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When In Nigeria - Chapter 5

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He was staring at her. Patricia felt his heated gaze on her. She didn’t know if it was because she’d said no to his request or if it was due to the way she looked that morning. Never has she ever left her house without brushing her teeth. She hadn’t even had her bath in two days. Patricia concluded she must look awful enough for Ade to stare at her in such a way.

When they finally arrived at Ade’s place, his pregnant sister was waiting outside. When Yemi saw Patricia approaching her, she got up from the bench she was lying on.
“You shouldn’t be here na… I told you to rest.” Ade stated apprehensively.  He took his sister by her hand, leading her into her own apartment. She struggled with Ade’s hard grip on her wrist.

“Hey, what’s your problem?” Patricia shouted, unable to stand the way Ade handed his sister.

“I just wanted to thank her,” his sister muttered. Ade sighed, letting go of his sister. With his hands on his waist, he said to her, “Do it fast, she has to go,”

Yemi joined Patricia.  They both took a seat on the bench Yemi had been lying on before.  Both ladies stayed quite for a while, not knowing what to say to each other. Yemi swung her feet back and forth like a little girl and Patricia joined her, silence still hovering very them. Patricia stopped to admire Yemi’s beauty. Yemi was the kind of girl that if given two months to recover from childbirth would have a body that people get surgeries for. Patricia envied her full breast, teasing hers which were no larger than the smallest oranges she’d ever eaten.

“Oh god! Will you guys get it over with?” Ade yelled from his room. His sister jumped at the sound of his voice. Patricia didn’t understand why he was in so much in a rush.

“I just wanted to thank you for today, and also for taking Ola to school. I’m sure when she comes back she will have a lot to say about it.” Yemi who was the same age as Patricia spoke in a subtle manner that made Patricia jealous. “I’m also sorry that you had to see my husband like that…” Yemi added. Patricia wished she had more control of herself the way Yemi did. “Does he usually do that?” She asked.

“Well, you see,” Yemi sighed, still swing her legs. She tried finding words to defend her husband. “He only gets that way when he’s angry. I love him you know, so I forgive him.”

“I know he’s your husband but that doesn’t give him the right to lay his hands on you… ” Patricia knew she was telling Yemi all what the girl already knew. Her eyes were filled with unshed tears and so Patricia stopped. Looking down at Yemi’s pregnant stomach, she asked, “How far along are you?”

Yemi’s face immediately blossomed.  She began to softly caress her tummy as she spoke. “Six months, and three more to go. I’m hoping it will be a boy this time.” she said, still molding her stomach with her bands.  “My husband hopes for it too.” she frowned.

Like girls, they managed to make small talks. “How did you meet your husband?”

“Which country did you come from?” Yemi replied, turning her face away from Patricia and her question. Patricia made up her mind not to push any further so she answered, “France.”

“Wow!” Yemi exclaimed. She looked at Patricia differently this time. “You’re lucky ooh.” She added, shifting away from Patricia. “I haven’t even gone to Kaduna talk less of France.” She smiled timidly.

Patricia laughed. “Oh you’re fine. There’s really nothing much over there.” Yemi looked as if she didn’t believe a word Patricia was saying. “I’m really serious and before I forget, I promised to pay for your daughter’s school fees today.”

“Oh,” Yemi’s head dropped in embarrassment. “I guess you meet Mrs. Kemi?”

“Yes, and I offered to pay if you don’t mind. But you know what, that lady seems evil! I thought she was going to use her cane on me!” Patricia shivered. The ladies then began to laugh as Patricia and Yemi recalled their encounters with Mrs. Kemi.

“Are you guys done? I told you we had somewhere we were going” Ade asked from behind.

“Aunty is leaving us soon?” Yemi turned to face her brother and Patricia grabbed her hand bag which Ade held out in front of him.

“Yes, I’m leaving today. It was really nice meeting you… I’m sorry I have to go like this.” Patricia was a bit disappointed as she dug into her purse for her wallet. She handed five hundred dollars to Yemi.

“What is that for?” Ade asked, snatching the money from his sister.
“It’s for Ola’s school fees. You know her…”

“Didn’t I tell you that once I get that new job I’ll…” Ade stopped himself as he remembered what the manager at the company he’d gone to for employment told him, “I’m sorry Mr. Adekunle, we had to give it to someone else. He was the board of directors’ son.”

“Thank her so we can get going.” Ade stated, handing the money back to his sister. “Are you sure there’s no way we can get you to stay for the night? Ola would want to say her thanks too, plus I was thinking of cooking up some meal for us.”

“Yemi…” Ade called impatiently. A promise of a hot bath and food was what a hotel promised; Yemi offered the same. Patricia stopped to think. She knew after leaving Ade, she wouldn’t be able to find her way around Lagos.

“I guess I can stay for the night if it’s okay by you.” Patricia smiled at Ade’s tensed jaw.

“No, no, no, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Ade grumbled. He wanted Patricia gone today.

“Come on brother, you know we need some of this yankie blood in our lives.” Yemi teased. “By the way, what’s your name?”

After Patricia told them her name, Yemi wanted her to feel more welcomed. “Patricia you can even spend more than one night with us sef…”  Ade hissed, taking Patricia’s bags back inside his place. He knew his sister had already won.

Patricia wasn’t expecting a luxurious bath tub or anything; she just wanted to smell fresh, so when Ade showed her the small bathroom where he expected her to take her bath, Patricia did so with pleasure.

Dinner with the family that night was great. Patricia spent most of the evening gisting Tolu whose growing curiosity about France bothered Patricia. Yemi’s husband didn’t come home that night. Her eye’s held a longing for something other than herself. After promising to tell her some more later, Patricia bid her goodnight and was ready to lie comfortably on Ade’s couch for the second time.

Yawning, Patricia heard loud banging’s on the door. “Ade, open this door!” The voice shouted. “Adekunle, I say open this door!” As soon as he heard her voice, Ade rushed out of bed. He began pacing worriedly in front of Patricia unsure of what to do.

“Oh, so you’re going to keep her in there abi? I said open this door!” the voice grew more impatient. Ade who couldn’t withstand any more of the yelling opened the door. “Yes, yes, what!” he shouted back as the woman bust into the room.

“If you know what’s good for the both of you, tell her to leave this minute!” the girl said, sending heated glares at Patricia who seemed frightened.

“Baby, just listen to me…”
“Ade, you know what I can do, tell her to get out!” Ade looked at his girlfriend of three years whose eyes were filled with fury, and then back at Patricia who he barely knew. Ade turned away from both ladies, embarrassed at the decision he was about to make. With his eyes pinned on the wall, he said, “You have to leave…”


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