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When In Nigeria - Chapter 11

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Am I a horrible person for wanting to kill my own child? That was what Patricia once asked the psychiatrist her parents had sent her to. It had been such a struggle to keep her child in her. She’d tried everything possible to make sure the baby wasn’t born. None of those things worked. Hope was born after all. She came crying and kicking her way into the world. Patricia couldn’t bear to think that she’d once wanted to hurt such an innocent soul, and so when the doctor placed her in my hands, she looked away in shame. Patricia had thought her baby knew about all the horrible things she’d done to make sure she was never born into this world. Patricia had quickly handed her new daughter over to her mother. She’d refused to let Michael in. Two months before the baby was due, her mother had planned a grand wedding. Every of her wealthy friends were present. She went ahead, pressuring Patricia to marry Michael because after all, he was the father of her child.

“No one listened to me. I was suffering. They didn’t know that I shed tears when my wedding veil was placed on my head.”

“That’s enough,” Ade got up abruptly. He couldn’t take it anymore. Patricia’s story had connected with him in ways he hadn’t expected. Ade thought back to the day his sister told him she was pregnant. She was eighteen and they had just lost their mother in a car accident. Ade blamed himself for pushing his sister towards the father of her children. He’d thought the man was a responsible person and would help him take care of his sister and kids but as it turned out, he was wrong.

“I endured it for four months. I lived in the same house with Michael for four months all in the name of marriage. Some nights, he would come to me. He wanted more from me. What else could I give? I was breast feeding a child I hadn’t planned for and a husband needed me too.”

Ade’s fist was balled up. He grunted in frustration as Patricia went ahead telling him more.

“How did you get to come to Nigeria? Why here?” he asked.

When Patricia couldn’t take any more of Michaels’s demands, she went to her mother. She threaten her mother that if she didn’t let her off her marriage, she was going to kill herself and then the baby. That same night, her mother booked a flight for her to go away. Patricia had promised she would come back but she knew in her heart that she was gone forever. She dropped her four months old daughter with her mother and left for good.

“Did he look for you?” Ade asked.

“He called once when I was in New York. He threatened that if I didn’t come back he was going to take my baby away from me forever.”  Patricia hadn’t cared; she didn’t want the child in the first place. He could do whatever he wanted with her; she just didn’t want to be a part of their lives.

“I booked a flight to Nigeria the same day he called, knowing that this would be the last place they’d look for.” Patricia finished with a sigh.

“And that was how I found you.” Ade’s words caught her off guard. He looked at her in a way no man had before. Like she was some priced stone that will be too precious to lose. But Patricia didn’t want to be found. She was just now starting to forget about everything.

“I should have just left that day,” The tears she’d been holding back began to cascade down her cheeks.  “I don’t want to be a burden to anybody, Ade."

“No,” he said, standing in front of her. He held her up.

“You’re mine now, Patricia. You’re never a burden.” He whispered to her ears as he pulled her into his arms. He hated seeing women cry but he allowed her cry. He said it was okay to cry. In France, Patricia hadn’t been able to cry. Her friends envied her for marrying a man as handsome as Michael. Her parents had said she should be happy that someone from a respectful home of lawyers and doctors had married her.

“I’m sorry Patricia… You’re safe here. I’ll keep you safe.”

Patricia removed her head from his left shoulder and asked, “Do you understand that I have to go back sometime?” Patricia wished Ade knew she wasn’t here to get attached to anyone. She belonged to no one. She didn’t want to fall in love with him because she knew she had to go back home either she liked it or not, but where was home?

“Shhh… Don’t worry about that right now, okay?” He said even though he knew he wasn’t okay.

After Patricia felt she’d had a good amount of tears out, she released her head from his shoulder and smiled casually at him.

“Are you ready to go back now?” he asked. Patricia nodded. It was getting late. She needed to go back to Yemi before she starts panicking that her brother had done something he’d regret.

“I’ll walk you there.” He said and hand in hand, they walked out of his room.
He stood behind her as she knocked on his sister’s door. Her husband opened the door.

“Where is she?!” Yemi’s husband barked.

“Where is who?” Patricia asked as Ade pushed his brother in-law out of the door and stormed into his sister’s living room. She followed behind him. She went into their bedroom but only found her two kids sleeping peacefully.

“Where’s my sister?” Ade asked his brother in-law.

“I… I don’t know.” He stuttered. He was afraid of the anger he saw in Ade’s eyes.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Ade shouted. The husband began backing away as Ade came forward.

“I came in and… and…” he stuttered.

“You what!”

“Ade, please just listen to him.” Patricia said, frightened.

“She wasn’t here when I came in. I found the kids sleeping but she was nowhere to be found.”

Patricia immediately went back into the bedroom to see if anything was missing and she noticed that a small bag that she’d saw hung on the wall yesterday was no longer there.

Just then, new baby began to cry. She rushed to him and Ola was woken up also by her crying brother. Sitting on the bed, Patricia picked up the baby.

“Go back to sleep honey,” she whispered to Ola. Ola nodded and sleep easily took her again. The baby’s cries grew louder. Patricia had no clue on what to do. As she frantically looked for his bottle, she stepped on a note. She bent and picked it up. It was from Yemi.
“I can’t do this anymore, I just can’t. I’m sorry. If you could find the courage to leave, I can too.”

“STUPID GIRL!” Patricia exclaimed, tears gushing from her eyes. She wasn’t me, she was better than me. She wouldn’t leave her suckling child. She loved them. She can’t run away. With the still fussing baby in her arms, Patricia joined the men in the living room.

“She’s gone,” Patricia raised the paper up for them to see.


  1. I pray this yemi"s husband pay for all his bad deeds!

    1. awww Oriade i think once you read his story you will have a change of heart.

  2. Replies
    1. and its no good at all... can't wait for u to read the next episode yemmi

  3. Gosh! I don't know the dumbest of the 3 anymore. I used to respect this Yemi

    1. lol... both had excuses for leaving and good ones but still, I'm not in suport of leaving one's child

    2. That's exactly the point. No matter what, a good mother won't run away leaving her child behind. That's cruel

  4. But how did Yemi got to know that Patricia left a baby in France. She never told her anything or did she eavesdrop on Patricia and Ade conversation

    1. you guessed right Daniel... or then again, may Yemi had always wanted to run away.


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