to practice at this hospital if you really are found guilty of the accusations.”

“This is bullshit!” Adesuwa stormed off.

“What’s wrong?” Nurse Toyin asked when she saw her friend wiping away her tears.

“I… I don’t even know, Toyin. I have to go now. I’ll call you later.” Toyin felt sad as she watched her best friend leave.

When Adesuwa made it home, she collapsed on her bed. Everything was moving too damn fast for her to handle. Just yesterday, she’d been manhandled by some random guy and today, she was being accused of stealing drugs and she faced the possibility of losing her medical license that’s she’d worked for for eight good years. Adesuwa couldn’t understand Tammy’s motive for accusing her of such hideous act. She’d been good to the girl except that one time when--- and then it hit her, could this whole mess be linked to Bode?

Just as he came to her mind, Adesuwa heard her door bell ring. She sluggishly picked herself up and although she didn’t want to see any visitors, she opened her door.
Surprisingly, it was Bode. He was still in his work clothes.

“What the hell are you doing here? You can’t just come to my place whenever you want, I won’t allow it,”

“It’s about the missing drugs.”

“And how did you get to know about that?” Adesuwa asked, embarrassed that Bode might have believed the rumors that she knew had already spread since she left the hospital.

“Can I come in first? I have a lot to explain.”

Adesuwa opened her door wide and allowed him in. Once Bode settled on a sofa, he began to talk as fast as he could.

“I heard about what happened from the other nurses, Adesuwa and I’m sorry.”

“Why would you of all people be sorry? I mean you don't like me so?”

Bode disregarded her last statement and continued on with the real reason why he came to her. “I’m sorry because you’ve been accused wrongly. I took the drugs. It was me and not you who took them.”

Adesuwa’s jaw dropped. She remained quiet until she felt like she could now use her mouth to form words.

“Why would you have them?” she whispered as if someone else was in the room with them.

“Adesuwa, we don’t have time for that. I rushed here as fast as I could. They are coming for me and I think they won’t exclude you in their chase either.”

“Who is coming?”

“People you don’t want to wait for. We need to get out of here as soon as we can.”

“We? Bode are you for real right now? Like you’re not kidding me right?”

“No, I’m not.” Bode answered sincerely. Left up to him, he would have left Lagos immediately after the event of last night but he knew he’d just involved an innocent person in the mess he’d created and he wasn’t ready to see another life perish for his sake.

There were so many thing’s he had to let Adesuwa know--- “Is your mother still in?” He asked. Adesuwa shook her head. “Then can I use your bathroom?” she nodded also. It seemed as if that was the only thing she could do since Bode came in. She questioned his every movement as he walked to the bathroom. Just who is he? She asked herself.

Moments later, Bode stepped out and joined Adesuwa who was still in shock.

“How fast can you get your things ready? We only have fifteen minutes.”

“Fifteen minutes for what? Bode, what’s going on? I… don’t understand. Do you expect me to just pack my things and leave?” As Adesuwa spoke, Bode was already climbing the stairs to her bedroom.

“I need to go grab my makeup kit,” Adesuwa said to Bode but he pushed her further out of her bedroom after she'd managed to stuff some clothes in a traveling bag. Bode checked his wrist watch and he knew it was time for them to get out.

“I also need to grab…” Bode picked her up and her carry along bag. Adesuwa shrieked in fear as she felt her body being lifted up from the floor.

“Get your hands off me!” she pounded on Bode’s chest as he carried her down the stairs.

Bode didn’t let her down till he got to his car. He dumped her in the back seat and shut the door. Checking his watch again, he quickly removed his white coat and rushed to the driver’s seat of his SUV.

A minute after Bode’s car pulled off, Adesuwa’s home exploded.

Adesuwa screamed as she saw her house explode.

“What the hell just happened? My house is on fire Bode, we have to stop!” she screamed at him.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” Adesuwa felt as if she was losing her mind. She thought she was in a movie because stuff like this only happened in movies. She cried as she watched her house burn to the ground and not once did Bode turn around.

“Who are you?” she whispered.


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