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When In Nigeria - Chapter 16

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It was late at night when Patricia and Ade finally got a chance at their own privacy. Even as they sat outside for the night breeze, their silence was louder than words itself.
“What do you intend to do… I mean, do you believe her?” he asked, watching how the moon light sent her skin glowing.
Patricia smiled, and answered. “I’m not sure anymore. I came here knowing who I was and who I belonged to but now, I’m not so sure and I don’t know how to begin to make things right.” Patricia lied. She’d been planning her next move ever since she’d witnessed the kiss between Yemi and Patrick earlier that night. She’d felt at peace the instant she’d since the glow in her eyes. Yemi looked refreshed and it’d filled Patricia’s stomach with satisfaction.
“Okay.” Ade nodded. Looking back in her eyes he said sincerely, “But just know that I’m here for you… whatever you decide to do, I’ll understand.” He concluded.
“Thank you.” Patricia said solemnly. “I think I’ll go to sleep now,” she rose up.
“Patricia,” Ade called, halting her movement. “W-what about,” he paused. Now wasn’t the right time, he thought. “You know what,” Ade shook his head in denial, “Enjoy your night. I’ll see you in the morning.” Patricia nodded and continued on her way.
When she finally laid to rest that night, Patricia came up with a million reasons why Ade and her would never work. He was bound to stay in Nigeria forever and she wasn’t. She had a home somewhere else where a child was waiting for her run-away-mother. After long hours of drowning herself in the pool of her own thoughts, Patricia made up her mind: Her life was hers and it was just beginning at twenty-six, she was going to have to take this risk no matter where it takes her.
The next morning, Patricia was awoken by the soft knocks on the door. When she went over to open the door, she was struck down by the sight she saw standing in front of her.
Ade fixed his tie before knocking for the final time. When he saw her, he frowned. Her facial expression gave nothing away. He wasn’t sure if she was shocked, surprised or simply not interested in the way he came to her this morning. Straightening his suit, Ade cleared his throat.
“You look… wow.” Patricia finally found her voice to speak. She’d been so awe-struck when she’d first opened the door that words were stolen by this handsome man in front of her. She’d known Ade was a handsome man but today, she confirmed it. Standing in front of her was a gorgeous man dressed in black suit, his hair neatly combed and shoes sparkling clean. He looked as if he was heading to work---
“Where,” Patricia laughed shyly. “Where are you going to all dressed up?”
“What, you don’t like it?”
“Oh no… I can’t complain. I mean you look yummy.” She giggled.
“Ahh! Thank God. I’m meeting with some employers today,” Ade announced. He’d decided to take that step forward for Patricia and for his family.
Patricia bit her lips, “Hmmm, I hope she isn’t a female employer? I’d hire you instantly if you came to me dress like this,” Patricia teased. Drawing him closer to herself by his tie, she said, “Lemme fix that.” She loosened Ade’s tie and retied it.
Ade wanted nothing more than to steal a kiss from the woman in front of him. She was so close to him that he felt the softness of her breast pressed against his chest.
“There you go, you’re all set.” She stated, patting his chest gently.
“I don’t like when you call me like that,” she smiled. Oh what the hell she thought as she leaned and kissed Ade so fast he thought he’d dreamt it.
“What… what was that?” Ade asked, surprised as he touched his lips with his fingers.
“That was for good luck. Break a leg.” She encouraged with a smile that never left her face.
“Hmmm, Patricia---”
“Ade, are we ready?” Patrick asked standing in front of the door. When Patricia turned around, she blurted out a curse word.
She was too stunned to look at him directly in the eyes. Patrick was dressed almost the same way Ade was, with both men looking dashing and totally different.
“He asked if he could come along last night while you guys were sleeping. I agreed and here we are.” Ade said surprised at how good his brother in-law had cleaned up.
“Well, I’m not going to keep you guys any longer.” Patricia stated, still shaky from the unexpected excitement that both men had caused her.
“Soooooo, I’ll see you later right?” Ade winked.
“Ade,” She whispered. What was wrong with her? She’d already planned everything, so why the hesitation now?
Calming herself, she said, “Yes. I’ll see you later. Goodbye, Ade.”
Kissing her forehead, Ade gestured for Patrick and both men left all what they loved behind in search of a world better fit for love to reign.

When Patricia made it back into the room, she found Yemi by the window, staring at Patrick.
“It’s so hard to watch him leave like this… like a different person.” she stated when she noticed Patricia was behind her.
“Yemi, please we have to talk.”
Moving away from the window, Yemi sat her baby down on the couch next to her.
“Patricia what’s wrong, you don’t sound okay?”
“I have to go,” she cried. “I can’t... I can’t stay here any longer. I need to go back.” Patricia sobbed, waking up the sleeping child on the couch.
“I-I don’t understand, what happened? W-why do you want to leave so suddenly?” Yemi asked. She was trying to stay calm. She hadn’t expected Patricia to want to leave her now, now that things were finally getting better.
“I just have to go,”
“B-but what about Ade, Mrs. Bummie, what about us? You need to think this over and at least give us time to take this all in. You owe us that much.”
“No… no, I’m sorry but I can’t do that. I’m leaving today; right now. My bag has already been packed; don’t make this harder on me, Yemi.” Patricia pleaded.
“I… I don’t just understand this sudden decision. I mean… Patricia, have we wronged you in anyway? Was it because of Ade, or Mrs. Bummi? Come on, we never said she was your mother and I’m sure if you explain to Ade that you’re not interested in him he’ll understand, but don’t just leave like this, it’s not fair.” She said her voice beginning to break as tears clouded her eye lids. She still needed Patricia around. She hadn’t thanked her enough for her kindness and to have her leave like this; Yemi knew that many things would be undone.
Patricia went into the room and got dressed, preparing for a journey she’ll never forget. When she reappeared into the living room with her luggage in her hand, Yemi looked away.
“I’m sorry,” Patricia still pleaded, hoping Yemi understood what was driving her decision.
“Yeah, me too, I’m sorry we weren’t good enough to keep you.” She hissed. Picking her son up, she disappeared into her bedroom. 
Patricia didn’t once look back. With every step she took, she prayed that she was doing the right thing. Why was it that after everyone had finally settled, had finally found their place where everything fits, she was the only one left running?  


  1. Hey guys!!! Do not hesitate to point out any errors you found on this chapter.. Thank you!

  2. “Patricia what’s wrong, you don’t sound okay?”...obviously meant “Patricia what’s wrong? you don’t sound okay.”
    and some irregular spelling of Bummi(e).
    I was too busy enjoying the story and trying to remember the story and names so I didn't check for errors.
    Happy I can complete this read now
    By the way its Nnamdi from NS..

    1. Oh I already knew it was you Nnamdi and it is wonderful to have you here. I'll immediately fix the errors you pointed out and your comments are so needed. Bring them on.

    2. Oh I already knew it was you Nnamdi and it is wonderful to have you here. I'll immediately fix the errors you pointed out and your comments are so needed. Bring them on.


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