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When In Nigeria - Chapter 6

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“I don’t know what he is still doing with that girl sef. I have told him times without number that she’s a harlot, a good for nothing girl. She only wants Daniel for his money; not that he has any sef.” Yemi hissed, handing Patricia a clean wrapper for the second time that night.

Ade had told one of the girls to leave. Patricia hadn’t expected him to kick out his girlfriend so she packed her things and made the decision easier for him. She was reaching for the door knob when she felt his presence behind her.

“Ade, what do you think you’re doing?” His girlfriend asked.

“Look, I don’t want you to have to go like this.” He murmured so close to Patricia’s ears.

“It’s okay…” she told him, turning around to face him. “Thank you for your help. It’s been more than I expected. I think I can take it from here.” Patricia hoped her words were true.

“Let me see you off at least.” He took her bag from her.

“Ade!” His girlfriend yelled, stunned at his action.  Ade grabbed Patricia’s right hand, pushed his door open and they were gone.

Ade took her to his sister’s apartment. Even though he just woke her up in the middle of her sleep, Yemi’s face lit up when she saw Patricia peeping from behind her brother’s broad shoulders.

“It’s Ngozi….” He paused, scratching his head, he continued. “Just keep her for tonight.” He handed Patricia’s bag to his sister. She hissed, slamming the door before Ade could speak.

“I guess you’ve met the girl that’s been screwing a nut in my brother’s head?”  Patricia nodded, following behind Yemi as she led Patricia into her bedroom.

“Ola’s father is not in tonight so we can all manage this bed.” The bed in question was a twin size bed. Patricia couldn’t imagine two adults fitting in that same bed.  To her left, Ola’s soft snores drew caught her attention. Ola laid on a wrapper on the floor.

“Let’s take her to the bed; I’ll take the floor instead.”

“She’s fine jare… she’s used to it.” Yemi said, tucking Ola’s blanket closely on her sides. Patricia insisted that they allow the child enjoy the comfort of a bed. As a child, she had a comfortable queen size bed with fluffy pillows to lay her head but she could have been that little girl lying on a cold hard floor, Patricia thought.

All through the night, she turned and turned. It wasn’t the hard floor that prevented Patricia from sleeping; it was rather the fact that she was jealous of Ade’s girlfriend. She’d suspected he was dating someone but she hadn’t expected to find out the way she did.

By morning Patricia’s bones were sore. She could hear them popping as she located where she perceived the scent of someone cooking.

“Ah, good morning. How was your night?” Yemi greeted Patricia as she covered her cooking pot. Patricia smiled wearily. She was about to respond when Ola came out from nowhere screaming, “Aunty! Aunty!” she chanted as she ran into Patricia’s arms. “You’re still here. Will you take me to school today?”

“Is that how to greet in the morning? Come on get back here.” Ola separated herself from Patricia. Frowning, she went and stood beside her mother.

“It’s okay, she’s just a child. I can’t remember the many times I forgot to greet my parents in the morning—” and then it hit Patricia; she hadn’t spoken to her parents in three days! She sighed.

“Hey, do you have a phone I can use?”

“For what?” Yemi asked, fixing the collar on her daughter’s uniform. 

“I need to speak to my parents before they start to think the worse. The last time I spoke to them was when I was boarding the plane to come to Nigeria.”

“You suppose don call them say you don land.” She said in a language Patricia still didn’t quite understand. “Ola, go and bring my cell phone under my pillow.”

Patricia waited to take Ola to school before calling her parents. She had the road to Ola’s school mapped out in her head, and so as she walked beside Ola there was no fear in her steps.

Patricia hadn’t seen any sign of Ade all morning.  As she walked past his apartment, returning from dropping his niece off at school, she wondered if Ade’s girlfriend was still in. Patricia knocked on Yemi’s door and was graced by the presence of the man she was just thinking about.

There was embarrassment written all over his face. He held the door open and Patricia entered just as Yemi said,

“But you still slept with her didn’t you?”

When Yemi saw Patricia walk in, she cleared her throat and added, “Well e no concern me.” she went into her bedroom.

They were both quiet after Yemi left the room. Ade was the first to speak. “Hey, I just came to say I’m sorry—”

“Is your girlfriend okay?” Patricia interrupted. She didn’t need him to apologize for what he had no control over.  She knew she would have done the same thing Ade’s girlfriend did if she’d found her boyfriend with another woman.

Ade frowned, not pleased with the way Patricia played off his apology. Sighing, he said, “I explained things to her, she sends her apology.”

“That’s a lie!” his sister shouted from her room. Yemi who was eavesdropping on them wanted to see how her brother would handle the situation. Patricia took a seat on the couch next to the spot where Yemi had laid dying the first day she met her. The event of that day brought chills down her legs as she sat down.

“My sister said you wanted to call your parents?”

“Oh, yeah!” Patricia answered, facing him. Ade brought out a Blackberry phone from his pocket and handed it to her. Because Patricia knew who her parents were, especially the one she was about to call, she moved away from Ade as she dialed her mother’s phone number.

“Hello mom?”


“Yes mom,”

“This child you won’t kill me! Where in the world have you been? Your father and I have been worried sick for the past two days. He has gone to the police to report a case of a missing person to them.” Patricia giggled.

“This isn’t funny…” Mrs. Sheppard paused. “What sought of silly joke is this? Why is the number you’re calling from showing a Nigeria Area code?” she paused again. 

“Patricia, please tell me it’s not what am suspecting!” she shouted.

“Mom, please calm down. I know I should have told you about it but it just happened and…”
“And what? Who do you know in Nigeria? Who have you been staying with in that country?  Your father and I have been patient with you…"

“I know, I know,”

“We allowed you to travel because you promised it will clear your head and help you make the decision of divorcing Michael… Your child has been without a mother for two months, what are you thinking!” But what Patricia’s parents didn’t know was that their daughter was running away, and possibly never coming back. Patricia hung up.


  1. OH! I didn't see that coming.. I'm hooked.. Good Work x

    1. Thank you Shardeya for riding with us. I'm glad to know you're enjoying this piece. Thanks always.

  2. I've missed some stories. How can I get them pls

    1. Daniel o where have you been. Okay this is what you can do. At the end of any other episode of this story that you find, scroll down to the end of the story until you see a tag "WIN" click on that tag it'll take you to other stories. This episode doesn't have the tag... I'll fix that.
      Let me know if everything works out fine for you.

    2. Thanks. I got it already and I'm loving this story more. Never thought she was married talkless of having a child. Good work. Keep it going


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