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Masked Truth - Part 14

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“Please, put… the knife down.” Daniel couldn’t believe how fast the situation escalated out of his control.

“You are just like him! You… you’re just like… like Peter.” Oluchi announced with fury in her eyes.

“Like who? P-p-Peter? Who the fuck is Peter?” Daniel asked, and in a no nonsense tone, Oluchi shot back, “A bad mistake.”

The Past

“Hey Peter, is mom home yet?” A young Oluchi asked. At 17, Oluchi thought she had everything going on for her. Her grades were great; she had two parents who loved her and a brother who adored her.

Crossing over to where Oluchi was, Peter scrutinized his sister’s slim figure. His eyes finally stopped at Oluchi’s lips. At 23, Peter could have any girl he wanted but he wanted his sister. He knew it was sick to even think of her in such a manner less way but he just couldn’t stop himself.

It all started when he was 18 years old. Peter would frequently sneak and watch his little sister as she bathed in the morning. Soon, he began doing the same to his mother. Peter who started engaging in sexual activities at age 13 had already prepared himself for failure as his new found habitat took a toll on his sanity.

Peter tried vigorously to avoid Oluchi. He couldn’t stay in the same room with her without their parents being around, and Oluchi who was naïve didn’t understand why her only brother kept pushing her away. But on this faithful day, Peter had to have her. Knowing his mother wouldn’t be home until later, he approached his sister with his plan.

“Oluchi, there’s this something, yes, umm, my cellphone is inside my room, can you get it for me?”

Oluchi smiled, dropping her school bag on a couch she vibrantly went inside her brother’s room. Peter followed along.

“Peter,” Oluchi called, knowing her brother was behind her. “I can’t find the pho…” Peter grabbed her by her waist before Oluchi could finish.

“Peter, come on, stop it jare...” Oluchi giggled, not startled by her brother’s action. Peter pressed further, pressing Oluchi’s round butt into the now growing bulge between his thighs. When Oluchi felt his brother’s manhood hard against her butt, warning signals went off in her head. Feeling uncomfortable by their current position, Oluchi immediately tried to release her brother’s hands from her waist.

“Peter, let go of me!” Oluchi shouted when Peter’s grip became firmer. “Peter, just let me go.” Oluchi began to cry as panic kicked in.

“shhh baby girl. I’m not going to hurt you Oluchi. I’ve always wanted you. You know you’re my baby girl.” Peter announced as he began to lay kisses on his sister’s neck. Feeling irritated as she felt Peter’s hot breath against her neck, Oluchi kicked her brother with the sole of her feet. Peter lost he’s balanced and his grip on Oluchi loosened, giving her a chance to make her escape. But unfortunately for Oluchi, her brother had them locked inside with his bedroom key in his pocket.

While Oluchi banged rapidly on the door in fear, Peter regained his strength. In three long strides, Peter pulled his sister by her hair. “I was seriously going to do this nicely but no, you had to mess it up.” Peter stated angrily as she lifted his sister on his shoulder and threw her on his bed. Oluchi who had always being slim built was no match for her brother. She kicked and screamed but there was no escaping now. Peter fell on her and began to roughly fondle with his helpless sister. As he began to unbuckle his trouser, Oluchi sighted a knife on his bed cabinet. Peter had used it in peeling some oranges earlier on. Without thinking, Oluchi reached for the knife and shoved it into her brother’s back.

When Peter felt the sharp blade on his back, he instantly slapped Oluchi hard on the face enough that Oluchi thought she’d gone deaf.  In excruciating pain, Peter drew out the knife which Oluchi had been unable to stab deeper into his back. He waved the blooded knife in front of Oluchi, threatening to cut her if she makes a sound. After creating fear in Oluchi’s heart, Peter proceeded to using that same knife in tearing away Oluchi’s uniform. Now fully bare, Peter stared at his sister with hunger in his eyes.

Slowly opening his sister’s legs apart, Peter forced his way in. Oluchi screamed in pain. She hadn’t felt this way before. Her friends had spoken to her about sex but they promise it was the absolute best feeling in the whole world, but what Oluchi felt as Peter continuously thrusted his manhood into her was pure pain and disgust. Oluchi felt violated.  She couldn’t believe that the person on top of her was her own brother. Her heart became bitter. Oluchi knew she couldn’t let this continue. Unsure of what to do, Oluchi picked up the table lamp on her brother’s bed cabinet and hit her brother hard on the head with the iron end of the lamp.

When Oluchi saw her brother’s body go limp on top her, she immediately pushed him off and ran for the door with her clothes in her hand. Upon getting to the living room, Oluchi panicked. What have I done? She asked herself with tears in her eyes. Hour’s passed as Oluchi waited for her brother to come back out, but he never did. After 3 hours, Oluchi who was in shock picked up her cellphone and called her mother.
“Mama, please come home. I… I think Peter is dead.”

When their mom rushed home, she found her daughter sitting on the floor with her back rested against a couch. Oluchi was fully dressed in her other pair of uniform and her hair neatly in place. When she saw her mother, she rushed into her arms crying. She directed her mom to Peter’s room where their mother saw her son’s lifeless body.

“What happened to him?” Their mother asked as she fell to her knees weeping.

“I… I don’t know mama… I came in and I found him like this.” Oluchi lied.

The Present

Daniel’s mouth dropped. He couldn’t believe the story Oluchi was narrating to him. They’d first met when Oluchi was 23. They dated for 4 years before deciding to get married and not once did his wife mention having a brother.

"You killed your own brother?”

“He was not my brother. He was hurting me Daniel. I killed a mistake and I swear, if you ever try to leave me Daniel, I will kill myself.” Oluchi remained firm with her threat.

“Oh no baby girl, I’m not going anywhere. I’m not.” Daniel slowly began approaching his wife, speaking sweet words into her heart that broke her spirit down. “I know what you went through Oluchi and plus our baby, I’ll never leave you now honey, just hand the knife over to me.” Daniel’s heart raced as he got closer to his wife. What if she turns and uses that knife on me? He now knew what Oluchi was capable of. Daniel shook the thought out of his head as his wife surrendered to him. Pulling Oluchi into his arms, Daniel carefully pulled the knife out of Oluchi’s right hand. Patting her back, Daniel kept up those sweet words, “I love you baby, I love you honey, I’ll never leave you.” He said these things even when his heart said otherwise. 


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