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Adventures to love - Chapter 9

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A minute after Bode’s car pulled off, Adesuwa’s home exploded.

Adesuwa screamed as she saw her house explode.

“What the hell just happened? My house is on fire Bode, we have to stop!” she screamed at him.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” Adesuwa felt as if she was losing her mind. She thought she was in a movie because stuff like this only happened in movies. She cried as she watched her house burn to the ground and not once did Bode turn around.

“Who are you?” she whispered.

“Adesuwa, I know this is a lot to take in right now but I can’t explain at the moment. You see that van over there,” Bode gestured with his hand from the side view mirror to a white van behind them. “The people in that van are coming for me.”

Adesuwa's heart raced when she saw that a white van was truly following behind them.

“I need you to stay low okay? I think the explosion will keep you safe till they figure out that you’re not dead.”

“DEAD?!” She shouted in disbelieve.

“I can’t explain right now. When we get to a safer place I’ll explain. For now do me a favor and shut up.” Bode couldn’t think straight. He’d hope that for the next few days no one will notice that Adesuwa was still alive and that was the only way he could keep her safe from what was ahead.

“The bastard ran away!” Sylvester yelled, kicking over what was left of Adesuwa’s home.

“Did you find any body? We have to be quick before the police get here.”

“Boss, you don’t have to worry about the police. They have been paid off till we finish down here. And no, there is no sign of her body. We think it might have burnt down with the house.”

“But are you sure you saw her come in?” Sylvester asked one of his men. He wanted to be absolutely sure that he’d gotten rid of Adesuwa.

“Yes Boss.” Sky lied. He forgot to tell his boss that he’d taken a short break to get lunch while he was supposed to be on guard. That had given Bode the chance to come for Adesuwa.

“Alright, alright, I trust you… Hey you!” Sylvester called for one of his other guys who were still in search of Adesuwa’s body. “Clear this place up. We need to find Bode.”
“Bode; you’ve been driving for three hours now, where exactly are we heading to?” Adesuwa asked.
When Bode refused to answer her, Adesuwa snapped.

“The least you can do is answer me when I’m talking to you! I’m going to call the police! I should have done that already, what was I thinking?” Adesuwa opened her hand bag and began looking for her cellphone. She was sure it was the last thing she’d dumped inside her bag while Bode was rushing her to get out. She dumped all the content inside the bag on the seat and hoped to God that her phone was inside, but it wasn’t. Adesuwa decided to give it a rest. Panicking wouldn’t solve a thing. She rested her back on her seat and allowed sleep to take her.

Bode turned, removing his eyes from the road for a moment and found her sleeping. Thank God, he sighed. At first, getting her out of the house had been a good idea, but now, he wasn't so sure. When Bode had asked to use Adesuwa’s bathroom, he’d gone to plant a bomb in her bathroom. He’d thought that faking her death would in turn keep her alive. Now, he was heading to Calabar, a safe house he had prepared for him in times like this was waiting for him.

The car hitting a gallop was what woke Adesuwa up. She looked around her and a disappointing grunt left her--- how had she managed to sleep in this whole craziness?

“Can I use your phone for a minute?” She asked Bode.

“Welcome back, sleeping beauty.” Bode teased. He’d decided that it was better to go soft on Adesuwa because only then would she comply with him with little fuss.

Adesuwa hissed. “I said can I use your phone?”

“For what?”

“I need to call my mother. I don't want her worrying about me and also, my sis---”

“I’m sorry Adesuwa, but I can let you do that.” Bode replied, eyes fixed on the road.

“You can't do what? I’m not even asking you, I’m demanding it. I have to call my mother. How do you think she’s feeling at this moment? Her daughter’s house just burnt down three hours ago and her body has not been found what do you think she’ll think happened?”

“That’s it exactly!” Bode exclaimed as a jolt of excitement ran through him, assuring his plan might had worked perfectly well after all. Adesuwa looked at him as if he’d lost his mind.

“That’s exactly what we want them to think... that you’re dead.”

“I think you’ve gone mad, Bode. One minute you were a freaking doctor the next minute you’re a kidnapper.”

“I didn't kidnap you. You came on your own free will.” Adesuwa stared at him in awe. She concluded that he’d really gone crazy.

“Where are we heading to?” Adesuwa asked after a moment of peace passed between them.

“Calabar,” Bode answered.

“Calabar?!” Adesuwa exclaimed as if that was the most disgusting thing she’d ever heard of in her life. “For what?! We’re no longer in Lagos?”

Bode nodded. “If you are hungry I stopped at a fast food while you were sleeping...” he reached for the paper bag on the seat next to him. “Here, I don't know what you like so,”

“Then you should have asked me.”

“Like I said, you were sleeping.”

“Maybe if you hadn’t kidnapped me from my house I wouldn’t have had to stay in this car with you and maybe I wouldn’t be asking you for my first meal of the day and maybe---”

Bode swerved the car to the left without giving Adesuwa a cue. She screamed in terror as she felt her body being thrown to the other side of the SUV.

“That ought to shut you up.” he added.


  1. Hmmm Bode is hurting the innocent girl just because she is looking for right guy. Anyway finger crossing for next episode.

  2. I don't want to say I don't know what to comment so peace won't be happy but I really have many questions running in my head and the only answers to that is the next episodes. Please, kindly upload the remaining episodes asap. More internet data to your phone #winks


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