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Masked Truth - Chapter 15

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“Oh no baby girl, I’m not going anywhere. I’m not.” Daniel slowly began approaching his wife, speaking sweet words into her heart that broke her spirit down. 

“I know what you went through Oluchi and plus our baby, I’ll never leave you now honey, just hand the knife over to me.” Daniel’s heart raced as he got closer to his wife. What if she turns and uses that knife on me? He now knew what Oluchi was capable of. Daniel shook the thought out of his head as his wife surrendered to him. Pulling Oluchi into his arms, Daniel carefully pulled the knife out of Oluchi’s right hand. Patting her back, Daniel kept up those sweet words, “I love you baby, I love you honey, I’ll never leave you.” He said these things to her even when his heart said otherwise. 

After Daniel tucked his wife in bed he went out for some air. He didn’t know what else to do at that moment. The baby wasn’t his so why did he have to stay? He didn’t even know if he should get in contact with Nnamdi--- what would he say to him?

Oluchi woke up. Wiping her tears away from her eyes, she took a deep breath. Oluchi had slept, not wanting to remember the things she’d reviewed to her husband. As she came down stairs to where the scent of stew was coming from, she hoped for Daniel to never speak a word of what had happened. She just wanted him to forget about everything so they can go back to the way they were before.

“Hey honey, come take a seat,” Daniel assisted Oluchi to the dining area.

“I made your favorite.” Daniel stated, moving back into the kitchen to collect the bowl of vegetable stew he prepared.

After serving his wife, he sat opposite her as she ate. Oluchi chewed her meal with great care. She feared her mouth movement would disrupt the peace in the room. She rather preferred it stayed this way.

Daniel glanced at his wife when she wasn’t looking. He couldn’t believe he’d laid hands on her. Her face was all puffed up from her crying and also the slaps he’d landed on her face earlier on. Daniels jaw tensed up as he remembered how furious he’d been. How could he have allowed himself lose control in such manner?

“Would you like to see a doctor?” he asked.

“For what?” Oluchi looked up at her husband.

“Your… um, your face it’s all puffed up.”

“Oh,” Oluchi laughed nervously as she began to feel the puffiness of her face with her palms. “It’s nothing, really. It will go down by tomorrow.”

Silence again as they both go back to the meal neither of them really had interest in eating.

“Eat your yam before it gets cold.”

Oluchi smiled at her husband’s statement. She knew he had much to say but she didn’t want to hear it. They were doing so well. In less than thirty minutes, it will be time for bed; she could then use that time to think things over but Daniel had other plans in mind.

“What do we do now? Especially with the baby?”

Oluchi’s hands froze. She began to chew the yam in her mouth slowly as her heart raced; hoping that Daniel will drop what he’d just started.

“Do we tell Nnamdi that the baby is his or do we… do I just pretend the baby is mine?” Daniel wanted to stop himself but he couldn’t. All he wanted what to know what to do next. From the first day the baby was born, she belonged to him. He wanted so hard to believe that he could somehow love her again the but---

“Oluchi, say something? This is killing me.”


Daniel pushed his food aside. “Oluchi, I’m not going to ask you again…”

“What!” she snapped. “What do you want from me?!”

“What do I want from you? You’re seriously asking me that?”

“Yes. What! Daniel what?! Am I the only person in this world who has cheated before? Why are you doing this to me? Its suffocating me!”

“Excuse me? I’m trying to find a solution to a problem here. I’m trying to work with you,”

“But what are we fixing? What problem?”

Daniel slowly rested his back on his chair and took a good look at his wife. He wasn’t sure what was going on.

“Were you expecting me to forget about what happened?” he asked after he gained control of the anger in his voice.

“Yes! Is that so hard to ask for? I’ve already apologized to you, I’ve had my face battered, now what else can I possibly do?”

As Oluchi went on explaining, Daniel walked out on her. He had to get out before he was forced to do something he’d regretted doing before. When Daniel climbed upstairs, Oluchi finally let out a breath of relieve. She had to do something fast and she needed to do it right away because her husband no longer belonged to her.

The next morning, Daniel woke up to an empty house. His wife was missing and so were some of her clothes in her closet.

Walking into the reception area of the hospital, Oluchi took a deep breath and placed her sun glasses back to her eyes to cover up the bruises that had turned black around her eyes. She approached a nurse.

“I’m here to see Doctor Bode, is he in?” She asked.

“No madam, but how else can we help you today?”

“Umm, is there any other doctor who might know about my daughter’s condition that I can speak to? It’s urgent?”

“Is she a patient here?” the nurse asked.

“Yes, her name is Daniella and I’m her mother.”

“Oh, Mrs. Daniel, I couldn’t recognize you with the glasses on. Yes, we can transfer you to Doctor Adesuwa; she will know something about your daughter’s condition.” The nurse picked up the phone and dialed Doctor Adesuwa’s office. While the nurse waited for a response, Oluchi’s hands began to shake. She knew her time was running out. Daniel would soon be up and notice that she was gone. She needed to get the baby and get out fast.

“Madam, I’m sorry but I’m not getting any response form the other doctor but what brings you hear today?”

“Well Dr. Bode said I could come for my daughter yesterday but I got caught up with something so…”
“Oh yes, that’s right, he left a note last I saw him. Please come with me. I’m sure your daughter will be happy to finally join mummy.” The nurse stated happily and Oluchi simply nodded.

When the nurse handed Oluchi her baby, she began to sob. Since daddy doesn't want you baby girl, I've come to take you...” she whispered to her daughter. Wiping away the tears that had managed to fight its way out, Oluchi headed for the door.

“Nurse!” Daniel shouted as he rushed into the hospital, frightening the other people in the reception area.

“How can we help you?”

“My wife, my wife, did she come here?”

“Who is your wife?”

“Oluchi, Oluchi Daniels. She’ll tall, dark…” Daniel described.

“Oh, oh, oh, that lady?”

“Yes, yes,”

“She just left. You just missed her. She came for her baby.”

“Damn it!” Daniel yelled as he collapsed on the floor. He had missed her.  


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