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When In Nigeria - Chapter 12

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“What did you say to her?!” Ade shouted at Patricia as he read the note his sister left behind.

“Ade, I’ve never spoken about my past with her. All she knows is that I’m married.” Patricia knew Ade needed someone to blame but not me— not me.

“I don’t believe you Patricia, it’s those stuff you told her about France, you allowed it get to her head and now she’s gone.”

“But you!” he faced his brother in-law. “If I don’t find my sister, I will never forgive you.” Crunching the piece of paper in his hand, he stormed out.

Two days later, Yemi was still nowhere to be found. Her brother had searched endlessly for her but it seemed she didn’t want to be found. Patricia was exhausted from comforting kids who needed their mother. The new baby refused to take his food from her. Ola wasn’t making things easier either. Her questions were mind blowing for a child of her age. One time, she asked if mom had left the same way dad did. Patricia had quickly shut her up. She reminded her that her mother loved her more than anything else in this world. Her actions might have not proven so but Patricia understood every step Yemi was making.

As Patricia was playing with Patrick, the new baby, Ade came in. The dark circles around his eyes were becoming more vivid today. He hadn’t slept for two nights.

“Ade, I think you should rest a little… she will turn up, I know her and…”

“And I don’t?” he responded feistily. Patricia swallowed the rest of her words as Ade slumped on the couch. How could he sleep comfortably when his sister was nowhere to be found? The last time they’d spoken, Ade had accused Patricia of talking his sister into leaving. The last thing he needed was another reason to believe his accusations were true, so Patricia decided to give it a rest for the reminder of the day.

“How is he doing?” Ade asked, sighing heavily. He stretched out his hands for the baby on Patricia’s shoulder.

“He won’t eat. All he does is cry and I don’t know what to do.” Patricia said, handing the baby over to him. Patrick’s eyes were clouded with tears that he’d grown weary of crying out. As Patricia stared at the baby suckling dearly on his thumb, she felt lighted headed.

“Are you okay?” Ade asked.

“Yes, yes,” she could barely speak, her voice felt clogged up. “It’s okay.” she whispered, stopping Ade from getting up.

“Patricia, you don’t look okay to me. Let me get you some water.”

Her next question halted his movement.

“Is she feeling this way?” Patricia asked worriedly. She raised her panic-stricken face up for Ade to see that she was hurting in more ways than she wanted to.

“Is who feeling what way?” Ade asked, staring at Patricia attentively but confused.

“My baby,” Patricia’s grasped her stomach tightly as she felt emptiness within her.

“Hey, hey, look at me.” Ade came forward. Patricia immediately hid her face in her palms. Why am I crying?

“Hope has a lot of people caring for her, okay? You need to take care of yourself now, alright? So you can get back to her strong.”

“I thought… I didn’t care… I thought…” she began to sob louder.

“I know, I know.” He said to her as he occasionally wiped her tears away.

After a moment of losing herself to grieve, Patricia regained her composure. “Oh, what’s wrong with me?” she took a deep breath. “We should be talking about your missing sister but I’m dumping my problems on you…”

“And I’m not complaining. Patricia, look at me, I need you to be strong for me, okay? I can’t do this by myself. My brother in-law… the kids… I just can’t.”

“You need me?”

He nodded his answer.

“I just thought of something.” Ade stared at Patricia mischievously. He want sure he would tell her what he was thinking of. Patricia felt his eyes had moved away from her face and they were now on her chest.

“No.” Patricia opposed even though she want sure what she was opposing to.


“Daniel, I couldn’t possibly do that, it’s not even safe.”

“You could try. It’s either this or we leave the baby to starve.”

Patricia thought about it for a minute. She had just given birth to a baby five months ago, could she still possibly breast-feed another?

“Bring him.” she requested with the last bit of courage in her.

How did my mother teach me to do it? Do I place the baby where? On my laps of course and then— but Daniel,

“I could go if you need some space.” He said. “You know what, don’t answer that. I will be back later in the day. I have some friends I could get together to help in the search of my sister.” He flew out the door before Patricia could respond.

The suckling sounds from the baby on her laps made her question the reason why she was feeling less anxious since she began breastfeeding Patrick. Could I possibly do this? Could I raise a child; my child? Before she could answer, Yemi’s husband barged in.

“What are to doing to him!” he shouted angrily.

“I’m… I’m just…” Patricia stuttered. Should she be scared of him? She quickly pulled her tank top up to cover her exposed breast.

“Where is the other one?” he requested more calmly when he saw that his son was sleeping peacefully.

“She’s in school.”

“Good…” He began pacing around the room. He searched endlessly for something that wasn’t there.

“Where, where did I put it?” He asked himself. Patricia took a good look at him. He hadn’t come home since he found out his wife was missing. He looked like he needed a warm bath. He appeared crazy. Patricia didn’t know if she should speak out or just allow him continue. As she was about to turn her back on him, he yelled cheerfully.
When Patricia turned around, he was holding up some money.

“This!” he flung the bills to the couch nearby. “I was saving it to pay for Ola’s school fees.” Okay?
“I was going to finally prove to her that I can change. I have been saving this money up, cutting my time from drinking, but I came home that day to find out that a stranger had already paid for my daughters school fees; how do you think that made me feel?!”

“You proved to her right in front of me that I was worthless. Again, I became a man who couldn’t take care of his kids!"

"You who came from nowhere began to look at me in the exact same way Yemi looks at me. My daughter began to fear me! What did I do wrong?!” he yelled. Patricia was shocked to her bones. She was unable to think of a thing to say back at him. Who was the man standing in front of her?

“I have been out there for two days looking for her…” his voice began to break. “I couldn’t find her! How dare she go like that! Was I that bad? How can she just leave me like that?”

“What does she take me for? I love her,” he began to beat on his chest. He boasted of his love for her but his past actions; were they supposed to be forgotten because he’s found his way home again? Patricia’s emotions were confusing. She wanted to pity him but then again, he’d hurt his family in ways he wasn’t even conscious about.

“If I don’t find her, Patricia,” he looked dead into her eyes and with all seriousness, he said,

“If Yemi doesn’t come home, Patricia, Ade will kill me. I know him. ”


  1. So he is worried because Ade will kill him. Mtcheew

  2. Lol. It suprised me either o @bunmie. Was his brain removed or was he on a spell when he used to shout and beat the innocent woman with her pregnancy. In fact, if Ade refused to kill him, I will help


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