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When In Nigeria - Chapter 8

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There has to be something that makes me different from Ola’s father, Patricia thought, reflecting on the bold decision she made to run away. She sat at the waiting area of the hospital Ade had rushed his sister to. They waited for news on Yemi’s condition. Her husband was nowhere to be found. Ola rested her tired head on Patricia’s laps. The child had cried too many tears that evening, so much that Patricia thought of running away because she couldn’t bear to watch Ola cry any longer.

Patricia sighed, staring at Ade who kept pacing around the reception area. She knew he was hurting more than she could ever imagine but she hoped he would just calm down for his own sanity. 

“Daniel, just calm down, try sitting down.” Patricia patted the space next to her on the long bench she sat on.

“It’s my sister’s life we’re talking about here, but of course you wouldn’t understand.” Ade shot back. Patricia decided to keep quiet, one of us has to stay sane, she thought.

“Nurse, is she okay” Ade attacked one of the nurses who’d just come out of his sister’s room.

“Abeg, oga calm down. Na only your sister they here?” The nursed hissed.

“Ade, at least for her sake just calm down.” Ade looked back at his niece who was fast asleep on Patricia’s laps. Sighing in defeat, he came to sit with Patricia.

“It’s just that…”

“I know… its okay.” Patricia began patting his shoulders. Ade kept his fist balled up in order to stop himself from leaving the hospital and putting an end to the man who’d placed his sister in the hospital. After some few minutes which seemed like hours to Ade they finally got a word on his sister’s condition.

“Mr.…?” The doctor who had seen them when they first brought Yemi in came forward.

“Adekunle,” Ade got up immediately to join the doctor. Patricia allowed him take over in order not to wake the sleeping child on her laps. She watched as Ade and the Doctor exchanged words. The doctor then shook Ade's outstretched hands.

“A baby boy!” Ade announced loudly in excitement as he turned around to face Patricia. She instantaneously got up, forgetting that Ola was resting on her laps; she threw the child into my arms. She so wanted desperately to run into Ade’s arms instead. Patricia found herself more excited for the family than she’d ever expected.

“Can we go see her now?”

“Yes, yes. The doctor said she can receive visitors now.” They rushed into Yemi’s room hand in hand.

Two days later, the new mother was discharged from the hospital with mother and child doing just fine.

“I think she should have stayed another day just to make sure everything is okay.” Patricia said to Ade who held his nephew in his arms. Since the arrival of the baby, Ade’s mood became lighter than it’s been in months.

“But the hospital bills will be pilling up. You’ve already done enough by paying the heavy fee for the operation, we can’t ask for more.”

“Well it’s just that---”

“Will you like to hold him?” He noticed that Patricia hadn't touched the child since he was born. Patricia looked away, shrugging her shoulders in disapproval. He asked again. This time, Patricia feigned a smile as Ade passed the baby to her. With shaky hands, she carried the child. After Ade helped Patricia secure the sleeping baby in her laps, tears bubbles began to drop on the baby’s cheeks. Patricia hadn’t realized it was coming from her.

“Why are you crying, have you never held a baby before?”

“Me?” Patricia chuckled, “I’m not crying?” she wiped her eyes with the back of her hands. “What are you going to do about the baby’s father?” she asked, sniffing her nose. Her tears just wouldn’t stop running down even as she tried to escape them by asking Ade about his brother in-law. She’d held her own child with the same feeling of joy she felt holding this new baby.

“I don’t know what I’ll do with him. I don’t want to think about that useless being. But…” Ade paused, raising Patricia’s jaw up to look into her eyes. “Patricia…” Ade smiled, realizing that that was the first time he had ever called Patricia by her name. “Are you sure you are okay?” he added.

Patricia nodded. “I’m sure this baby would rather love to be in a bed with his mother than with me. What do we name him?” she smiled down at the child.

Later that night after everyone had had their dinner and said their good nights, Ade came banging at his sisters door. Patricia got up to answer the door.

“Hey, can I speak to you?” he sounded angry.

Patricia wiped the drowsiness off her eyes. Fixing her night gone more closely to her body to avoid the cold; she closed the door behind her.

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“You!” Ade shouted.

“Me?” Patricia looked around her as if there had to be someone else Ade was referring to.

“Yes. You and you rich people!”

“Ade calm down, you're not making any sense. I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“Some woman just called me saying she’s your mother and she has been insulting me. She even said I kidnapped you! What sort of rubbish is that?” Patricia moved closer to Ade and tried grabbing his hands but he drew back.

“She called me a poor begging Nigerian! Was that what you told your mother when you called her? She doesn’t even know me, how dare she say such a thing about my family?”

“I’m sorry Ade, I'm sure my mothing didn’t mean any of that. She’s just… she’s just angry!”

“I don’t care! I don’t… I don’t want to hear it. And you know what, thank you for the entire assistant you’ve been to my family but I want you gone by morning and I mean it this time.” He walked out on Patricia without saying another word. 

Patricia slowly squatted right where Ade left her. Resting her head on her folded arms, she began to cry like a little girl who'd lost her mother in a crowd and has no clue on how to get back home. This is it, she cried.


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